Phyllis is losing all her files on her computer and the four of them bicker over who is to blame. Jack and Phyllis seem to think Sharon might have done something to get a virus but Nick defends her saying it didn’t have to be Sharon, it could have been anyone. They bring in a computer expert and he narrows it down to one of two emails that were opened that brought in the virus.

When he tells them what it is, Amber panics and Daniel notices. He pulls her to the side and tells her she has to tell them she did it before they find out on their own. She confesses that she opened the one that she saw something about making a lot of money because paying her rent is not going to be so easy. Phyllis tells her that’s not a good thing to be telling her landlord. The computer man asks if he can talk to the four of them but Phyllis sort of gives a small apology to Sharon first.

Jack gets a call from the printer and is told there was some equipment malfunction. He yells in the phone “Thanks for nothing” He tells everyone that now they might not make their deadline. Sharon asks what does this mean now. Phyllis says, “That means we may not launch anything now.” Daniel asks Phyllis to cut Amber some slack. IT calls and tells Jack they got the internet back up. Phyllis turns her computer on and it is all back so they are all happy. Nick answers the phone later and it is the printer. When he hangs up he tells Phyllis, Jack and Sharon that they made the deadline. He says the trucks are being loaded just as he speaks.

Gloria’s attorney brings her the paper he had drawn up in order for her to donate half of her money, $50 million to charity. He warns her to be prepared for all kinds of men to be after her now once this gets out. She says this has to be anonymous. He says these things have a way of leaking out. She thinks about Jeffery and her kissing him and wishing that he would be the one after her now.

Jeffery pours himself a drink just as Katherine walks in and she wants to talk to him. She seems to think the best thing for him would be if he stays married to Gloria because he thinks he would be happier. She says when she merely mentions Gloria his face lights up. He says sure but it is because she makes him furious. Katherine tells him she knows who his heart belongs to.

Lily, Cane and Devon help Cloe move all her things in. She brings in all kinds of odd things that Devon is not very happy with. When Cane gets Lily alone he tells her he thinks she should give Cloe her room and then she can move in with him. She laughs and sarcastically says Devon would really love that. She tells him she really would like to live her life on her own for a while and that way he and she can do that dating thing and take time to enjoy each other.

After seeing all of Cloe’s odd things Lily and Devon can’t take anymore. Cloe wants to remove Devon’s baseball trophies from the shelf to make room for her clowns that she collects. Devon says no and Lily decides she has to put her foot down.  She tells Cloe she is not going to have all the weird things she has laying around the house and she has to consider others feelings too. Cloe realizes she is wrong for expecting them to want her strange things there.

She offers to take them all out for a drink and says it will be her treat. Cloe starts drinking Vodka a little fast and starts getting drunk. Devon tries to get her to slow down but she doesn’t want to listen. She tells him it isn’t like she is pregnant or anything. She covers her mouth and tells Lily she is so sorry. Lily says it is ok, she doesn’t wants everyone to have to censor everything they say around her. Cloe goes on and on about how sorry she is anyway and Cane suggest that they just move onto another subject.

When they all get home Lily offers to get the air mattress and goes upstairs. Cane sits down next to a drunken Cloe and tells her to relax and they will get her up to her room soon. She stretches out and then she suddenly jumps up and kisses Cane on the lips.

Gloria walks in at Crimson Lights and tells them she feels good. Alistair walks up and tells her she must stop following him. She sarcastically tells him she will certainly try. He says she can make it up to him by having coffee with him but she tells him she is having a private conversation with her kids. When he walks off another man asks her if she is Gloria Bardwell. She tells him yes she is. Then she asks who he might be. He takes out some papers and tells her she has been served.

She calls Jeffery and tells him they need to talk. She looks at the paper and it is a petition for a divorce and he is seeking half of her money. She tells Jana that means he will get $25 million. She says that will only leave her $25 million. Jana says that it is still an enormous amount of money. Gloria says but not enough to lead the kind of life style she wants. She says this divorce just isn’t going to happen. Just then Jeffery walks up asking if she summoned him.

When they sit down to talk, Gloria asks Jeffery if their divorce is really their only option. She tells him he won’t be getting $50 million. It would only be $25 million because she gave the other half to charity. He tells her to get it back. She says it is too late, she can’t. He says he doesn’t think so. He tells her he expects to get half of what she had before she gave away half of the money. She says too bad, she doesn’t have it. She says she only has $50 million so he will only get $25 million. She tells him if she gives him $50 million then that would leave her with nothing. He tells her that would be better than being behind bars.

Jan Barrett

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