Nick challenges Phyllis into a game to help relieve their stress. When she turns him down he calls her chicken which pushes her into the challenge. He tells her that for weeks all he has thought about is the magazine and trying to put an ad campaign together so he needs something to relieve the stress. Phyllis ends up winning all the games til finally Nick gives up and says he would rather just sit and make out with her.

Nick and Phyllis start talking about Adam. She tells him she finds Adam is young and ambitious. Nick says maybe he needs to get to know his little brother better. She tells Nick he is a very good man for wanting to do that.

JT and Victoria are finally able to enjoy a moment alone together and all they seem to talk about is the baby. He tells her she is really a great Mom. They order a pizza and sit down to eat it. Victoria is jumpy and she apologizes to JT. He says it is ok. She asks him if he worries about Reed as much as she does. He says no but he does worry about her. She asks why. He says because she hasn’t been the same since the wedding. She says she knows one thing for sure she doesn’t know what she would do without him and she sure does love him. Then she reaches over to him and they kiss. Reed wakes up so Victoria goes up and gets him. She brings him downstairs and JT asks did he want some pizza.

Amber comes downstairs looking for Daniel only to find him sitting in the dark on the sofa with a bag of money in his lap. When she turns the light on and sees him she is startled and at a loss for words. He asks her where all the money came from. She tries saying from her internet sales but he isn’t buying it. He tells her either she comes clean
and tells him the truth right now or it is over between them and he says he means it. She finally comes clean and tells him she only made it look like the money burned up in the hotel. He says he can’t believe she did it without telling him or Kevin. She says she knows she was wrong but she just couldn’t resist it.

He asks her if she has any idea how much trouble they can be in for this. She says the feds think the money burned and she took the risk with it. She says she knows he would have done the same thing. He says no he wouldn’t have. They argue back and forth about it. She asks him if he hates her now. He says finding the money changes everything now. He looks for his pants to get dressed but she stops him. She begs him not to leave. She tells him he is her best friend and she needs him to help her figure this whole thing out. He says the only thing to do would be to give the money back. She says why, because they would only spend it and they need it a lot more than the Feds do.

She puts a wad of money in his hand and tells him to feel how good it feels. He admits it does feel pretty good. She gets close to him and ends up kissing him, til they both fall on the sofa kissing. After they make love they sit and look at the money. She asks Daniel to let her keep the money. She says it can be theirs, and no one would have to know they even have it. He says to let him think about it. He has two things to think about now. One being what to do with the money and two being what they are going to do about them.

Karen and Neil are at Indigo and she asks him what time is it. He says it is later than he thought it was. She says she needs to go because she has a lot of work to do at the office in the morning. He tells her he gives her permission to be late after he reminds her that he is her boss after all. She admits to him that she enjoyed singing to him in the club the other night. He tells her good. She says another side of her came out that night on stage. He says that a lot of love came out of him that night for her. She tells him the word love has never been said before. He says well he has fallen in love with her. She looks at him and says she fallen in love with him too.

As they are dancing Neil asks Karen if she is ready to give him an answer about moving in with him. She says she has always been a pretty independent woman. He tells her he is serious, he is ready to take this step and they kiss. When the music stops and the dance is over Karen tells him she thinks it is closing time. He asks her if she is going to give him an answer. She says she is not ready for marriage. He says oh no that is not what he is asking because he isn’t ready for that either. She says she knows but she just doesn’t know if this is the right move.

Victor is at home sitting alone thinking about Nick. He recalls his conversation with Nick when Nick told him he hopes he will never turn out like him and then Victor fired him. Adam comes out to the ranch to talk to Victor. He tells Victor he thinks they should come up with a new name for Beauty of Nature. Victor tells Adam that he has a confession to make. He says the only way he agreed to let them place this ad in Restless Style Magazine was to teach him a lesson about business. Adam tells him he already knew that. Victor asks him if he is mad about it and he says not at all, he had already figured it out.

Adam tells Victor he wants all this for himself. He explains that he doesn’t mean literally this house, but a life like this but he wants it and to be able to look back and say he earned all of it and worked for it all. Victor says to Adam that he didn’t come because he is his son. He came there for a job. Adam says that is correct. Victor tells him that one day he will rightfully claim his real name in the company, Newman. Then he asks him if they can continue the conversation in the morning because he is tired. He asks if he can see himself out, then goes upstairs.

Jan Barrett

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