David buys Nikki a diamond engagement ring. She says it is an exquisite stone. He asks since she wanted to move up the wedding date what does she think about going off tonight. He wants to go to Mexico but Nikki is a little worried with the date today being a year ago that Nick went down on the plane. David talks her into it and confirms their flight plan. She is still nervous so he offers to find some other way to go but she says no it is ok.

She wants to keep this their little secret for now though, but Katherine walks in just as she says that. Katherine says oh good she just loves secrets. David walks out and lets Nikki and Katherine talk. Nikki tells her that she and David are flying to Mexico to get married. Katherine can’t help but wonder if right now is the best time for this. Nikki reminds her that she always advised her to do what is best for her and she thinks this is best.

Meanwhile David gets a call from his credit card company warning him that his latest purchase put him over his credit limit. He tells them he wasn’t aware of it being over the limit. He says the purchase was for an engagement ring. Then he tells them not to worry he will be making the payments on time and then he hangs up.

Phyllis is on the phone with Nick on his way to Nashville. She tells Sharon she wouldn’t let him get on the plane today. While they are talking Jack walks in with Jamie Whitfield and the new model for the cover of the magazine. Phyllis pulls Jack to the side and tells him she thinks it is great that he pulled this off on such short notice but she points out that he didn’t clear it with her and Nick. He says there is too much riding on this right now and it isn’t his fault that no one else was around when this decision had to be made. He says the way he sees it she should only have two words for him right now, which are Thank You.

Later when the photo shoot is complete the model is in a hurry so she asks if she can wear the dress out because she doesn’t have time to change. They say they can just bill her for it. Phyllis doesn’t like it but Jack says that is fine. When they are gone she tells Jack that woman just left there wearing a $4000 dress. He says they will bill her for it but Phyllis says good luck getting paid for it. She reminds him that before he makes any more major decisions to remember that he does have partners and she walks away. Jamie walks up and tells him he has a new cover for his magazine and now he needs to get rid of the teasers for the cover art and he looks over at Phyllis before saying he will get right on it.

Amber is getting nervous about their first dinner party. She says they may as well enjoy the condo while they can since they might have to move out when the lease runs out. She says unless he can get his Mom to cut them a deal they can’t afford to keep this place. He says that is not likely going to happen. When Kevin and Jana come in they love how the place looks now. After the party Daniel draws a picture of Amber on the drawing pad and puts at the bottom that she is his girlfriend and it really impresses Amber.

Karen tells Neil that she is going to take a new job offer in New York. Neil doesn’t want her to leave. She tells him all he seems to want is Dru and she can’t be Dru. She starts crying when she asks him if he can tell her that when he closes his eyes at night that he doesn’t dream she is Dru sleeping next to him. She gets up and he tries to stop her by asking to give them another chance. She says she is going for a walk and when she comes back if he can honestly look her in the eyes and tell her that he wants her to stay then she won’t leave. When she comes back she can tell by the look in his eye that he thinks she should go to New York. He tells her maybe this is best. She tells him Dru was one lucky woman to have him. They kiss and she walks out.

Sabrina tells Adam he needs to get his feet off the furniture. The doorbell rings and it is Victoria. Sabrina tells her that Victor isn’t there but Adam yells out for her to come in anyway. She tells Sabrina she thinks she is with her father only as a huge career move even though Sabrina denies it. Victoria tells her it all happened too fast for it not to be that way. Adam says he agrees with her about it. She looks at him and says he is no different. She accuses him of manipulating their Father from the beginning. She tells them she hopes they are both proud of themselves and then she leaves.

When she is gone Adam tells Sabrina she was rather harsh. Sabrina tells him he deserved it but she didn’t. She tells him that Victoria happens to be brilliant. He tells her that she never gave him a chance. He says when she met him she already had Victoria’s opinion of him set in her mind without even giving him a chance to show who he is. Then he goes upstairs.

Nikki and David board the plane and she thinks it has to be wrong when she looks at where their seats are. David tells her since it was last minute booking there were no first class seats left. He says he knows that she is used to flying in a private jet but this is the best he could do on short notice. Then she notices that they aren’t even sitting together. David says they will just ask the person sitting in the middle seat to switch seats. An older lady walks up telling them they are blocking her way. David asks her if she would mind switching seats with him and promises to buy her a drink and her cat that she has hidden in her back some milk. The woman says no, her kitty loves sitting in the middle seat so they all sit down. 

Cane and Lily are having dinner with Cloe and Devon. Cloe is having problems with her apartment so Lily offers to let her move in with them til the problem is solved. Devon doesn’t like Cloe so he thinks that is a terrible idea. Cane notices that Lily is not herself and wants to know what is wrong with her. She tells him she read an article that a pregnant woman drinking coffee in an early pregnancy could cause a miscarriage. Cane tells her to begin with she didn’t actually miscarry. Sharon calls her and asks her if she can come over there and talk to her. When Sharon gets there she asks to talk to her in private but Lily tells her it is ok they can talk in front of everyone. Sharon tells her that they have decided to pull her from the cover of the magazine and use another model.

Jan Barrett

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