Phyllis and Adam are at the warehouse and the lights have gone out again. She calls Nick and tells him she can’t leave there til she knows her files are going to be ok. He wants her to come home but she says she will go crazy if she loses those files. He says ok he will call the electrician but doesn’t like her being there alone. She tells him she isn’t alone that Adam is with her. He asks what Adam is there for. She says he came to give them some good news. Nick says he could use some good news. She tells him about Victor giving the ok for them to place an ad for Beauty of Nature in Restless style. Nick wants to know what the catch is, he says with his father there always is one.

While waiting on the lights to come back on Adam confesses to Phyllis that til his mother was dying he didn’t even know Victor Newman was his father. He says his mother told him on her death bed. Phyllis says wow that had to be rough. He says at the time he was just too numb to care. She asks what about now. He thinks a second then says he still doesn’t care. Phyllis defends Nick when Adam remarks how Nick has always had things handed over to him. She tells him that Nick had to prove himself to Victor all his life and still does. He says he thinks she misunderstood. He says he meant that he and she have more in common and he and Nick come from different lifestyles. She says she can see his jealousy even though he denies it.

Amber announces to Kevin, Jana and Daniel that she is moving into Phyllis Newman’s old place and wants them to help. When she walks away Daniel asks them if they don’t find that odd. He says that’s an expensive apartment and he wonders how she can afford it. He tells Kevin that he is serious. He says Amber is always saying she can’t afford stuff. Kevin says he heard she gave $6000 down for that condo. Daniel says that’s what he is talking about. Kevin asks Daniel why he is so interested in this. Daniel says he is only trying to protect her in case she is in some sort of trouble with one of those get rich quick schemes. Kevin says it sounds to him like he is in love with Amber. He tells Kevin no way. He says Amber is his best friend and best friends can not be lovers. Kevin says that is not true because Jana is his best friend. Daniel says he knows Amber way too well to ever fall in love with her.

Daniel goes to see Amber in her new home and Jana suddenly says she forgot she is supposed to do something for Kevin at the coffee house so she has to go. Daniel looks around and says he can’t believe how much junk that she has accumulated over the years. She says it isn’t junk, everything she has there has a significant meaning to her. They laugh when she talks about things she use to do before coming to Genoa City. He tells her he wishes she knew him then. She says she wishes he did too. Suddenly they kiss each other. Amber catches herself and stops it saying they can’t go down that road again. He says no they can’t. He says you know it is funny they can’t seem to be in the same room together anymore without doing something. With that said they are in each others arms once again. As Daniel carries Amber up the stairs he asks her if she is going to be ok with him after if they do this and she says yes. Later Daniel comes downstairs putting his shirt on when he finds Amber’s back stuffed with money.

Gloria goes home and argues with Jeffery. She tells him she left the house because he was trying to drag her upstairs to his bedroom. She says that is the last place she wants to be with him. She tells Jeffery she is not going to have sex with him in this house. He asks her why not. She points to a picture of her and John and says not in front of her late dead husband and his memory. He says ok they can go somewhere else. She tells him he isn’t listening to her, maybe on another planet and then she storms out the room.

Gloria goes to Crimson Lights and insists that Kevin talks to her. She tells him she is going crazy and she can’t take it any more. She says she is going to kill Jeffery Bardwell. She says she is going to kill him in bed and she means it. Kevin just throws his head back. She says she has made up her mind, Jeffery has to die. Kevin says Oh My God you are serious! She says he knows everything she does, everything she thinks, everything she says. She says he warned his girlfriend from Korea not to get on the plane to come to Genoa City. Kevin says well that would explain why she didn’t show up. Gloria comes up with ideas to kill Jeffery. Kevin says ok let me get this straight, you kill Jeffery and Jack Abbott gets blamed? She says that sounds like a plan to her.

Sharon brings Noah back to Nick’s. He offers her a cup of coffee and they talk about Adam. She asks him if he has had a chance to get to know him. She tells him she heard that Adam is being prepped for his old job. Nick says that is fine, he can have it and his Dad. Sharon encourages Nick to be there for Adam as his big brother. The electrician calls and says he can meet Nick at the warehouse in 20 minutes so he tells Sharon he has to go.

At the warehouse Nick thanks Adam for keeping Phyllis company while she had to sit in the dark. He also thanks him for changing his fathers mind about placing an ad in Restless style. Nick tells Phyllis that it appears that Adam is the son that his father always has wanted.

Jeffery comes downstairs looking pretty frustrated. He grabs his jacket and starts to go out the door when Jack stops him. Jack tells him he would like to discuss his offer to them about buying their half of the house out. Jeffery says nothing would please him more than to get out of that house but he hasn’t convinced Gloria yet to sell, he says he might have to figure out how to do without her knowing it. Jack tells him her signature has to be on those papers. Jeffery says maybe he can trick her into signing it making her think she is signing something else. Jack says whatever he does it has to hold up in court. Jeffery tells him to give him 24 hours. He will come up with something and then leaves.

Jack has this funny look on his face when Sharon walks in asking him what it is. She says he looks like he is about to pop. He tells her about what he heard when Gloria was there between her and Jeffery. Then he tells her how Jeffery wants to make the deal with the house but Gloria doesn’t. He explains how they might have to do some dirty work to pull this off. Sharon doesn’t know if this is a good idea but Jack says he would be willing to risk it if it would mean getting rid of Gloria.

Jeffery finds Gloria at Crimson Lights. He tells her he has rented a room at the Club for them tonight. He tells Kevin to cover his ears because he knows he doesn’t want to hear what he plans to do to his mother. Kevin jumps up and runs out. Jeffery tells her to relax he only told Kevin that. He says he only wanted them to be able to talk like civilized people. He offers to let her go. He says she will have the divorce papers in the morning, and then he leaves.

Jan Barrett

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