Lily tells Nikki that she isn’t trying to be difficult but she has to ask if saying marriage is misery really art. Nikki tries to convince Lily she will be fine and the photos will be great. Chloe says if Phyllis was there she’d rip Lily to shreds but Cane tells her he thinks she is just sticking it to Lily. Chloe tells Cane that he and little Miss Whinerson are the least of her problems. Next we see Billy arriving at Jimmy’s. He slides into his stool at the bar and smiles at Mac.

Howard Acker says he does want to buy the lot of paintings as he gives Jana a figure as to what his offer is for them all. He tells them he thinks it is all worth every penny as he writes the check. Jana and Daniel are so excited.

Jill is determined to influence the Governor to keep Katherine’s request to give Kevin and Amber amnesty. She asks the two if they have been padded down. She tells them that the Scarlet chipmunk and his gun moll could be a danger to the Governor. Kevin quickly corrects Jill saying it was a Silver Chipmunk not Scarlet. She turns to the Governor and if he gives these two amnesty, he can kiss his re-election good bye.

Estella denies all the allegations of her being the one that set out the dress for Ashley. Victor tells her to kindly take her things and report to Newman tomorrow. She tells him she did nothing to deserve this.  When she leaves Victor kisses Ashley on the forehead and says it had to be down for the sake of peace.

The eye doctor goes upstairs and as he goes through the door he says Hello asking for Adam. Adam hurries up and puts his eye injection back in the box and shoves it under his bed and then jumps to the sofa. When Victor and the doctor walk in he pretends he had been sleeping but he is ready to be examined.

Paul asks Heather how’s life. She tells him she has been busy but she notices he is pretty happy. She asks why and he gives the credit to Nikki saying she has brought the magic back into his life and he wants it to stay there.

Nikki tells Lily she knows what it is like being in love. Lily asks then why not be celebrating being in love. Nikki tells her that modeling is make believe, it doesn’t have to be true. She asks Lily if she is up to accepting the challenge or perhaps ending her career before starting it. Lily decides she is with this and she calls Cane over and tells him they are going to make misery fabulous. Nikki gives her the thumbs up.

Billy tells Mac he came for a burger and the ambience. He claims he didn’t come to hit on Mac. He says he is more into the Highland Games on TV with men in skirts throwing poles. She tells him that the skirts are called kilts and capers but she can’t help but smile at his attitude as he cheers them on.

Jill criticizes Katherine for inflicting criminals on the Governor. Katherine tells him that Jill is biased but Jill disagrees saying Amber has a way of faking marriages for financial gain to her son in fact. She says Kevin has been arrested over something involving a stripper’s pole. Katherine tries defending them when Jill accuses them of keeping stolen money. Katherine leads Jill out of the room along with Amber and Kevin, leaving good old Murphy alone with the Governor. They start talking only to discover they both had served in Korea. Meanwhile Katherine scolds Jill for what she is doing telling her it isn’t about the kids, it is Jill getting back at her.

When the last of the photo shoot wraps up Lily asks Chloe was she suppose to crash and burn. Chloe accuses her of needing an ego boost so she tells her yes the shoot went perfectly beautiful and she so convincing as a bride married to the biggest bore on the planet, and then tells her congratulations.

Billy adds ketchup to his fries just to keep Mac out of them. While they talk Billy gets a call from the nanny and he tells Mac he has to go relieve the nanny. Mac says he is in love with the baby revealing her conversation with Chloe. Mac says she can’t really blame Chloe after what she saw.

Katherine tells Jill to take out her anger on her not the kids. She accuses Jill of attacking the kids just like she attacked Nikki. She tells her she has the chance to be a part of her family but chose not to. Murphy and the Governor come back in still thinking about Korea. Jill starts in on him once again so Kevin and Amber slip out quietly. Jill manages to get the Governor to follow her out the room leaving Katherine and Murphy standing there alone. Katherine looks towards Jill as she heads out the room and says “Oh dear God in heaven!”

Ashley is looking at the sonogram picture when Estella comes down with her bags saying she will be back tomorrow for the rest of her things. She insists that she is innocent and assures Ashley that she will see that once she is gone this will not stop.

The doctor starts to examine Adam’s eyes and adds drops to them. He says at this point it seems that Adam can see but it is fuzzy and in tunnel vision. Victor tells him he will leave for him to continue but wants a full report when done.

As Katherine wonders where did she lose control of the evening she thinks about just how far Jill would go to win this. She thinks she wouldn’t dare and then says oh yes she would. When they return Katherine tells him she hopes Jill didn’t bore him. Jill is checking her lipstick when she assures Katherine he wasn’t bored. When Katherine apologizes she says Jill seems to be intent on punishing Amber and Kevin. She assures him that Jill doesn’t know them as well as she does. The Governor was impressed with Jill’s eloquence. Jill tells him he is such a gentleman.

Kevin tells Amber he is going to take all the blame here saying she shouldn’t be punished for saving his life. Then back to Daniel he has to ask why him, and why his drawings. Howard tells him that his art matters. Daniel looks suspicious but when he looks down at the check, he gets excited saying they bought all his drawings and he picks Jana up and twirl’s her around.

Kevin tells Amber he is going to take all the blame here saying she shouldn’t be punished for saving his life. We see Daniel and Jana still all excited and then we see Amber taking Kevin’s hand. She tells him they got out that boxcar together so they will get out the rest of this together the same way!

When Amber and Kevin arrive at the gallery they apologize for being too late. Daniel tells them they didn’t miss much as he pretends with them and then suddenly shows them the check as Jana tells them they sold all the drawings. Amber hugs Daniel and he credits Jana for the sales. Kevin says Jana is brilliant and gorgeous. Then they tell Daniel and Jana that thanks to Jill, who is a bitch the Governor won’t be helping them.

Katherine asks Jill if she has no shame. She asks what she did to the Governor then decides she doesn’t want to know. Jill tells her she is too old and slow to do battle so she better get used to losing. Murphy is still with the Governor showing him his souvenir gun. He tells him Katherine hates guns n the house and it is going to hurt getting rid of it but he wants to give it to someone that will appreciate it. He asks the Governor to just take care of it. He offers to have it taken to his car so Katherine doesn’t see it.

The Governor goes back in with Katherine and Jill and Jill tells him how nice it was spending time with him. He states that he enjoyed it as well and as he is about to leave he tells Katherine he’s be taking care of the amnesty thing in the morning. He says Loyalty and devotion, and fighting for the right side is what matters. He tells Jill he hopes to see her soon, she snaps for him not to count on it. Katherine thanks the Governor who salutes Murphy on his way out. Jill snaps at Murphy asking what he did to change the Governor’s mind. Katherine laughs telling Jill to get used to losing,

Billy goes over to Cane’s with Delia where Chloe is still working. He tells her he isn’t drunk but he is high on the joy of togetherness saying he is the devoted Daddy man. She realizes Mac told him about their talk. She tells the photographer that she has a great idea, they should get the baby to puke all over the happy couple. Lily and Cane object asking just how sick is she. She tells them all to chill out, and to get a sense of humor. Mac comes in telling Cane she has come bearing receipts.

Nikki meets with Paul at Crimson Lights. She tells him she left the shoot so she could spend some time with him. She tells him she credits him for the peace in her life and she is very thankful. He is thankful that she has moved in and they clink mugs together. He says he hopes she will be agreeable to all of his ideas.

Victor tells Estella he is sorry how things worked out but he is sure she will do a hell of a job at Newman. Rafe comes in and hugs Estella saying he is so sorry. She tells him why she has been reassigned and then he goes upstairs to check in with Adam. The doctor claims that Adam has tunnel vision and that what little sight he has now is rapidly deteriorating and he will go blind. He says there is nothing they can do to help him. Victor thanks the doctor for coming. He tells Ashley that they were hoping for good news but Victor would rather stay with her right now than to go talk to Adam. She tells Victor that she is worried that maybe Estella is right, that these things won’t stop even after she is gone.

Adam pulls out the box from under his bed and says he won’t be needing this for 6 more months she he needs to keep it well hidden. Rafe walks in and startles Adam causing him to drop the box. He starts to panic asking where it is. Rafe picks it up saying here it is. He tells Adam to let him help him.

Katherine calls Amber while she is still at the gallery and gives her the good news that the governor is going to give them both amnesty after all! She starts jumping up and down and then shouts out the good news. They all hug each other in excitement and the say they are all going to be together forever. None of them realize that Howard is standing outside watching them as they are celebrating.

Murphy tells Katherine that he and the Governor only talked about the Korean war. He says the kids never came up. She tells him she knows there was more to it. She tells him he can lie to his wife once a year and that was it. When they head to bed they are laughing about the look on Jill’s face when the Governor said he was giving the kids the amnesty. As soon as they disappear Jill comes in talking on the phone. She screams at whoever she is talking to that this is insane, the majority of her funds are in that bank. She asks how a bank in the Cayman’s can go under. She says it is insane but she is on her way.

Cane looks over the receipts that Mac brought to him saying it looks like they had a good night. Lily remarks to Chloe how sweet and attentive Billy is with Delia, saying it is like play acting and like going from one extreme to another with no reality. Chloe tells her she is up to her ears in reality so she can count on it. She looks over at Billy and he holds the baby, just as Mac does at the same time.

Paul asks Nikki if she thinks it would be too late to find a romantic table somewhere. She tells him their place is just fine. He asks her if she thinks so. She says they don’t need exotic restaurants. He tells her he finds that every moment with her is special. She says she will take what they have any day. He asks if that means every day and she says of course. He asks if she means every day for the rest of their lives. He then asks Nikki if she will marry him.

Rafe tells Adam he is not a candidate for a medical discharge. Adam says yeah, yeah he knows that and then asks him to give him the box back as he snatches it from Rafe’s hands.

Ashley thinks about what Estella told her and isn’t sure what she meant. She says maybe someone else is responsible or maybe Estella meant that Ashley herself is doing this. She suddenly looks scared but Victor pulls her into his arms to comfort her.

Jan Barrett

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