Phyllis is at the club waiting for Nick when he calls to say he is going to be a bit late. He notices a package by the front door addressed to Adam. Inside the house Adam is complaining about a package he has been waiting on all day and this better be it. He tells Nick Victor isn’t home, he went with Ashley to see her OB-GYN. Nick tells him he has this package. Adam says good he has been waiting for it. When he reaches for it Nick tells him not so fast. Nick is curious about what is in this package for Adam.

Sharon and Jack bump into Phyllis at the club. She wonders if Sharon is moving back into the club already but Sharon says no, in fact they are there to celebrate her moving back in at the Abbott mansion. Sharon asks about Summer’s wrist and Phyllis tells her it is fine and that maybe next time Nick won’t be distracted. Jack tells Sharon their table is ready so they walk away. Mary Jane is watching them the whole time across the room.

Billy complains while drinking at the bar about Cane not inviting him to his wedding. . He tells Mac it seems more important to both Cane and Jill that Jill is there though.

Jeff tells Gloria all their assets are frozen and their debit and credit cards are no good now. Jill tells them she has a total of $58.23 so Gloria says it is time they all put their heads together and come up with a plan to get them all home. Jill says she will get off that island even if she has to swim home.

Neil and Devon leave the rehearsal at the church saying they will see them at Indigo. Cane tells Lily to go ahead of him and he will meet up with her later. She teases him asking him if he is getting cold feet and he says no. When she leaves Cane looks up at a wall hanging of Jesus and says Thank you, for his good fortune with Lily.

Adam tries grabbing the package out of Nick’s hands telling him to give it to him. Nick asks if he has something to hide and of course Adam denies that. Nick tells him she tried to frame their Dad so who knows what’s in the package. A frustrated Adam tells Nick it is computer software for his Braille computer, which he goes to get to show Nick but he walks right into a wall. Nick offers to help him but Adam snaps asking him if he wants to help he can just leave. Nick drops the package on the sofa and leaves. When Adam knows Nick is gone he opens the package and finds what looks like a walkie talkie or some kind of recording devices.

When Jack starts talking to Sharon about cravings she shushes him but he says people will find out soon about the baby anyway. Chloe calls all upset interrupting his conversation with Sharon. He tells her to calm down and then he asks where Billy is. He says Jimmy’s? Sharon thinks back to the night she and Billy met there drinking together. Jack tells her he is on his way. Jack complains about Billy needing to get his act together. He tells Sharon he will be back before the appetizer gets there. Sharon sees Mary Jane walk over to the bar to talk to Phyllis about an interview. As she and Phyllis leave Mary Jane looks over at Sharon and then hurries after Phyllis.

Jill calls Cane and tells him she will be there for the wedding. She hangs up and then tells Gloria and Jeff that she didn’t have the heart to ask Cane to bail them out when he is getting ready for his wedding. They ask about Katherine, maybe she would do it. Jill calls Jack instead and explains her situation to him. He tells him it is because of that greedy bastard Victor. Jack tells her he can arrange for her to get home and she tells them the Bardwell’s are there too in the same situation. Jack says he will arrange to get them all home. He tells her don’t ever let it be said that smiling Jack holds a grudge. Jill asks him not to tell Cane or Billy because she plans to get all her money back.

Billy thinks his brother deserves the fairy tale ending. Mac tells Billy that Cane is closing the bar so they all can go to the wedding. He tells her he knows she believes in fairy tale endings too. Then he raises his glass and makes a toast to fairy tale endings.

Colleen runs Cane out so she can talk to Lily alone. She tells her the limousine and the flowers are all taken care of, so all she has to do is look gorgeous. Olivia comes in and asks Lily if she is nervous. Cane tells Murphy that Jill promised she would be there. He asks if he can speak to Katherine alone. He tells her he can’t accept his wedding gift. She looks up at him and asks what?

Phyllis and Mary Jane find the office at Restless Style empty. Mary Jane tells Phyllis to go touch up her makeup. Mary Jane makes a call claiming she is Nick Newman’s assistant. She says she is looking for Sharon Abbott. She says Mr. Newman needs to get an emergency message to her and then she tells them thank you. Then at the club when Nick gets there Sharon confuses him when she tells him she got his message and asks what the emergency is.

Cane tells Katherine it is too much money. She says he is still an heir to the family estate so why not give it to him now. She tells him to spend it on his wife or brighten up that dingy bar. Cane agrees to accept it but only if he can donate it all to the Chancellor Foundation. Katherine commends him for thinking about it and he says he will make his little bar a success and live happily ever after with Lily. Katherine and Murphy both wonder how come Jill isn’t there. Katherine tells Neil that he is getting a damn fine son in law. He goes over to Cane and tells him he was impressed with him for donating that money like he wants to. Anna comes in asking Neil if he recognizes the song playing. She tells him he danced with her Mom at Mrs. C’s wedding, hint, hint. Neil goes over to Tyra and asks her to dance with him. Karen walks in and Olivia tells her this is Lily and Cane’s rehearsal party. Karen isn’t so happy seeing Tyra and Neil dancing together.

Jack finds Billy at Jimmy’s over by the jukebox. Mac tells him of course she remembers the cheesiest song ever. Jack walks over to him and asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing.

Cane thinks back to a kiss he gave Lily while she was dating Billy. When she comes out he grabs her and gives her a big kiss. She asks him what that was for. He tells her it is because he loves her so much. She tells him she loves him too. He says he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her again. She tells him he won’t.

Jack lectures Billy saying first he had to bail Jill out and now he had to leave Sharon to come fix Billy. He asks Billy how they can run Jabot when half the team spends most of his time on a bar stool. He looks over at Mac and then tells Billy he has another life now so he needs to go home saying his wife and daughter needs him. He says Delia’s on a crying jag. Billy calls out for another drink saying this is the only place he is happy. Jack asks then how come he looks so miserable.

Lily thinks back to her marriage to Daniel. She says she trusted him and then he lied to her and that left some very big scars. Cane understands saying trust was hard for him too. She says after her divorce and losing her Mom Cane made her feel safe. She says it is scary giving your heart to one person but she isn’t afraid with Cane, she knows he will never lie to her.

Karen says she wanted to do this in person as she hands Neil the divorce papers. She tells him surely he can’t be surprised since he has already moved on. She didn’t go there to mend anything so she just wants him to sign the papers. Neil signs them and hands them back to her. He says, Karen…and then stops and just stands there watching her as she walks out he door.

Phyllis comes out and is disappointed that the interviewer left. She is hoping she can still catch Nick for their dinner date. Nick is at the club talking to Sharon and they are both wondering who could have made that call to Sharon. Nick point blank asks Sharon how come she moved back in with Jack. He hopes it wasn’t just to give Noah a stabilized home. Suddenly Sharon is nauseous. She tells Nick it isn’t that, she really does love Jack. Nick asks her if she is ok and she says yeah but she is just a little dizzy. Nick asks for a glass of water for her.

Jill tells Gloria that Jack will come through for them because he hates Victor even more than they all do. Jeff asks Gloria if she has any jewelry to pawn and then he asks Jill the same thing. Gloria hides diamonds in her bra. The hotel manager delivers an envelope for Jill. She opens it and there are anxious to hear if they can go home now. Jill says yeah but just not the way they had imagined.

Adam fiddles with something under the table and gripes because this is taking way too long. He says the kitchen’s done and he will have to do Victor’s room later. He takes a CD and the boom box and the package that was delivered off to see if it works now.

Devon and Colleen propose a toast to the bride and groom. Saying they make them believe in love and fate. Devon says his first thoughts of Cane were that he was a big player that wasn’t good enough for his sister but he has since proven him wrong. He lifts his glass with all the others following and he says “To Lily and Cane!” and they all drink.

Billy asks if he wants to know what misery is. He points with his beer bottle saying changing diapers at 3 am. Jack says he is looking forward to that. Billy tells Jack he is strange. Jack says he would hate to see Billy make the same mistakes he made in the past, like being an absentee father. He says Chloe needs him now. He realizes Billy thinks he needs Mac. He asks him not to walk away from a woman that loves him faults and all for a woman that doesn’t exist anymore. When Jack walks out Mac asks Billy if he has had enough and he says not yet.

Neil asks Lily if she is ready to go. She tells Cane good night and that her family adores him. As they kiss Colleen interrupts and drags Lily out. Soon everyone is gone leaving Cane alone and his smile is suddenly gone.

Nick gets Sharon back to the table and he tells her she must have caught that nasty bug that’s going around. She says she needs some air but as soon as she stands up she almost faints and falls right into Nick’s arms. Phyllis walks in right at that moment. Nick explains to her that Sharon was feeling sick. Phyllis tells him that makes two of them and then she walks off while Mary Jane smiles on her way upstairs to her room. She says mission accomplished.

Murphy goes to the club with Katherine. Katherine wonders if Jill could be with the Governor trying to get him to renege on his deal but Murphy tells her that won’t happen. Still she wonders what could possibly keep Jill away from Cane’s rehearsal dinner. She wonders if this some plot to get back at her. Murphy tells her to admit it that she is worried about Jill.

Jill tells Gloria and Jeff that her ticket is by coach and she has to change planes twice. She tells them not to laugh because they are going by cargo ship, steerage. Gloria whines, below deck, where they keep the livestock? Gloria refuses to travel with swine. Jill laughs saying she has managed so far. Gloria asks what they will do. Jeff asks if she is sure she doesn’t have anything to sell. She tells him no so he says then stop bitching, they have a boat to catch.

Just as Mac offers to call Billy a cab Cane walks in. He says it is ok, he will drive him home. Billy asks him what he is even doing here. Cane hands him a wedding invitation and says he is inviting him to his wedding.

Adam sits at his laptop in the living room and tells himself OK now which key is the kitchen. He laughs out loud when he hears loud music coming piping in.

Sharon explains that she is coming down with something and she doesn’t want them two to catch it so she excuses herself. Nick asks Phyllis where she has been. She tells him at Restless style but it is a long story, she would much rather think about Sharon’s emergency. She says she should learn how to call 911. She tells Nick she isn’t hungry anymore so she wants to go home. On their way out they stop to say hello to Katherine and Murphy.

Katherine tells Murphy that they told her that they haven’t seen Jill all day. She says maybe Jack will know. Jack comes by the bar and asks what he knows. Katherine asks about Jill. He tells her it isn’t his day to watch her. Then he excuses himself as he hurries over to Sharon. Sharon asks him if they can just go home. He says sure so she says ok let’s go.

When Neil and Lily get back to Neil’s apartment, she asks him if that is it. He tells her to take a peek. She says it is even more beautiful that she remembers. Neil tells her that her Mom would be so thrilled and so proud that she will be wearing her wedding dress. He says her Mom would have loved Cane. Lily tells him she knows it must have been hard seeing Karen and signing the divorce papers. Neil admits he and Karen married for the wrong reasons. It is quite different from her and Cane. Lily hugs Neil and tells him she is so happy that her family now sees Cane as the special man he really is.

Billy wonders if he is being punked. Cane tells him no, he always did want a brother and he is it like it or not. He says like Katherine says, they shouldn’t destroy each other like Cane and Abel. Billy says they came pretty damn close. Cane wants Billy to be a part of the best day of his life and asks will he come to his wedding. Billy looks over at Mac and then he smiles at Cane.

Jan Barrett

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