Jill is at Jabot and Nikki tells her this checking up on her has got to stop. Jill tells her that until her and her co-ceo fiancé come to terms with things she will still have to answer to her. Brad comes in later and Jill and he discuss Nikki and David. Brad tells her that John Abbott was like a father to him so he wants her to know he will help her in any way he can.

David tells Nikki he can see she is all tensed up after talking to Jill. She says well they can talk about it over dinner tonight. He tells her he has a meeting tonight so he won’t be able to make dinner. She asks who the meeting is with, and he claims an old friend of his which could be a potential investor for Jabot. He tells her he really loves her and then hands her a paper. When she asks what this is, he tells her he booked a massage for her because he could see she could use one. She asks for when, and he says right now and then puts her on the elevator and tells her not to think about Jill and just enjoy the massage.

Jeffery sees Gloria at the Club and tells her things got out of hand and he doesn’t really want Jill. She walks off and he tells her to stop. She tells him he hasn’t told her the truth since the day they met. He finally admits the truth to her. He says his grandfather left William all the money and then it was suppose to be passed onto him but it went to her instead so he thought he would just get her. He tells her it all changed when he fell in love with her. She says she thought it was real between them after that one night until the next morning when she woke up and he was gone. Then she finds out he ran straight to Jill. He says that was all part of the game. She says she can play his game. She says she has been through worse. She buried two husbands that she loved with all her heart so she can certainly get along without the one that she truly hates. He doesn’t respond, he just walks away from her.

Skye is dressed up in a knock out dress and Adam says she looks great. He tells her he bets she has a few guys lined up at a poker table waiting on her tonight. She tells him he must have someone he has his eye on there in Genoa City. She says don’t tell her, she isn’t available. He just smiles. He tells her he isn’t using the Newman name and he doesn’t know if he ever will.

Skye meets Brad at his house for the poker game. He introduces her to the other guys that are there already. She asks Brad if anyone else will be coming and he tells her they are waiting on two other guys. David walks in and apologizes for being late and wants to know who the 6th chair is for. Skye walks in and Brad introduces her to him. They all sit down and start playing poker. As they play their hands Skye ups the ante and Brad follows. Finally they call and David thinks he won the hand but Brad stops him showing his cards as the winning hand making David very nervous. He wins the next hand and gains some more confidence.

Lauren is at the Club having a lemonade date with Fen when Paul walks in. She invites him to join her. They talk about his daughter and him getting along better but he is a little concerned about her because he thinks she is going to start dating Brad. He says he trusts her but he doesn’t trust Brad. While they are talking Gloria walks up and asks Lauren for a minute but she says she was just about to leave to get Fen down. Gloria looks at the baby and sees he is sleeping. Gloria says he is sleeping here and he will be sleeping at home so what harm can two minutes do.

Paul says ok that is his cue to go so he leaves. Gloria tells her that she has to admit every time she tries to do the right thing it turns into a disaster. She tells her that this time Jeffery is gone. Lauren asks her does she really blame him. Lauren tells her she has really been improving herself by moving out the mansion and then talking Michael into dropping the lawsuit. Lauren suggests that Gloria try and be honest with everyone about her true feelings, including her sons and Jeffery.

Paul runs into Nikki who is not very happy about David not being with her tonight. She tells Paul David is ‘busy’ tonight so she is on her own so Paul joins her. They talk about the good old days and Nikki reminds Paul that she done her share of wild things when she was younger. He says yes until she met Victor. He asks her if she has any regrets. She says they had a lot of good years together. Paul asks her if she is ok. He says he noticed she looked worried at the Christening. She says she was happy at the Christening. He says but she was worried and he admits as her friend he is only looking after her best interest. She admits she is worried about David and his gambling addiction. She admits that she doesn’t trust David. She thinks he is gambling again.

Everything seems to be going wrong for Phyllis and Nick at Restless Style. He sends her out to get takeout at the restaurant when it is apparent that they can’t make their dinner tonight because of work. When she gets back to the office she finds the lights are still off. Nick puts a blind fold over her eyes and tells her to just let him lead her to another room. When they get in a room he removes the blind fold and she sees two musicians sitting on stools with the room decorated like the Mexican Bar where they got married. He says he couldn’t go to their Mexican Bar so he tried to make this room as close to it as he could.

She thinks this is great but Nick says there is one more surprise. She turns around and looks and Trace Adkins walks in and surprises her. She says she loves him. Trace tells her he loves her too but it is Nick’s anniversary too. She starts laughing and says she loves him too and then asks how Nick managed to do all of this. Nick tells Trace whenever he is ready to start that would be fine. Trace sings his song, “You Are Going To Miss This”

Jeffery calls Jill to see if she can join him for dinner tonight but she says not a chance because she is piled up with reports that have to go out. He finds himself all alone so he decides to call an attorney who comes to the Chancellor Estate to talk to him. When she gets there she tells him she doesn’t normally meet a client at their home but when she found out he was a friend of Jill Abbott’s she decided to come. She wants to know what the problem is. He tells her his marriage is the problem. He says he wants to file for his divorce immediately and he wants what he is entitled to, half of everything. Just as he says that Jill walks in and hears him.

Jan Barrett

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