Nikki tells Paul he is the sweetest man ever but she can’t say Yes.. Paul leans over and kisses her hand and then sits back and says he is sorry for rushing things with her, She tells him to wait, because she isn’t telling him no either.

Ashley is worried that she is losing her mind just like before. Victor doesn’t want to hear that so he asks her to please not talk about it. He says if it all stops then they will know it was Estella and if not then they will find out who is responsible and Victor says they will pay dearly for it.

Adam is upset after hearing that he doesn’t qualify for a medical discharge. He paces and bumps into a chair in his rage, he says he can’t live like this anymore. Rafe promises not to stop fighting this until he is out of there. He sends Rafe out the room for some aspirin and water so he can hide his box under his bed. When Rafe returns Adam talks about his dismal life, Estella being dismissed, and how Victor suspects him too. Rafe promises to be there for Adam, with whatever he needs.

Sharon is packing when she finds her ‘Dear Nicholas’ letter. She reads part of then hides it inside her suitcase but has second thoughts as she asks how many times they have done this now. Jack tells her the third time is a charm. He says never mind Mary Jane, because she was just a diversion. He tells Sharon he is going to go see if Mary Jane is in her room so he can give her the news.

Nick plays with Summer while he and Phyllis are at the club. Phyllis is on the phone with Daniel hearing all about his show. While Daniel is talking Amber is all over him. He admits to Phyllis that he knows nothing about this man, Howard and he sure hopes his check is good. Phyllis tells Nick some art dealer bought all of Daniels art.

Mary Jane is happy to see Jack but wonders if it is for business or pleasure. Jack tells her all business from now on. He calls her Sugar and says they had a lot of fun but because of certain new developments he and Sharon are reconciling.

Paul apologizes to Nikki for asking her to marry him saying he should have asked her back when they were kids. He remembers when they first met and he had that ice cream and she was in that polka dot bikini back and she looked so hot and now she still takes his breath away. He agrees no pressure though but he will always be there. Nikki tells him she knows and then kisses him. Heather walks up telling them to get a room and then laughs as Nikki gets up and walks inside where she sees Katherine. Katherine says she saw Paul on one knee and is wondering if this means wedding bells. Nikki says she hasn’t given him an answer yet. She is worried it is too soon since it was only a year ago that she made the most worst mistake of her life marrying David and now she is worried this would be a reaction with Victor and Ashley having a baby together. Katherine thinks Nikki needs a supportive husband, one to lift her up instead of tearing her down. Nikki asks if she means like she has with Murphy. Katherine gives Nikki reasons to believe that she should go for it.

Rafe goes to talk to Victor. He tells him that Adam is not doing too well and he thinks it is unfair that he is blaming Adam for what’s happening to Ashley. He tells him that first he punishes his aunt for it and now he points his finger at his own son. Victor tells him that Estella still has a job with him and he doesn’t need his advice regarding his son. He asks if he has got that. Rafe tells Victor good night as Ashley is listening from the staircase.

Mary Jane rants over how this will look to the public if he reconciles with his kleptomaniac ex-wife. Jack tells her he won’t allow her to bad mouth Sharon. She tells him it is what any PR rep would tell him. She asks if after all their work if this is really what he wants. Jack tells her he is sure she will find a way to spin it, he just wanted her to hear it from him. He says he hopes it won’t affect their working relationship. She says no not at all but now she does have her work cut out for her. When he leaves she starts ripping up some papers.

Paul heard about Heather trying to get Adam a medical discharge but he has to ask when she started seeing him again. Katherine and Nina walk up and interrupt them. Nina hugs Paul and he introduces her to Heather. She tells Heather she hasn’t seen her since she was a little girl. When Paul walks out Nina says she might be staying around for a little while so she says she and Heather should have coffee. Nina and Katherine sit together at a table and she tells Katherine she has a proposition for her. She asks her how would she like to see her life story on the big screen.

Daniel and Amber are making out as they are celebrating at the gallery when someone bangs on the door. They yell to go away. When they open the door, it is Howard needing to speak to Daniel in private. Daniel says he can speak in front of Amber but Howard insists in private. Amber says she will go get some munchies. When she is gone, Howard flashes a badge at Daniel saying he is an agent with the justice department and this is strictly classified.

Nick tells Phyllis she did an incredible job with the wedding issue of the magazine. She says Nikki is incredible but with her everything is a discussion, where as with him they have shorthand. Suddenly Summer blurts out, Sharon! Nick looks up as Sharon walks over to them. She tells them she is moving back into the Abbott mansion.

When Ashley is at the door, Adam hides his little box in the garbage can. He tells her to come in and then complains about being blind and he will be for the rest of his life. He says he is going crazy and just can’t stay in this house any more. She says she is so sorry as she hugs him. She tells him to hang in there because it won’t be like this forever and before anyone knows it he will be out of this house. She asks if she can get him anything. She notices that he has lost weight. He tells her he appreciates her being here for him but he just wants to be left alone.

When Ashley is gone Adam locks the door and sits on the side of the bed. He removes his shoe. He fools with his ankle bracelet as he thinks back to everyone noticing his losing weight. His plan was to lose enough weight so he could slip he bracelet off his ankle. He fools with it more and realizes it worked, the bracelet slips off. He jumps up and is out the window in a flash.

Nick and Phyllis both ask what changed Sharon’s mind. Jack walks up saying he has never stopped loving Sharon and she says she never stopped loving Jack either. They ask if she has told Noah yet, but she says not yet because she isn’t sure how he will react. Sharon goes to pay her bill and Phyllis goes to find the waitress. Nick asks Jack what is really going on with Sharon. Jack says nothing. She just wants to move back in with him. Phyllis catches Sharon and asks her what’s going on with her now.

Ashley tells Victor that Adam has lost hope and he feels the world has abandoned him. Victor says it is his own fault and he doesn’t feel bad about chasing Heather out. He says he doesn’t like that woman for obvious reasons. Ashley starts defending every thing Adam has done talking about how remorseful he is and how he isn’t the same person, when at the same time she is fighting for him he is outside by the Sabrina with a child Statue digging behind it. We hear Ashley telling Victor at the same time how Adam deserves a second chance and then we see Adam digging out a tape recorder. When he hits the play button he hears the cries of a baby.

Howard shows Daniel some photos of stolen art saying there has been a string of robberies and the experts think his style is similar to the style being stolen. He tells Daniel that if his paintings hit the black market the thieves will be forced out of hiding since they will have to authenticate the original. Daniel asks if he is asking him to forge. Howard tells him yeah and then they reclaim the original and destroy the forgery. Even though Howard makes it sound so simple Daniel isn’t sure he can do it. He asks what he would have to do. Howard hands him a photo of a painting and he tells him to study the painting and know every brushstroke before he starts.. Daniel says ok he is in. Howard tells him to keep the check, consider it the government’s way of thanking him but he can’t tell anyone, not even his girlfriend.

Amber joins Katherine and Nina but isn’t too excited when she hears that Nina is thinking about making a movie out of Katherine’s book. Nina guesses that Amber is feeling pushed aside. Amber asks if that is selfish of her. Katherine laughs and says no it is natural. Katherine asks Nina if she would consider Amber co-writing the screenplay with her saying it could be one voice from the past and one voice of the present. Nina says she has never had a writing partner before but says sure asking Amber what does she think partner? They all laugh saying ‘Hollywood here we come!’

Phyllis tells Sharon that yesterday she tracked down her husband and insisted that she talked to him and now she is moving back in with Jack. She reminds Sharon that she was adamant that she talked to Nick. Sharon snaps at Phyllis saying she loves Jack and she is moving back in with him what does she want. When Nick calls out for Phyllis she takes Heather to the restroom. Sharon walks over to Jack who is at Nick’s table. Nick asks her why she is doing this. She tells Nick that everyone makes mistakes. She tells Nick to have a good evening as they walk out. Mary Jane comes down the stairs just as Jack and Sharon leave.

Ashley lets Heather in after Victor tells her it is ok but for her not to ask him to approve of that woman. Ashley goes to call Heather to tell her Victor will allow her to come see Adam. When the door bell rings Victor finds Nikki standing there. He asks couldn’t she have sent a messenger with the wedding pictures instead. She said she also came by to see how Ashley was doing. Ashley comes in and tells Nikki she is fine and is being well taken care of. Nikki thanks Victor for letting her come in and being civil with her. Victor talks to her about them both moving on which Nikki agrees with. As Victor walks her to the door, Ashley walks back in with Heather. Victor tells her Good Night as he shuts the door behind her and she stands there and whispers good bye.

When Adam slips back inside his window he places the recorder on the desk which falls to the floor. He puts the ankle bracelet back on before letting Heather in. She tells him the news about Victor letting her in to see him and when she hugs him she asks why he is all wet. He claims he spilled a glass of water on himself. She kisses him and tells him she would be happy to help him out of his clothes and soon they are both in the bed, but the recorder is still sitting in the middle of the floor.

Phyllis sees Mary Jane sitting at the bar and she asks if she has talked to Jack. Mary Jane asks if this is about the Jack and Sharon thing. Phyllis says oh so she knows and wonders if Mary Jane is upset but she says she isn’t. She says from what she hears it probably won’t last long so he isn’t going far. Nick joins Nick again who says the manager is taking Summer with him to find her lost backpack. Phyllis mentions Nick’s expression on his face when Sharon said she said she was moving back in with Jack. She asks him if he was hoping she would say she was going to move back in with him instead. Nick just shakes his head.

Amber brings Daniel some cake from the coffee shop. She tells him about the screenplay of Katherine’s book and then she asks what Howard wanted. Daniel likes the idea of the screenplay and then tells her Howard wants him to sketch a nude portrait of his mistress. She laughs and tells him she will get it out of him another way as she starts tickling him.

Mary Jane goes back to her suite and picks up her stuffed Kitty and tells it, it is ok Kitty, he will be back, you’ll see. She says he will come back to her.

Jack assures Sharon he is not being noble, he loves her with all his heart and the baby too. Sharon thinks he will start wondering if he doesn’t see himself in the baby. Jack tells her he will see her in the baby and that is all he needs. He hugs her but Sharon isn’t convinced it will be.

Nick admits to Phyllis that he had feelings about Sharon moving back with Jack but it he thinks it is a good move saying she needs some stability in her life and the four of them were a lot happier back then and he is hoping they can go back to a normal life. Phyllis says she would love to be normal again with him but she still feels there is more to this, she thinks Sharon is hiding something. Nick says if she is, then it is still none of their business.

Adam comes downstairs for something to eat and finds Ashley there. She tells him she is happy he is eating and states that he looks better. He thanks her for talking to Victor about Heather. Ashley hugs him. Victor stops as he is coming downstairs when he gets to a photo of him and Nikki dancing at the wedding.

Nikki walks in with an ice cream cone for Paul with the same flavors that they liked the first time they met on the beach. She says two scoops one cone. She tells him she was surprised by his proposal and had to sort things out in her mind before giving him an answer. Paul tells her he is happy with the way things are. Nikki tells him she sees the only man who makes her smile by just seeing his face even at her lowest. She says she doesn’t feel afraid or like she has to fight to be heard. She says with him she can be herself. She says it hit her tonight that she belongs in his strong arms. She tells him her answer to him is YES, she will marry him. They both hug and kiss each other.

Jan Barrett

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