Jana tells Gloria how proud she is of her for sticking to her guns in dumping Jeffrey and signing the divorce papers. Amber comes in looking for Kevin. Jana says he went to the store. Gloria remarks that he has been gone for a while now. Jana says after what she told him that better be where he is. They don’t know he is stuffed inside the trunk of Clint’s car though. Back at the motel Clint thinks he has everything under control with Kevin thrown in the trunk, Katherine and Esther tied up in the room and the bomb which is set to go off soon. He says that will take care of the noisy witnesses.

Sharon has Noah and Doris with her at the coffee house but she doesn’t like the idea of Noah giving Eden a ride in his new car even though Noah says that it isn’t Eden he is giving a ride to. She says he should be home studying for his exams. Doris notices that Sharon still isn’t feeling well.

Ashley put together a birthday dinner for Victor at the club with the family. JT asks Victoria if she thinks she will be able to handle this. Nikki happens to be there waiting for Paul and she notices everyone there. Victoria tells her she could join them but Nikki gracefully turns her invitation down.

Paul complains to Heather about going to Victor in Adam’s defense. He tells her that just shows what kind of hold he has over her. She tells him she resents his attitude and insists that she isn’t still in love with Adam. She tells Paul if he could only have seen Adam. She says he has no one so what she did was called having compassion for him. Paul says that Adam doesn’t deserve any compassion from her. Heather says that Adam wouldn’t have done any of those things that landed him in prison if Victor wouldn’t have tried to ruin his life.

Adam is sitting in his cell room trying to read a book when he apparently is struggling trying to see it. Finally he gets frustrated and just throws the book.

Ashley kisses Victor and then she tells Victor the chef has prepared all sorts of surprises for him. Victor asks where Abby is. Ashley says she went to pick up a specially designed cake for him. She says Noah is supposedly studying for his exams. Victor expresses how happy he is saying this year will be better than last year.

Sharon tells her mother she is going to spend every second she can with her. Suggesting they can even do puzzles together. Doris tells her that she has her own life to live. She tells Sharon that she is the one that should be looking after her. Sharon says she is fine. As they talk about it Sharon accidentally spills a cup of hot coffee on Doris’s lap. When Sharon goes over at the counter she picks up someone’s cell phone and slips it into her purse and Doris sees her. Doris goes over to her and takes it out of Sharon’s purse but Sharon says she has no idea how it got there. Sharon puts it back on the counter before anyone notices it. Doris asks Sharon if she will see a doctor now. Sharon says of course not suggesting it is time to get her mother home.

Gloria is starting to wonder if maybe that woman is really Katherine like she first thought when she was in jail. Jana says Kevin is convinced she is but she says she isn’t so sure. Amber runs in looking for Kevin. She says she was groggy when she woke up so maybe she didn’t listen to the whole message. Amber drags Jana inside saying she doesn’t want Gloria to blow it. Amber thinks about it and says maybe she does know where Kevin is after all. Jana tells her when she finds him to tell him she wants him to get back there at the coffee house. Amber tells Gloria she is sure Kevin will be back soon and then yawns pretending to be tired. She says she is going to go home and go back to bed. Gloria doesn’t believe her so she follows Amber out.

Clint gets Roger and Annie to leave the room with him. Annie hesitates about going until Roger offers to take her on a trip to the Grand Canyon. She tells him to make it Graceland and she is there with him. She stops them saying she needs her knife so she runs back inside to get it. While inside she removes the gags off Katherine and Esther’s mouth saying this way at least they can tell each other good bye. She says that is the best she can do for them. Kevin is stuffed inside the trunk of the car remembering back to his childhood when he used to get locked in the closet. He tells himself he can handle this telling himself over and over to breathe. He shouts out to please let him out.

Abby tells Noah about the organic cake she designed for Victor. Abby notices Noah’s new friend and accuses Noah of using her to hide his relationship with Eden. He explains that he can’t just stop liking Eden because his parents think she is a bad influence. He says besides if she wouldn’t be giving him such a hard time about Eden he wouldn’t have to lie about it either. He tells her if she would give Eden a chance he is sure she would learn to like her. He asks her to at least not saying anything about him still seeing Eden.

When Victor is talking to an elderly couple he knows in the restaurant, JT gets a call from Colleen. He has been helping her move into Brad’s house. When he excuses himself to take the call Victoria seems irritated but gets up to go call the babysitter. Phyllis gets Nick to go check out a floral arrangement with her, leaving Ashley sitting alone at the table.

Nikki hangs up from her phone call when she notices Victor and calls him over to her. She wishes him a Happy Birthday and then tells him she is there waiting on Paul. She tells him she needs to ask him a favor. She shows him a picture of the emerald ring on the cover of a catalogue. She tells him it is the ring that Katherine left her and it is about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. She says she could buy it herself but she shouldn’t have to since it is hers already. She doesn’t want it pawed over by strangers though. He takes the catalogue and says he is familiar with the auction house. He tells her he will see what he can do about it.

Adam wakes up in his cell and hears Heather’s voice. She tells the warden she needs to have an emergency meeting with Adam. Adam asks her what is up with the emergency and wants to know if they have more charges on him or something. She tells him she knew he was having issues with Torres and he needed someone that would work with him so she gives him the name of a public defender. Adam doesn’t want any help from her and tells the guard to escort her out. She nervously drops her purse and as she picks up everything that fell out she tells him that he is really a piece of work and then she walks out.

Phyllis wipes the lipstick off Nick’s face asking if he thinks anyone missed them. Nick sees his father isn’t even back at the table yet so he pulls Phyllis aside for another kiss saying screw them. He tells her he loves her and nothing will come between them again. Phyllis goes to fix her face and Nick tells her to get rid of the evidence as he smiles. Just then Sharon runs into him. She tells him that’s it, never again as she heads upstairs.

Victoria doesn’t like seeing her mother torturing herself as she watches the family party together and not be included. Nikki tells her she is fine and comments that Victor just did something nice for her. Victoria wants to hear all about this one but Nikki tells her she will tell her later so Victoria goes back to the party. Paul comes in and apologizes for being late. Nikki tells him about Victor’s nice gesture. When she asks if something happened with Heather, he is more interested in hearing about what Victor did for her. Paul is surprised to hear that Victor has a heart after all.

Ashley joins Victor at the bar telling him things looked pretty intense with Nikki and then asks if everything is ok. He tells her yes, he wouldn’t let his ex-wife ruin their dinner party. Ashley tells Victor that she was too busy planning the party to buy him a gift. He says he doesn’t believe that and then wonders if maybe she just made him something. She says she was going to do this late but yes as a matter of a fact she did make a gift for him then says actually they made this one together. Victor wonders if she is saying what he thinks she is saying and she confirms it. She is pregnant. He stands up and gives her a kiss.

Katherine and Esther sit still tied to the chairs but they manage to move themselves closer to each other. Katherine ends up knocking her chair over which lands her on her side on the floor. Suddenly Amber is at the door yelling out if that is her Mrs. C. They start screaming for help and Amber tells them to hang on she has to find a way to get the door open. She gets the door open by ramming a housekeepers cart into the door. Katherine warns her to hurry as she unties her because there is a bomb.

Clint can hear Kevin’s pleas as he struggles in the trunk. Clint looks for a place to get something to eat along the highway. He remarks that blowing up people makes him hungry. Annie tells him he is one sick puppy. Clint yells to Kevin to shut the hell up. Annie says they should cut the kid loose but Clint says they might need a human shield later.

Victor asks how a baby is even possible. Ashley tells him she didn’t think it was possible but she did the test 15 times and she has all the classic symptoms. Victor tells her this is the best gift ever but Ashley asked him not to announce it yet.

Paul isn’t convinced that Victor won’t turn around and treat her like crap again. He wonders if this is what Heather has to look forward to with Adam. Nikki assures him that the love Heather has for Adam will just be a distant memory for her. Then Adam won’t have the power to hurt her anymore.

Abby gives Victor a gift from Victoria and JT. When Phyllis notices Nick looking a bit odd she asks him if he is ok. He says of course he is. JT hands an envelope to Victor which is a gift certificate for the boxing club. Phyllis watches Nick as he excuses himself from the table. Victor tells them all that Ashley has given him the most wonderful gift of all. He tells her he just has to announce it, and then tells everyone that his beautiful Ashley is pregnant. Victoria and JT are surprised but when Nikki hears the announcement she shows no reaction. Phyllis offers her congratulations saying my gosh a baby saying and to think all they got him was a shaving kit. JT raises his glass to congratulate them both then Victor makes the toast saying may the baby be strong and healthy and always know how cherished he or she is.

 Heather goes back to the jail cell where Adam is to pick up something she dropped from her purse. She notices Adam as he bumps into a chair when he gets up to pick up his book. She stands there a few minutes and watches him while he has no idea she is standing there.

Abby is surprised to hear she is going to get a little sister or brother asking Victoria if that isn’t just so cool. Abby suggests that they text Noah. Phyllis tells her to do that and then jumps up saying she has to find Nick to give him the news. Meanwhile Nick is knocking on Sharon’s door. She answers the door wearing a red satin robe. Neither one of them say a word. He just takes her in his arms and kisses her,

While pulled over at a roadside rest area, Clint tells the others to stand back as he opens the trunk thinking Kevin would come after them. Roger stands there with a flashlight and his gun but Kevin just asks if he can come out now, please. Clint says look at the kid, he is scared to death. Annie says it is from being cooped up like that. They give him another injection and then Clint asks Roger what time it is. Roger says it is almost time for the bomb to go off.

Amber gets Katherine untied and starts working on getting Esther loose when Gloria walks in. She sees the bomb and asks what that is. Suddenly the bomb starts its 20 second countdown. As it counts down the ladies all run out of the room but Katherine runs into the housekeeping art on her way out and the bomb goes off.

Jan Barrett

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