Paul and Nikki decide that since Nick and Katherine know about their plans to get married they need to make a formal announcement to everyone else including Victor. Nikki doesn’t think he should hear about it trough the grapevine. Paul agrees with her saying she is being much more thoughtful to Victor than he ever has been with her.

While working out at the club Heather goes over to Victoria only to get scolded for going back to Adam after all that he has done to her. Victoria tells her she will never give him a second chance saying she can’t trust him and now that she is back with him neither can she.

Abby finds Ashley working on her laptop in her bed. She tells her mother that she thinks it is the creepy Adam and not Estella doing all this to make Ashley think she is going crazy and she thinks he is faking his blindness. Ashley doesn’t think he is guilty of anything saying he is blind and besides he can’t even get outside because of his ankle bracelet.

Adam is in his bedroom making sure his door is locked. He thinks back to Ashley saying that she heard a baby crying. He smiles as he turns his recorder on and hears the sounds of a crying baby.

Jeff and Gloria are in the Cayman Islands waiting for a promised check. Gloria runs into Jill who is there to withdraw all her funds and then she has to get back to Genoa City in time for Cane’s wedding. Gloria tells her they have been there for 2 days fighting this. She says Jeff knows a friend in the bank who is cashing them out if she needs help.

Abby sees Estella and asks her not to cry about having to go. She tells Estella that her Mom is just scared right now because of the baby. Victor sends Abby off to Colleen’s and then he tells Estella she will be fine at Newman. Adam comes stumbling down the stairs almost falling and tells them not to mind him as he heads into the kitchen. Victor tells Estella that it doesn’t matter what he believes right now it is best if she stays away until he calls for her to come back. Estella asks him how will this end if this is all in her head. Victor asks her to please go now and he will see her at the office.

Colleen meets with Jack at the club who tells her that Sharon has moved back in with him this time for good. She says well then she is happy for him. Colleen tells him that Victor is going ahead with the cosmetic company. She says it is Victoria’s pet project and no one can tell her no, especially Daddy. She tells Jack that this will double the Newman fragrance line. She asks Jack if he will be able to stop it. Jack tells her he will make a few calls and try. She tells him if he needs her help just call but reminds him she still has Lily’s wedding to work on. He tells her not to worry, he will handle it.

Jeff tells Gloria that his friend managed to smuggle enough of their assets out to cover their accounts and the Jabot shares they bought before the takeover. She tells Jeff he is a genius. Jill however is not so lucky. She says hers is all gone. She says God hates her. She says though she will never sell her half of the Chancellor mansion.

Heather sees Paul at Crimson Lights and congratulates him on his engagement to Nikki. She tells him that she and Adam are back together again which doesn’t go over too well with Paul. He asks her if she has lost her mind.

Ashley runs out into the hallway when she hears a baby crying but she finds Adam who claims he heard it too. She calls Victor up and tells him about it. Adam tells Victor that it could have been a baby but now he isn’t for sure but Ashley tells him he heard it. She says but Estella is gone so who could be doing this. When they tell her that Estella had been there she wonders if she has lost her mind since she should know they are onto her. Ashley wants to search the house but Victor assures her that he will have it searched and for her to stay there. She agrees and they hug.

Jack tells Colleen to withdraw her opposition and tell Victor and Victoria that she is in full support now. He knows they will not believe her but it will show them that she knows how to play the game. Jack goes to take a call when Colleen sees Victoria. She tells her congratulations on the merger and she has her full support now. Victoria asks her if she was talking to Jack about this. Colleen says no, that would be unprofessional. Victoria tells her not to insult her intelligence telling her that Jack is using her and for some reason she is ok with that. She says some of them have worked hard to be taken seriously. Colleen throws it in Victoria’s face that this was handed to her on a silver platter and if she thinks people are taking her seriously then she is the one being played.

Adam has gloves on as he puts the recorder inside Estella’s jacket and then he offers to stay with Ashley while Victor searches the house. He thanks Ashley for talking Victor into letting Heather come over. He says Heather is his only friend. Ashley assures him that she isn’t his only friend.

Paul and Heather disagree about her going back to Adam. She tells him this hurts with him sitting there talking to her like she is an idiot. He asks her what the appeal is. He says Adam is full of hate and he is destructive. He asks if she is feeling sorry for him that he is blind. She says no but she really thinks that Adam finally gets it and she says yes he would stand by her and he is actually very protective of her. Paul doesn’t buy it and warns her that Adam is dangerous.

Jill is on the phone telling someone her son is getting married tomorrow and she says they can’t leave her there stranded. She orders that they get her on another flight now. It seems that the chartered flight company that she was supposed to be using to fly out also used the same bank and their assets have been seized also including the plane she was supposed to flying out on. Jeff tells her they will get her home and offers to loan her enough money to make a fresh start. She tells him that is so kind of him and she is touched. A delivery comes in that Jeff signs. He and Gloria open up their envelopes and they say it is all there and Gloria tells Jeff he is a genius as they both hold checks. Gloria wants to celebrate as Jill says “Oh God, I’m ruined!”

Jeff suggests that they all drink Champagne all the way home. The hotel manager knocks on the door and tells Jeff that his credit card isn’t working and the checks they have are no good either. He says they’re all over the island and no bank in the world will cash them. Jeff assures Gloria he will take care of this as he gets on the phone calling his banker friend. Jill asks how will she gets home now in time for the wedding. Gloria snaps at her asking who the hell cares.

Victor tells Ashley they have searched the whole house including Estella’s room and they didn’t find anything. He tells her of course he believes her. When she goes to make some tea Victor asks Adam about what he heard but now Adam isn’t sure of what he heard, Adam asks if he is doubting Ashley and Victor tells him no. Adam tells him she has been good to him and she doesn’t deserve this. Victor goes to the door and sends the dirty laundry off just as Nikki arrives with some big news.

When Jack is off the phone Victoria asks him since he now is the King of Jabot, she wants to know how come that isn’t enough. She tells him she thinks it is sad that Colleen only think he is looking out for her. She warns him though that one day it will come back and bite him on his ass. She says she hopes she is around to see it when it does and then she walks over leaving Jack standing there kind of looking worried.

Nikki tells Victor that she and Paul are getting married. His response was “I’ll be damned” and then he thanks her for telling him. She tells him that Nick knows but now she is off to tell Victoria. Before she leaves Victor calls her back and tells her good luck. She thanks him as she leaves. Adam comes in and apologizes for telling Ashley he heard what she heard. He said she seemed so upset that he thought it was really important to her that she had an ally and that he meant well. Victor says he appreciates his concern for Ashley. Adam says he knows he blew it with all his sisters and brother but he sees this as a second chance. Victor says he would like that.

Jeff tells Gloria the bastard left town when the bank collapsed. Gloria starts to panic. Jill tells them this means they are screwed too. Jeff says he thought this bank was good because it had Victor Newman involved in it. Jill asks what? He said that Victor is that bank’s biggest investor. Jill asks him why he didn’t tell her this earlier! She calls Victor puts him on speaker phone when she tells him the problem. Victor tells her that he pulled all his money out of that bank. Jill tells him so all this is his fault. He says he is sorry she got hurt but there is nothing he can do about it. She tells him that she has lost everything and so has the Bardwell’s. He tells her that is not his problem and then tells her to have a nice day as he hangs up.

Victor looks at the photo of him and Nikki dancing but is interrupted by Ashley. She tells him she knows it was hard for him to let Estella go asking if he is still going to fire her, right. He says there is no evidence and she insists that Estella is to blame and asks what more evidence he needs. He doesn’t want her to be upset but there is no evidence to prove Estella has done anything wrong. He sends her upstairs and promises to be there soon, but sits there looking frustrated.

Adam and Heather cuddle together on the bed when she starts talking about their future together. She asks him where he wants to go when he gets out of there. She wants to go somewhere for a fresh start together where no one knows them. He asks her if only she would have run off with him before. He tells her he wants to make something clear, they are not running away together now.

Nikki shows Victoria her engagement ring. Victoria says she didn’t know that she and Paul were so close but Nikki says she was almost as surprised as she is but this really just feels so right.  Victoria tells Nikki that Paul is a great guy but she has to ask an important question which is would she have said yes to Paul if her Dad was still available.

Adam tells Heather that he has nothing to offer her but she says just being with him is enough for her. He sarcastically says yah just like everyone wants to date an unemployed, disabled ex con. He tells her not to make plans for a future with him because he can’t promise they will have one. She says ok no big plans but how about just the next few hours as she starts unbuttoning his shirt and kissing him.

Abby tells Colleen that she doesn’t need money to fly her horse in from the Hampton’s because Victor took care of it as a gift. Colleen thinks Victor is trying to buy her forgiveness for the way he treated her Dad. Abby tells her that just maybe he just wants to make her happy to make up for lost time. Abby feels she knows Victor better and asks if she is going to carry this grudge against him for the rest of her life. She says yes and then some.

Jack is talking to Savigneur telling him to look out for his own people first and then he warns him that Victoria has her eyes on his job. He says he can make him a better offer that would include top lever executives. He promises that they all win.

Jill complains about how Victor flushed her life savings down the toilet as a business decision. Gloria says damn Victor Newman. Jeff worries about how they are going to get home. Jill says she will not get stuck on that God forsaken island.

Nikki talks to Victoria about her announcement to her engagement to Victor and how it had an unpredictable reaction. She says that used to be exciting kind of like being in Las Vegas playing Roulette but with Paul it is different. She says with him she knows what she will get. Victoria says she knows her feelings for Paul are real but she wonders if it will be enough to pull her out of her Father’s orbit. Paul walks up and asks how his timing is. Nikki says it is perfect and Victoria tells Paul congratulations and that she is so happy for them. Then she hugs him even though she doesn’t look so convinced that this is a good thing.

Victor has his arms around Ashley as they lay in bed together. He tells her he loves her and is so happy about the baby. Then he tells her that Nikki was there to let him know that she is now engaged to Paul. Ashley thinks that is good news. She says he is a nice guy and reliable. He is a safe choice but Victor says Nikki has a habit of rushing into things when he is happy with someone else. Ashley tells him that this shows that he doesn’t think she is threatened by the other women he has loved, Nikki or Sabrina.

Jan Barrett

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