Jack and Sharon come downstairs and find all different furniture in the living room that is all hideous. Sharon laughs to keep from crying and she says all this stuff is so ugly. Jack goes out to the mailbox saying it just might have something in there that will settle all their problems. He comes in with a box and tells her they need to go get dressed and then have breakfast where they can talk privately and he will explain it all to her.

Phyllis and Nick are at the warehouse when the lights go off once again. She has a fit and tells Nick she can’t lose all her files or it will cause them a major setback. The electrician comes in and tells them he found a short but it should be fixed now. Adam calls Phyllis and asks if he can come so he can talk about the proposal for the ad campaign. He asks if Nick was there because he would like to discuss it with him too. She tells him to come on over.

Victor is impressed with Adam’s work. He tells Adam that he reminds him so much of someone else, thinking of himself. Victoria comes in and tells Adam she wants to talk to him about the ad campaign for Beauty of Nature. He tells her he has already talked to the ad people about it. Victor leaves them alone so they can talk. Adam tells Victoria that he thinks the name Beauty of Nature is too old, he thinks they need to change it. Victoria is completely against it. She says she is not changing the name and walks out.

Adam follows Victoria to her office and she tells him it would be crazy to change the name and have to build the sales back up now. She says right now it is number three in sales in the country and now is not the time to make this big of a change with it. He tells her that her degree in art doesn’t even qualify her for her job. She gets offended and tells him she knows he is only trying to set his grounds into the company but she is very good at her job.  JT comes in with Reed and interrupts. Victoria tells JT not right now because she is in the middle of something but Adam tells her that is OK, he understands that her baby comes first and he walks out.

Adam goes to see Victor. Victor asks him how his meeting with Victoria went. He says that he thinks it went ok. Victor tells him that he was just looking over his proposal about changing the name of Beauty of Nature. Victor is not exactly for that idea.

Later when Adam meets with Nick and Phyllis she notices on the proposal that he uses two different names on it. He tells her they are thinking of changing the name. She says really, after all this time? He says yes but for now just go with Beauty of Nature. Nick asks him what he is doing later that evening. He replies that he will be working as usual. Nick invites him to join them for dinner tonight and says they can get Victoria to join them too. Adam just looks a little puzzled. Nick says it isn’t a family thing so he shouldn’t worry about that. Adam says ok why not, and they agree to dinner tonight.

Nick introduces Adam to Sharon and Jack. He recognizes Sharon as the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. She says well not anymore though. Adam asks her if there is any chance they can lure her back, because he thinks she was great. She says no chance of that since she is quite happy where she is now. Jack tells him Sharon is working full time with them there now and she likes it. Adam asks if the two of them are married and they say yes. Adam is confused now but Nick straightens him out by telling him that yes he and Sharon were once married but now he is married to Phyllis and the four of them are working together with this magazine and they have everything under control. They explain to Adam how they are all connected but they assure him that they all get along just fine. When he leaves Jack tells everyone he likes Adam, he just hopes that Victor doesn’t ruin him. 

Heather tells Paul her job is on the line. Her boss has given her notice. She tells him her job is all she has. She loves her job and now she doesn’t want to lose it. He tells her it might be time for her to consider a change of career but she doesn’t want to.

Jack and Sharon are having breakfast at Crimson Lights and Jack opens the box. It is a clock and he tells Sharon it isn’t just an ordinary clock. It is a clock with a spy cam in it. He says he wants to catch Gloria and Jeffery breaking the court order using it. Kevin is watching them but he can’t hear their conversation nor can he see what is in that box. He tells Jana to go pour them more coffee and see if she can find out what they are talking about. He tells her to see if she can find out what is in that box too.

Jana pours them more coffee and starts talking about Jeffery when Kevin interrupts her telling her they need her in the kitchen. Kevin asks them if he can get anything else for them but Jack tells them they have to go. Gloria walks in and tells them she was wondering where they were so early this morning. Sharon says they came there for breakfast because it was a little hard on her sitting on a beanbag with her coffee.

Heather comes into the coffee house and Paul is following her but Kevin stops him. He asks Paul if he could hire him to follow Jeffery Baldwell. He pretends that he thinks Jeffery is cheating on Gloria and it would devastate her if he is but they want to know. Paul agrees to put a tail on Jeffery then. Kevin tells Paul to just send Gloria the bill.

Jack and Sharon go home and they set the clock with the spy cam up in the living room. When Gloria and Jeffery come in, Jack whispers to Sharon to pick a fight with Gloria. Sharon tells her she noticed the new decorations in the living room. She pretends to have other ideas of changes for the whole house. Gloria tells them they can’t do this. Jack says yes they can, after all if she did it so can they. They go upstairs and Gloria tells Jeffery they can’t get away with this. He laughs and says she started it. She says she will get even with Jack one way or another. Jack and Sharon are listening upstairs and he says just do it where the cam catches her.

Jan Barrett

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