Jack remembers it’s been one year since they started the magazine. Phyllis says yeah, a lot’s happened since then. She thanks him for his advice concerning Sharon. Nick’s back but sleeping in Noah’s room. Phyllis informs tells him that she is the one who convinced Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon. Jack tells her to give him time. She says it’s her and Nick’s wedding anniversary but it seems he’s forgotten. Jack tries to smooth it over by saying what’s one when you have 40 more to celebrate. Mary Jane walks in and sees Jack hugging Phyllis and she doesn’t look happy about it. She tells Phyllis it is nice to see her again as she shakes hands with her. Jack explains why she’s there. All the bride models in the wedding issue are using Jabot cosmetics exclusively and he wants her in on this tie-in. Phyllis tells her to pull up a chair. Mary Jane asks Jack if he has this good a relationship with all your ex wives and then she walks off.

At the club, Nick and Sharon discuss meeting with Noah’s school counselor. Sharon wants to clear the air before they go. Lauren told her Eden was the one to convince her to drop the charges. She asks Nick did he lie to her just to get her to drop the charges against Phyllis. Nick insists that Phyllis was responsible and he just hopes this truce will last. She tells him she thought he was staying at Victoria’s. Sharon seems unhappy to hear he’s back home. He explains that Summer is still small and she needs him there.

At the club bar, Jill laughs when Jeffery sends her a drink over. When the bartender tells her its compliments from the gentleman at the end of the bar, she tells him that’s no gentleman. Go away, she snaps at Jeffery. When Gloria walks over to join them, Jill makes it clear she wants to be left alone. Jill doesn’t usually drink alone but is making an exception today. Gloria tells her to get over it. They weren’t invited to Katherine’s wedding either. Oh yippee, Jill scoffs when Jeffery suggests they have their own party right there.

Murphy reads his vows to Brock and Mac who advises him to just say what’s in his heart. I’m the lucky one, Murphy says as Billy and Chloe are welcomed in. After Murphy goes to get ready, the foursome chat about Delia and then Genoa City’s second happiest couple comes in, Cane and Lily. Esther comes to fuss over Chloe who clings to Billy as she announces nothing would have kept her away.

Nikki’s helps Katherine get ready. Katherine is shaking when she admits she’s nervous even though she has been through this many times. Butterflies mean love, Nikki says no matter how many husband she has been wed to. She says Victor being there won’t be an issue. Nikki then relays how Ashley put on the Sabrina dress that was reportedly laid out for her. They both wonder who would do such a thing but Nikki feels there’s something not right with Ashley.

At the ranch, Ashley asks is this dress OK. Victor gives her a kiss and tells her she looks beautiful, he apologizes for upsetting her but seeing her in Sabrina’s dress was awful. He’s sure the jealous Nikki’s behind it saying she probably planted that dress. Victor then assures that Ashley’s not competing with Sabrina’s memory. He tells her he loves her and she loves him so that’s all that matters.

Esther brings a cup of tea to Katherine to help with her nerves. She tells Katherine the last time they gathered they thought they had lost her and now she’s marrying a man who loves her and isn’t just pretending. Nikki says she could recommend a good divorce attorney but Esther’s marriage to Roger was invalid. Nikki’s grateful Paul was able to track the Wilkes’s down. Katherine pauses to mope about the one dark cloud on an otherwise perfect day; Kevin.

Heather says she heard they found the gun, as she joins Michael and Paul at the club and then asks how. Though Michael can’t reveal his sources, Heather guesses it was Amber. Michael’s sure the jury will be sympathetic to Kevin’s plight. And according to a text they received, Kevin was shooting blanks. Heather maintains it changes nothing. She says Kevin didn’t know he was shooting blanks and she intends to prove it.

Esther interrupts the photo shooting to report an emergency in the kitchen which sends Pearl and Joe JR running off. Amber and Daniel update Murphy on Kevin’s progress saying he’s out of the padded cell. Too bad, Murphy was hoping he’d be out in time to be his best man. Upstairs, Katherine says how pleased she is to have Mac and Brock there to celebrate the day with her. As Nikki and Mac go to get Katherine’s dress, Brock asks how Mac is doing and then he expresses concern regarding Billy. Today will bring up memories best forgotten. Katherine’s sure Mac will be fine saying she makes her own choices.

Still at Restless Style, Mary Jane adds input to Jack’s idea and then manages to get a last minute invitation to Katherine’s wedding. Phyllis explains she won’t be going. Daniel’s taking photos and Nikki’s covering it. Hang in there Red, Jack wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Mary Jane hears Phyllis has big plans. She tells her she is lucky. She says some discover their prince is a toad and you end up doing things you regret.

While looking at the menus at the club, Nick won’t let Sharon blame herself for Noah’s slipping grades. He says he’s distracted by Eden. Sharon decides she’s not hungry after all saying her stomach’s in knots and just the thought of food makes her nauseous for some reason. Yeah, Noah needs a stable home with one of his parents. Nick will talk to Phyllis. Oh, she asks if the two of them are stable. Sharon seems surprised. Nick admits they have issues but they’ll make it work.

Looking sharp in a pink tie and dark suit, Neil greets Lily and Cane and insists on paying for his daughter’s wedding. They turn to watch as Victor and Ashley arrive pausing to have their photo taken. Lily’s stunned to hear Neil resigned. She wants to know what he will do with himself now. Neil then goes to greet Ashley and Victor whom he’d like a private word with but Murphy interrupts saying he needs to speak to Victor first. Murphy asks Victor if he will stand up for him. Victor responds, well, I’ll be damned, I’d be honored.

Still at the bar, Jill’s ranting to the Bardwell’s about that arrogant, backstabbing bastard, Victor Newman. Gloria chuckles that he got those shares from her but she wasn’t supposed to tell. Jeffery referees when Gloria and Jill begin exchanging insults. One thing they can all agree on and that is that Victor is Satan. The ladies then complain about how he conned them both with those shares. Jeffery tells them they should team up to teach Victor a lesson. Jill and Gloria both ask why not as they all drink up.

At the ranch, Sharon talks to Noah about his grades slipping but they don’t blame him. They tell him things will get better. Sharon’s starting therapy and looking for a place for them to live but in the meantime he can move back in with his Dad. Nick says with Phyllis. She says and yeah with Phyllis. When Sharon looks to be on the verge of fainting, Noah sits her down and goes to get her something to eat.

Nick arrives at Restless Style with flowers telling Phyllis Happy Anniversary. He tells her he’s made dinner reservations. Phyllis is amused by the card which is a get out of jail free card. She says it was hilarious and cute but she doesn’t really seem to think so. She asks if he remembers last year reminding him that he got Trace Atkins to sing to her. Nick does remember but last year was … different. Yeah, Phyllis whispers.

Victor and Ashley are chatting with Billy and Chloe when Jack arrives with Mary Jane. When introduced to Mary Jane Victor smiles as though they were strangers. Ashley quickly leads Jack off to scold him for dating Mary Jane. He says they are two consenting adults and it’s nothing serious, Jack assures her. Slow down, Ashley lectures telling him that he just got a divorce.

Upstairs, Amber, Katherine and Nikki have their photo taken by Daniel. And then Paul visits to update that Michael’s using the new evidence about the gun to the Judge but the DA’s still fighting bail which Katherine offers to put up. Nikki then hustles everyone out to get the bride ready but allows Neil in for a minute to offer congratulations. They talk about Neil being Chancellor’s new CEO and the fact that he didn’t bring a date. Of course he’ll save a dance for Nikki. Katherine asks who they can find for him. Nikki tells her she is so funny, just because she is so happy she wants everyone else to be happy. Katherine says why not! She wants everyone to be as happy as she is.

Downstairs, Daniel is coaxing funny faces out of Tyra and Anna as Lily and Cane chuckle. Neil greets two of his favorite people. He didn’t know Anna would be singing at the wedding. Cane suggests a duet. No I’ve heard you sing, Anna teases. Tyra chats with Neil asking him so how’s he been? Daniel gathers them for a group picture and now coaxing Tyra to move closer to Neil. He says closer and then say cheese.

In the back room, Lily and Cane talk to Mac about their new puppy, with Billy coming along to quip that women don’t like men that whimper. Chloe and Amber hang back to watch as Mac informs Billy that Cane’s her new boss. I thought you were unemployed, Billy’s puzzled. You should go in there, Amber tells Chloe from the sidelines. Nah she says she is fine as long as Billy comes home to her. After Mac excuses herself, Cane announces he bought a little place Billy might know about, its Jimmy’s bar.

Outside, Ashley tells Mary Jane that her brother’s going through a difficult time with his divorce. He’s handling it quite well and has even taken his wedding ring off. Yes, Ashley agrees but he’s not over Sharon. Ashley tells her the two of them work together and it appears they’re getting close. Ashley says she knows it’s none of her business but she knows what she is saying. After Mary Jane thanks Ashley for her concern she walks off, Ashley wastes no time blabbing to Victor that Jack’s sleeping with her. Victor pretends to be surprised saying, Really, I’ll be damned, well, well. After Ashley moves on, Victor makes a beeline to instruct Mary Jane to be careful not to let Jack become suspicious.

Back at the bar, Jill’s feeling no pain as she boasts of telling Katherine to shove her job. Gloria would give anything for Katherine to be her friend and have her offer her a job. Jill says she has her pride. Gloria asks is that why she is hanging out with them? As Gloria goes to the ladies room, Jeffery talks about everyone who is anyone is at the wedding. In tears, Jill drinks saying she hopes her fisherman makes her happy. You are invited, Jeffery reminds her. And yeah, she does own half the house she can go to the damn house anytime she wants to. Go, he encourages offering to call her a cab.

Amber instructs everyone to take their seats and then OMG! Everyone turns and is stunned to see Kevin there.

Phyllis gives Nick his anniversary gift. Nick isn’t impressed but she says its not just sheets, Phyllis claims. Italian linens. 1,500 thread count. Nick whistles, 1,500? Thank you. You got me a present that you get to use too. She asks him will she? She tells him she misses him when Nick kisses her. Nick tells her “Let’s go home.” He and Phyllis kiss on the elevator.

This can’t be happening, Sharon tells herself in her suite, not now, not after everything else. But as a timer goes off, and she picks up the Easy Answer pregnancy stick, she covers her mouth in horror.

Paul bumps into Mary Jane and introduces himself. He asks her if he knows her from somewhere. The look on her face says they’re not strangers.

Kevin’s hugged and greeted by Murphy and Amber. Daniel leans in to take a photo of himself with his best bud and another shot of Mac hugging him. OK, save some for me, Jana jokes as Mike laughs beside her. Mike credits Amber who says this is the best wedding present ever. She says wait til Mrs. C hears about this, as she runs off. Murphy then asks Kevin to be his best man. He says he wouldn’t be offended if Kevin says no. Kevin says not at all. Subdued, Kevin then goes to sit with Mike and Jana. Esther ushers Pearl and Joe to their seats.

Daniel takes photos as Amber slowly walks down the aisle and takes a seat beside Pearl. Chloe watches Billy as he watches Mac walk down the aisle next. Brock beams proudly as Mac sits on the other side – and turns towards Esther, avoiding Billy’s stare. Murphy and Victor watch from their spot at the front.

Clearly drunk, Jill struggles with the front door. Jill, is that you? Jill tells Nina hi. Nina says oh, this isn’t good. She tells Jill she shouldn’t be there. She asks her can’t she come back another time? Nina gently suggests. Jill says and miss having her say at Katherine’s wedding. Jill slurs and wags her finger saying I don’t think so and then continues to struggle with the door.

Victor watches as Nikki walks down the aisle but gives her a sideways glare as she smiles at Murphy. Everyone stands as Katherine comes out in a white suit pausing as she looks around smiling. All beam as Katherine winks and looking into Murphy’s eyes, as they both smile at each other.

Jan Barrett

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