Nikki goes to Restless Style and Nick and Phyllis show her around. They tell her that they have hired Daniel and Amber. Nikki says she will go to dinner with them tonight and she says David will be joining them too. She says it will be the first time the family gets together since the divorce. Nick tells her he invited Adam to join them also. She has reservations about that since Victoria was having a few problems with Adam. Nick said he heard about that but is hoping they can all iron the problems out.

Amber and Daniel are at Crimson Lights discussing the money. He still thinks they need to turn it in but she doesn’t think so. Amber notices Kevin walking up so she tells Daniel to change the subject to something else quick. Daniel doesn’t see Kevin and he asks what she means when she starts talking about sex. Daniel doesn’t seem to follow when Kevin asks what they are talking about. Amber says sex. Daniel says they weren’t. She says yes they were, he was just saying how good it was between them. Daniel still denies it but she insists he was telling her that.

Kevin just looks a little confused. Kevin tells them they never talk about anything but sex. Daniel says she was joking, that is not what they were talking about. Amber quickly tells Kevin that she and Daniel are now dating. Kevin says Jana will be happy to hear that one. When Kevin walks out, Daniel tells Amber she could have used something else to say they were talking about. He still thinks they need to at least tell Kevin about it. He says Kevin is his best friend and he doesn’t like keeping it a secret.

Victoria calls Sabrina and leaves her a message telling her that they are all getting together tonight for dinner and invites her to join them at the club if she would like to. Victoria is still at the office when Victor walks in. He invites her to join him for dinner. She apologizes saying they already have plans. She says she had been trying to get hold of Sabrina but they keep missing each other. Later Victor goes to the club to workout and finds Sabrina there. She watches him as he boxes with lots of admiration. After his workout Victor invites Sabrina to join him for dinner after he showers.

Adam comes down at the club all decked out. The bartender notices how well he is dressed. He asks Adam who is the lucky lady. Adam tells him that’s not it. He says tonight he has to be his best because he knows he is going to be put under a microscope by the ones he is having dinner with to prove himself.

Nikki comes down and runs into Adam again. She joins him at the bar. He apologizes and calls her Mrs. Newman. She tells him to call her Nikki. She tells him she is going to be joining them for dinner tonight. He is surprised. She warns him to get prepared because her fiancé will be joining them too.

Heather goes into Crimson Lights and talks to Kevin and Jana. She orders coffee and says she would like to sit out on the patio. Kevin knows Daniel and Amber are still out there so he tries to get her to sit in a booth inside but she is in the mood to sit out there. When she gets out there she finds Amber with Daniel. She tells Daniel she got his message that he wanted to see her about something. He says yeah and says this should be a private conversation and asks Amber if she minds. Amber leaves. Heather says she was a little surprised when he called her but she was happy.

Amber is nervous worrying he is going to tell Heather about the money so she sends him a text message begging him not to tell her about the money. Heather asks him if he just got an important message. He closes his phone and says no not at all. Heather tells Daniel that she is thinking of leaving Genoa City. She says if she just had one good lead on the JiMin case it would have given her enough reason to stay.

Everyone gathers together for dinner at the club. Adam is a little uncomfortable but does his best to fit in. They all talk about different things but eventually the questions go to Adam about his life before he found out he was a Newman. They let Adam order the wine for dinner and he makes an impression on Nick. JT tells them everyone that he would just prefer his beer and Nick says he does too. As they are about to all make a toast, Victor and Sabrina walk in and Victor sees the group all having dinner together. He tells Sabrina he just lost his appetite but encourages her to join them. She says she would be the odd one there since they have already begun so she would rather not. He offers her a ride home then and she smiles and says thank you and they leave the club.

Victoria and JT leave to go home first, then Nikki and David leaving only Nick and Phyllis and Adam. Adam says ok it is their turn. He asks them how they met. They say that is a very long story. Nick’s phone rings and it is the electrician. He walks away to talk leaving Adam and Phyllis alone. Adam admits to Phyllis that he realizes she wanted them all to like him but he really doesn’t care if they do or if they don’t.

On the way home Sabrina talks Victor into stopping for burgers and fries. They sit down to eat and they talk about Victoria at first. Victor tells her he is starving. She says she is too. Victor asks her what her plans are. She says she has to get to New York and start building up her clients list. Victor tells her that he would hate to see Victoria lose her best friend if she leaves. He asks her why she doesn’t stay a little while longer. She smiles.

Victoria walks in and Victor says he has some reading to do so he leaves and goes upstairs. Sabrina tells her that they did see them all together for dinner but she didn’t want to be rude to Victor so she decided not to join them and just come home with him. Victoria asks if her father seemed upset seeing Adam with them but Sabrina says not as far as she could tell.

Jan Barrett

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