Sharon asks Nick what he is doing when she pushes him away from her. He apologizes and admits that he just hates to see her hurting. She realizes this is really her fault, saying she practically threw herself at him. She says she knows he doesn’t want Phyllis to know he was here. When he doesn’t say anything she asks if he does. He tells her he is sorry and then leaves the room. Sharon doesn’t want to be left alone so she makes a call to someone asking that they come over.

Cloe asks Billy who called him. When he tells her he can’t help it is he is popular. She tells him he isn’t in high school anymore and reminds him that he has made a commitment. Billy says yes he has but to the baby though, not to her. She tells him flat out, it is all or nothing.

Michael talks to Daniel and Jana about Amber and Kevin’s obsession in proving that this woman is Katherine. Daniel tells Michael about the man Clint and about the man’s background. Michael says that the DNA tests proved that it wasn’t Katherine so he can’t understand why Kevin and Amber aren’t convinced.

The motel room blew up when the bomb went off. Esther tries going back inside looking for Katherine. She finds Gloria and Amber knocked out in the front in the parking lot. Then she finds Mrs. C. She starts shaking her telling her to wake up.

When Nick and Phyllis get home she tells him that he should have seen Victor’s face when he announced that Ashley was pregnant. Nick admits to her that when he left the table he went to check on Sharon. Phyllis reminded him that he told her that she is the one he wanted and she asks if that was a lie. He says of course not. She says ok then she trusts him and then says she is going to take a shower.

Jack shows up at Sharon’s door and she is still wearing her red satin robe. He asks her if she had a rough night. He asks her what happened. When she just stands there pouring them a glass of wine he tells her this is where she usually tells him she is just fine. He tells her to talk to him. She tells him that something is wrong with her. She tells him she is losing it as she cries in his arms.

Billy brings Cloe some muffins and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She tells him she is not one of his bubble headed bimbos and she wants him to respect her. Jill walks in and fusses that they are out so late with the baby. Billy tells Jill the baby wanted to be where the action is just like her Daddy. Daniel walks up and asks Cloe if she has heard from Amber just as Jill gets a call from Esther. She calls Esther a dead beat grandmother telling her it is nice of her to check in. Esther tells her about the explosion and she needs to go to the hospital.

Amber and Esther watch as the medics put Katherine in the ambulance. Another medic helps Gloria up when she says she might have helped save Katherine Chancellor’s life. She shouts out that Katherine is alive isn’t she. Amber mutters that Katherine will be ok, she just has to be ok.

The medic reports Katherine as being non responsive with a head injury. Amber tells Katherine to stay strong and she will be home soon as they wheel Katherine into the Emergency room. Esther calls in that they love her. Gloria is pushed in sitting in a wheelchair demanding to see a doctor. She wheels herself over to a phone only to call a reporter telling them that she helped save Katherine Chancellor’s life and that yes she is alive thanks to her.

Esther hugs Cloe as she walks into the hospital. She tells Cloe that she was never on her honeymoon. Jill walks in asking Esther what she has gotten herself into now. Esther tells her she was right about roger but she was wrong about her mother. Esther tells her that Katherine is alive. Jill just stands there shaking her head. Amber calls Daniel telling him to come to the hospital and to bring Kevin but Daniel tells her that Kevin never came back.

Somewhere on the road Clint is driving and Kevin is in the back seat between Annie and Roger sipping through a straw. Clint asks how come Kevin is acting like a 6 year old. Annie blames the drugs and lack of air from the trunk. Clint gets mad when he hears on the radio that there were no fatalities from the blast in the motel room. Annie says great and now they are taking a hostage across the state line. Clint says Kevin is no hostage he is the mastermind in the whole thing.

Nick follows Phyllis into the shower and he grabs hold of her and they make their own steam while making mad love.

Jack massages Sharon’s shoulder as he asks her to let him take her away for some rest. She said she tried that already but Jack says Nick followed her. Jack wonders if Nick is still playing that game with her. She tells him no, Nick is happily married. As Jack praises her she tells him he is so good to her and then she leans over to him and kisses him. Jack stops her saying as much as he wants this, he knows this is not what she needs. She tells him not to say no to her. She kisses him again as she loosens her robe.

Murphy is looking glum at the diner when Pearl pours him some coffee and asks why he doesn’t let her get him some food. She tells him she misses Marge, or Katherine, whichever she is. Joe turns the radio up when the report of the blast is made. When Murphy hears that Katherine was involved he rushes out to go to the hospital.

Gloria is talking to reporters taking all the credit in saving Katherine’s life while Amber watches only rolling her eyes. Esther explains that one of the kidnappers was the man she married only it is legal because he is a bigamist and a con artist. She tells the detective about Clint’s reaction when he realized it was really Mrs. C and Jill interrupts calling it a scam. Esther tells her it isn’t a scam. Esther asks what is going on with Mrs. Chancellor. Jill tells Amber that it says a lot about how much she loved her mother to go through all this for her. She tells Amber she is sure her mother would appreciate it where ever she is. When Daniel and Michael arrive with Jana, Michael wants to know why Gloria was there when the bomb went off anyway. Amber says Gloria was only there trying to suck up to Katherine. No one knows where Kevin is now.

Michael and Daniel go off to the hotel to see what they can find out telling Jana not to worry. Gloria tells them to bring Kevin home. Amber says Kevin probably just fell asleep in his car. When Amber gives Kevin the credit for finding Mrs. C Jana snaps that she is not bloody Mrs. C.

Katherine wakes up and can’t remember what happened. The doctor asks her if she knows where she is and what her name is. She tells the doctor she is in the hospital and that she is Katherine Chancellor. She thinks she is there for an examination that her daughter Jill set up for her. When the doctor tells her no  but is asked about the explosion. She says she doesn’t remember anything about any explosion.

Michael asks the detective if he has seen Kevin. He tells Michael no, Kevin wasn’t there when the bomb went off and there was no human remains found in the ashes. He wants to know if he wants to file a missing person’s report. Daniel tells the detective this is the same Kevin Fisher that Amber tried to get arrested when she thought he had hurt Mrs. C. Daniel says Amber and Kevin are getting along just fine now though. The detective says he will let them know if he hears anything about Kevin.

Sharon is getting excited and starts ripping Jack’s shirt off and kisses him as he lays her back on the bed. She whispers out, Ahhh Nick. Jack suddenly stops and asks what she just said. He gets up but Sharon asks him to wait.

Nick and Phyllis agree that it was fun in the shower. Nick tells her he loves her while he is drying her with the towel. When Nick goes to get dressed Phyllis has to smile looking pleased at what just happened between her and her husband.

Sharon pulls her robe closed and apologizes to Jack. He thinks their stopping is probably for the best anyway saying this is not what she needs now anyway. She hopes Jack doesn’t think she planned to do this. Jack says he understands that she just needed a friend. He tells her to call him tomorrow as he leaves the room. Sharon sits alone with her glass of wine wondering what the hell she is doing.

The doctor says to everyone that the patient is now awake and doing well but he says she is insisting that she is Katherine Chancellor. Amber and Esther say of course she is, because that is who she is. Jill tells them she can see the bomb didn’t knock any sense in either of them. She says she is glad that they are ok at least.

Michael and Daniel come back to update Jana and Gloria about Kevin. He wasn’t killed in the explosion but they don’t know where he is. Jana says Kevin wouldn’t just take off like that. She thinks that Clint has him. Michael assures her that Kevin will be fine saying he is a survivor.

Phyllis accuses Nick of being a tease when he comes downstairs without a shirt on. He says he is hungry and wants pizza. When he goes to find the number online, his cell phone rings. Phyllis sees that it is Sharon calling him. When she answers Sharon is surprised to hear her voice. She pretends to be trying to call Jack instead saying he left his jacket there. Phyllis says she is tired of these games but she says she has to thank her saying whatever she did to Nick tonight lit a fire in him. She tells Sharon he was phenomenal and amazing. Phyllis tells her maybe it is the contrast since she isn’t staging nervous breakdowns every time he turns around. She tells Sharon it may work for her but her husband is over it and then she hangs up.

Jack sees Jill and tells her that he heard on the radio that Gloria single handedly saved Katherine’s life. They both agree that Gloria is a hideous creature. Jack only wanted to offer his sympathy. Jill asks if he isn’t going to make a crack about her not seeing her granddaughter. Jack says he is sorry to disappoint her but he isn’t up to it tonight. Jill asks if he wants to join her. She tells him they can be friends tonight and go back to hating each other tomorrow. Jack asks how he could reject an offer like that.

Esther days she wishes she could see Mrs. C and then she tells Billy and Cloe that she really is Katherine Chancellor. They tell her about Cloe and the baby moving in with Bill at Jack’s house. Billy tells her that they are getting married and will raise the baby together. Esther thinks that is great. Esther goes to talk to the detective to ask more about Kevin. He shows everyone an 8×10 photo of Kevin that appears to show him assembling the bomb. Everyone just looks around at each other in amazement.

Annie tries to take care of Kevin while Clint shows Roger the photo that hit the papers. He says their explosions expert is more famous than the unibomber. Clint tells Kevin, chop, chop, let’s go it is nap time. He wants Kevin back in the trunk. Roger tells him to close his eyes and go to sleep. Kevin begs him not to put him in there and fights them when Clint tries forcing him. Kevin is terrified when he is once again locked in the trunk.

The doctor talks to Katherine about a cut she has that happened before the explosion. He asks if she remembers hurting herself. He tells her that the only thing she has wrong is a mild concussion. Katherine is happy to see her visitors but she can’t remember who Murphy, Pearl or Joe Jr is.

Jan Barrett

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