Cane goes to see the baby with Lily right by his side. They announce to Jill that they are back together and Jill is happy to see Lily wearing the necklace she gave Cane to give to Cloe. She has to give Cane the bad news about Cloe moving out with the baby saying she is moving in with Billy, at the Abbott’s home.

Jack is up bright and early as he talks about the little opera singer. Cloe tells Jack she is really sorry about keeping him up last night but she really appreciates his help since Billy didn’t bother to show up. Cloe admits she is considering packing her things up and going back to her mom’s house. She tells Jack Billy didn’t even bother answering his phone when she tried calling him. Ashley comes in and is excited to see the baby.

When Billy slips out of Sharon’s hotel suite he notices that there are 11 messages on there for him from Cloe. He plays a few of them and it is clear that she is really angry when she asks him where he is.

Ashley tells Cloe the baby is gorgeous. She tells her how much her father would have loved Cordelia. Ashley tells her that she was sort of in her shoes at one time. She advises Cloe to get it sorted out while Cordelia is still a baby though. Cloe tells her that she and Billy are going to be moving into the pool house. Ashley thinks Cloe is setting herself up for a big disappointment because she doesn’t think Billy is anywhere near ready to settle down.

Gloria sneaks in on the patio then shushes Jana to be quiet when Jana sees her because Gloria doesn’t want anyone to see her there. She motions for Kevin not to blow her cover since she is wearing a hat and sunglasses. Jana tells Gloria how Kevin has been working at it all night trying to help Amber prove that woman is actually Katherine Chancellor and she has gone missing. Gloria admits at first she thought it was really Katherine until the results from the DNA proved it wasn’t. Kevin says he spent 15 hours checking out the seedy hotels and now he doesn’t know which way to turn. Jana suggests that he starts helping her at the coffee shop after reminding him that they do both own it.

Clint complains about how Amber managed to track him there. Annie reminds him that she did get rid of them at least as she puts her arms around Clint, hinting that she is on his side and that should prove it. Clint yells for her to shut up saying this thing is getting too hot and he thinks it is time to pull the plug now. Roger agrees but wants to know what they will do with Katherine and Esther.

Ashley gives Cloe some tips on how to wrap the baby in her blanket. She tells Cloe she will come back any time she needs her if she needs help. Cloe says thanks but only if she is there. Jack tells her he is sure she will be and adds that he knows Billy is totally committed. He says in fact he is probably home packing now. Cloe asks if Jack can watch the baby while she takes a shower and he is more than happy to do so. When Cloe leaves the room Ashley scolds Jack for making promises to Cloe that Billy won’t be able to keep.

While relaxing at the penthouse he looks at his cell phone that is ringing. When he sees it is Cloe again he tosses the phone to the side and leans back and closes his eyes looking as though he doesn’t know what he is going to do next.

Esther tells Katherine she just knows they are going to kill them and it’s her fault. Katherine tells her she is not to blame.  Esther begs Clint to let her try again and then begs them not to hurt Mrs. C. She suggests going to talk to Nikki Newman this time instead. Clint tells her to forget it. Esther cries when she realizes she may never get to see her little Kate or Cordelia again. Katherine tells her to have faith and to remember that there are people looking for them.

Kevin insists that the woman is Mrs. C no matter what Gloria thinks, Jana doesn’t believe him either. They think he should let it go but he says he won’t and they will prove it is her. Gloria makes some crackpot comment about polyester making Kevin think back to when they were at one of the motel rooms. He remembers seeing a jacket just like one that he remembered Mrs. C wearing before. He tells Gloria she is a genius and then runs off to make a phone call.

Jack and Ashley talk about Gloria being set free. Ashley says Michael won this round but Gloria will pay for what she has done. Jack surprises Ashley when he suggests that they drop the civil suit against Gloria. She yells at him asking if he has lost his mind.

Gloria doesn’t know what she said to make Kevin call her a genius but now Jana is left running the coffee shop alone again. Some of the customers recognize Gloria and calls her a murderer. Jana jumps to her defense immediately telling them to take their puny ignorant comments to another table unless they want to be thrown out. Kevin comes back while he is on the phone leaving Amber a message and then he called information to find the number for the Hidden View Motel.

Annie and Roger come back in with Chinese food. Esther asks if that is for breakfast. Annie says sure and tells Roger Esther doesn’t appreciate him. The phone rings and Clint answers but no one says anything so he hangs up. It was Kevin calling and he remembers the woman claiming to be there alone making him more suspicious now. Clint doesn’t like all the strange things going on. Katherine suggests he run but Clint says he needs to think about it.

Kevin grabs his coat and tells Jana he is going out for milk even though she is trying to get his attention about them needing to make schedules out. She turns to Gloria and asks her how she is at grinding coffee beans.

Billy is still on the sofa when someone is knocking at his door. He yells to go away and then yells that he is coming. When he opens the door it is Cloe and the baby and he asks her what she is doing there. She brings the baby in and tells him she brought some boxes and she is there to help him pack. He tells her he can’t just pack up in one day. She tells him just to say the word and they can call this off. Suddenly he has other visitors. Cane and Lily walk in complaining about having to track them down since Cloe failed to let him know that she was moving out of his mother’s home. Lily tells Cloe she could have at least told him. Cloe looks at the two of them saying they certainly didn’t waste anytime getting back together. Cane tells Cloe he has taken steps to keep her from taking the baby without letting him know. He said in fact on the way there he called his attorney and he has now decided to file for full custody saying he warned her. Billy steps up and puts his arm around Cloe telling Cane to knock his socks off because he and Cloe are getting married and they will raise their baby together.

Jack tells Ashley that the evidence proved that Andrew Gibson lied about his wife and now the whole world knows it. He said that the finger is no longer pointed at Jabot for the blame for her death. He said to drop the civil suit would be good for the company. Ashley still thinks the bitch should pay for what she has done. Jack tells her he is only looking out for the company and the family. Ashley refuses to drop the suit until she talks to Traci and Billy.

Jeffrey fusses at Jill for ignoring his calls. She tells him she has been trying to avoid him. He admits to her that he does love his wife. Jill stops him telling him this was fun but it just won’t work. When she says it is time to move on he says but it is good to scratch that itch. She tells him he belongs with Gloria. She can’t think of two people that deserve each other more.

Gloria thinks coming to the café was a mistake. Jana tells her to hold her head up high telling her that the comments and the stares so stop but it takes time. Gloria blames Jeffrey saying he is the reason she went to jail. Jana thinks she needs to get rid of him when Gloria tells her about catching Jeffrey with Jill. Gloria pulls out the divorce papers and signs them and mutters, Jeffrey Bardwell consider yourself dumped.

Cane reminds Cloe they are still married but she tells him she has filed for an annulment. They say now he can be with Lily sooner too. Cane says they would be there already if Cloe hadn’t have lied all this time. When the baby starts crying Billy stops Cane from going to check on here telling him that she is his baby and this was his home. When he picks the baby up he tells Cane and Lily to both get out. Cane says he will be back only the next time it will be with the court behind him. Billy tells him to go ahead and do what he has to do but he has no claim there.

Clint catches Kevin looking through the motel room window and asks if he can help him. When Katherine and Esther pick at their food inside Annie tells them to starve for all she cares then. Roger looks out the window and sees Clint talking to Kevin. He gets everyone into the bathroom and tells them to do as they are told. Kevin tells Clint he knows who he is and that he knows something about Mrs. C. Clint tells him that this is his sister’s room and offers him the key telling him to look for himself. Kevin hesitates but heads inside anyway and as soon as he walks in he is knocked out by Annie who gives him an injection in his neck.

Jana tells Gloria to give the divorce papers to a courier who is instructed to deliver them right away. When Jeffrey walks in Jana tells Gloria to be strong. He tells Gloria he couldn’t bear being away from her for one more minute. He says he ended it with Jill and he wants to be with Gloria. He says the thing with Jill didn’t mean a thing and it was incredibly painful being away from her. Gloria looks at him saying she will show him painful as she knees him in the groin doubling him over. Jana watches and can’t help but laugh.

Jack tells Jill that there is no reason now that he can’t be at Jabot and wants to take over as CEO now. She accuses him of stabbing Billy in the back. Jack says he is sure Billy would agree with him. He says he is the best man for the position and she knows it. Ashley comes in and is surprised to see Jack there. Jill wonders if she should expect Traci to come in next.

Roger complains asking how the hell this guy knew they were there. He says they don’t need another hostage but he has a plan. Rogers is shocked when he sees Clint’s plan includes a bomb. He tells Clint he didn’t sign up for this, saying that he told him nobody would get hurt in this. Clint says he spent 15 years in prison and he isn’t going back so they can’t have any witnesses and no evidence left behind and that’s the plan now. He tells them to get the camera. They take a picture of Kevin sitting on the sofa with his hand on the bomb to make it look like he planted it there. Clint tells them to take Kevin out and put him in the trunk of the car.

Jill tells Ashley that Jack wants to be CEO again, so what does she wants from her now. Ashley says she doesn’t want to see Gloria getting away with sabotage. She says the judge thinks she is responsible so he is handing them the civil suit on a silver platter. Jill tells them she will consider their suggestions. When they are alone together Ashley tells Jack so much for family unity.

When Billy brings the boxes in he gripes about Cane trying to take his child away. Cloe asks him if he thinks Cane could really take her. He tells Cloe that Cordelia is their child and they will fight for her together. He says now he has some packing to do so he goes upstairs leaving Cloe looking totally stressed out.

Lily and Cane both agree that Billy can be so infuriating at times and that he and Cloe deserve each other. They think this isn’t about Billy wanting to be daddy. It is more about Billy beating Cane and they say he is using the baby to do it. Lily says after all this she now agrees to help Cane raise Cordelia. He tells her she doesn’t know how much that means to him. She says Billy and Cloe would only mess that little girls mind up. She says he will make a better father to her than Billy.

Jeffrey makes his way over to Gloria and says so much for a romantic reunion. Jana asks him what he expected since he filed for divorce and then cheated on Gloria. He says he did it to protect their nest egg. Gloria tells him that isn’t why he did it. He asks how come they can’t start fresh and tear up the divorce papers. She tells him it is too late because she signed the papers and they are on the way to Michael. She says it is over. He can’t believe she means it and wants to talk to her in private. When they threaten to call the police to have him removed from the coffee shop he tells Gloria this isn’t over. Gloria tells him yes it is. Jana is proud of Gloria for standing up to him but Gloria isn’t very happy about it.

Kevin wakes up in the trunk of the car and starts to panic. Katherine and Esther are tied to the chairs inside the motel room. Clint is taking off but he has a lovely parting gift for the two of them. Esther starts to panic when they gag her. Clint says the only two witnesses will be blown up and there won’t be any way to trace it to them. He tells them the countdown will begin soon and when it hits zero then KABOOM! Esther and Katherine start struggling to get free.

Jan Barrett

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