The phones are ringing off the hook at Restless Style over the first issue of the magazine. Nick is on the phone trying to get help for the elevator. Victoria walks up the steps and tells Nick this better be good since she just walked up the steps in heels. She asks him how things are going and he tells her that their parents are trapped in the elevators. Sharon says and with their significant partners. Victoria says “Oh no the four of them are together?”

Meanwhile in the elevator Nikki can’t keep her thoughts to herself about Victor and Sabrina’s engagement. She notices Sabrina’s engagement ring and she remarks how nice it is and then asks if Victor had it delivered by a forklift. She talks about how young Sabrina is so Victor throws it back at her about her being married to David. He asks what ever happened to their truce. Suddenly the elevator starts moving again and when the doors open everyone is standing there waiting for them to get off and to see if they killed each other yet.

Michael, Lauren and Kevin bang on Gloria’s hotel room door for Gloria to open up. Kevin steals (or so he says borrows) the maid’s master key and they get the door open. They find Gloria and Alistair in her bed naked. Gloria sees them there and tells them not to yell. Then she turns over and sees Alistair in bed with her and she screams. Michael tells her to get up and he will make her some coffee. Michael yells at Gloria once she is dressed and Alistair is gone. She tells him that she might just move to Detroit and try to get an apartment in her old building. He finally agrees to help her try to find a way out of this mess. He tells her to get him a copy of the contract she signed with the foundation and her divorce papers and he will see if he can find something.

Nikki and David admit to everyone there at Restless Style that they eloped yesterday. Amber says that is so sweet and suggests that they all make a toast to them. David says that is a wonderful idea and he makes a toast to his new bride swearing to love her forever.

Paul and JT talk about Nikki and David. He has been privately investigating him. JT wants to know if David has been gambling again but Paul isn’t sure. JT informs him that David and Nikki eloped yesterday. Paul says to JT, “I just wish she wouldn’t have rushed into this.” JT asks him, “Why did you find something on David?” and Paul says, “Enough for me to keep looking.” Paul tells him about some of the women David had been involved with previously. He tells him the one thing the three of them had in common was that all three had lots of money. He says considering the amount of money they had you would think David would be loaded right now with his own money.

Later Paul gets a call from one of David’s ex-wives and she tells him to quit harassing him. She tells him she feels sorry for any woman David is involved with and then says the day she and David divorced was the best day of her life and then she hangs up. This news makes Paul and JT worry about what Nikki has gotten herself into now.

Jack and Nick are talking when Victor walks in and asks Nick if he can have a word with him. Nick tells Victor,” I didn’t expect to see you” and Victor says, “I am glad I came.” Victor tells him that he admires him for sticking to his guns and going through with this. He says he is very proud of him. Nick thanks him and says he appreciates it. Later Phyllis asks Nick what his father told him. He tells her not much but she doesn’t buy it. He tells her ok, he told him that he was proud of him.

Sharon talks to Sabrina and explains to her that when she was married to Nick she doesn’t think she was ever really accepted by Victoria or Nikki. Sabrina says she has hopes that one day she will be friends with Victoria again. Sharon says well maybe with Victoria but she is certain it will be a lot harder with Nikki.

Katherine and Nikki are talking when Nikki tells her all about where she and David got married. Katherine laughs at her when she gives her all the details. Nikki tells her about the song they played for them as they were ready to walk “down the aisle”.

Jack tells David to keep an eye on Victor because he is not use to giving things up. David tells him he can handle that. Jack asks him if he is a gambling man. David says not very much. Jack tells him, “I am willing to bet you how long it will take for Nikki to go running back to Victor.” Then he walks away leaving David wondering about that one.

Later Victoria meets with JT at Crimson Lights. She tells them about the look on her Mom’s face when they got off the elevator. She tells JT that she thinks David loves her Mom. She tells him about the touching toast he made at Restless Style.

Nikki and David go to The Club and they run into Paul. He congratulates them saying good news travels fast. When David walks away to take a phone call, Paul asks Nikki what happened though. He says the last time he talked to her she told him that she didn’t trust David. She tells him that she knows David is trying to clean up so she has to give him credit for that.

Michael tells Gloria she hired a very good lawyer to take care of this donation to charity. He says in fact too good. Kevin comes to the door with his eyes closed and Lauren tells him it is ok, his mother is decent. None of them care to see her in bed naked with a man. She tells them all that the problem here is not her giving that money away. She says she wanted to do that. She says the problem is with Jeffery.

She pulls Lauren to the side and tells her that she thinks this is good that this happened. She says now she realizes just what Jeffery means to her. She asks Lauren if she can imagine life without Michael. Lauren says no, and then Gloria says she just can’t imagine her life without Jeffery now. Lauren tells her for the record she and Michael and Kevin never stopped caring about her. She doesn’t know that Jeffery was standing at the door just long enough to hear about what she done with Alistair and he walks away before hearing her confess about her feelings about him.

Jan Barrett

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