David and Nikki are back. Nikki tells him she has no regrets for getting married like they did. She says she wouldn’t have wanted to miss the adventure it all was.

Jack and Sharon are at the office early when Phyllis and Nick show up early too. They are all so excited that they actually published their first magazine. They are all feeling pretty proud of themselves.

Gloria shows up at Crimson Lights with a scarf over her head. Kevin tells her she looks like… Gloria stops him from saying what he wants to say. She informs them that it is all Jana’s fault she is like this because of all the karma she kept telling her about. She says because of that she gave $50 million of her money away to charity. Kevin tells her so what is she worried about. She still has more than enough money. She has more than she can spend in her lifetime. She tells him she doesn’t anymore. She says Jeffery wants what she has left. If she doesn’t give it to him she goes to jail and if she does she will be living in a refrigerator in the alley.

In a panic Kevin phones Michael. When Michael gets there he yells at her for giving away half of her money like that. She tells him it was her way of getting her karma. He tells her she should have consulted him first. She tells him she did consult with an attorney but just not him. She says she made sure the deal was ironclad in case she tried to change her mind. She asks him to please help her get her money back. Michael looks over the papers she signed and he says it looks like it is unbreakable. Kevin asks then what about the divorce settlement. He wants to know if Jeffery can take her money. Michael says under normal circumstances it could be negotiated but in this case since the other option is jail, he thinks there is no choice here.

Gloria goes for a walk in the park and she finds Alistair on a bench. He tells her that he has been sleeping there on the bench. She tells him she thought he was staying at the hotel. He tells her he was but he ran out of money so he has been living there now on the bench. She tells him she has no money now either. She says her sons have turned on her and she has nothing left.

He offers her to sit on his bench with him. He pulls out a bag with a bottle of his whiskey in it and offers her a drink which she takes from the bottle. They start talking and she tells him about how she just gave away half of her money. She tells him she bets now that she doesn’t have any money left she guesses he won’t want to talk to her. He tells her he doesn’t want her money.

She invites him to come back to her hotel room but then she remembers that she doesn’t have any money for the room now. Then she says well she will just have to stiff them. He says when they asked him to leave they said for him not to show his face there again.. She tells him not to worry about that, she will sneak him in through the back way but says he will just have to be quiet. When they get there Alistair goes to clean up and Gloria sits on the sofa and takes out John’s picture. She looks at it and tells him that it looks like she screwed up again. She takes another drink. As she kicks back on the sofa Alistair walks back in and sits next to her. She calls him John and says she missed him so much. Then she hugs him calling him Jeffery and then John again. She looks at him and tells him he is so handsome. He tells her he can be who ever she wants him to be. She looks again and says oh what the hell and she kisses him.

Jill and Katherine have different opinions about Jeffery. Katherine tells her that she doesn’t know what it is about the man but she just doesn’t trust him. She says she doesn’t like the way he takes advantage of Esther and about how he helps himself to her food and her pool and her liquor. Jill says she is watching Jeffery but she finds his company a pleasure. When Katherine leaves, Jill and Jeffery talk. He tells her he is trying to get his divorce from Gloria. Jill tricks him by telling him that she overheard Gloria saying that she lost Jeffery and that she really loves him. The expression on his face gives him away about how he feels about Gloria. She tells him he is busted. Finally he admits to her that he feels like he just can’t live without Gloria now.

Sabrina tells Victor if he wants to talk about his ex wife getting married again it is ok. She says she can understand if it upsets him. He tells her that he is not upset about Nikki getting married again. He wants her to be happy just as he is. He says it is just the fact of who Nikki married that bothers him. Sabrina asks him if he doesn’t like David Chow. Victor tells her he doesn’t trust Chow and he is worried that Nikki will get hurt in all of this.

While having breakfast Sabrina tells Victor that Restless Style is supposed to be going out on the stands today with their first issue. She suggests he goes to the office and wish them well. Victor says if he did that Nick would interpret it as him telling him he doesn’t think he will make it a success.

Sabrina talks Victor into making an appearance at Restless Style. He tells her he will make a quick appearance and then he will go. She agrees if that is how he wants to do it. When they get into the elevator they hear someone yelling to hold the elevator. It is Nikki and David running to catch it. Once on the elevator Sabrina tells them she hears congratulations are in order but neither Nikki nor David say a word. Suddenly the lights flicker and the elevator stops. They are stuck and none of the cell phones can receive a signal.

Meanwhile upstairs there is a celebration going on for their first issue being published with Champagne and all. Daniel says he forgot his camera in his car but he wants to get pictures so he says he will be right back. When he tries to get to the elevator he notices that it is apparently stuck. They figure out that it seems Nikki and David are stuck in the elevator with Victor and Sabrina. Nick says he just hopes that Victoria didn’t tell his father about his mother and David getting married. Katherine says no Victoria didn’t but she did. Everyone giggles about what the results are going to be with the four of them stuck together like that.

Jan Barrett

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