A detective at the bank is having trouble getting the surveillance tape to work so when Daniel volunteers to check it out he let him. Daniel works his wonders and fixes it. When they view the tape they call it a Bonnie and Clyde style robbing the bank alright. Jeffrey goes outside and calls Gloria telling her not to worry because his bounty hunter is the best in the Great Lakes area. He says he will track Kevin down by tracing his blood trail. Gloria gets upset when she hears that there is blood and when Jana hears about it her head explodes again as she grabs it.

Amber and Kevin are hiding in an open warehouse that she spotted. Kevin brags saying he did good, didn’t he. Amber notices he is bleeding when she sees the blood all over the floor. He insists he can not see any doctor. He said they have to wait for his Dad. Amber thinks she needs to go get some supplies but Kevin says she will just go call the cops. She tells him she won’t turn him in. He points the gun at her telling her she isn’t going anywhere. She yells at him telling him he has a fever and he could die.

Phyllis goes home and hears Nick on the phone saying Sharon’s the best, she is reliable, fun, outgoing and you’re right he never should have let her go. When he hangs up he tells Phyllis it was for a job recommendation. She tells him then he should call them back and tell them she is also a thief. She tells him it is true because she stole from them.

Jack is at home still complaining about Jill firing all the Abbott saying they are Jabot. . Sharon isn’t concerned about that stuff, she just wants some breakfast, She tells Jack she doubts Victor is behind anything that would cause Ashley to get fired. Jack tells her there will be no more lies and manipulations. Colleen comes in and sees Jack. She kisses him and asks if he is ready to get to work. Sharon asks what project are they working on together and both Jack and Colleen look guilty of something.

Esther is excited when Chloe announces that she and Billy are getting married. She wants to have a big wedding for them but when Billy comes out after tackling a diaper change they both tell Esther how Jill fired Billy. Esther asks again about the wedding wanting to know if they can have it at the Chancellor Estate, wanting to know if Friday would be ok?

Michael and Daniel can’t accept the fact that Amber and Kevin are robbing banks. Daniel explains about how Amber is terrified of guns. He says Amber would never hurt anyone and Michael says the same goes for Kevin. Michael says Kevin suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Michael and Daniel offer their help since the detective seems to be shorthanded. Michael insists that Kevin didn’t kill Clint, Roger or Annie but the detective isn’t taking any chances saying that Kevin Fisher is dangerous.

Kevin is wondering where his Dad is. Then he remembers they were supposed to meet him across the border in Canada. Amber tells Kevin she only wants to help him and she shows him there are no closets in the warehouse for him to throw her in. Even though she tries to explain to him what is going on he still worries about his Dad locking him in one if he is bad. He says they have to meet his Dad. He stands up asking where his money is. He grabs the bag as he says Kevin’s a good boy but collapses on the floor and yells at Amber telling her not to touch him. He grabs hold of the bag guarding the money.

Jack tells Sharon a lie about what he and Colleen are working on. He says it is something to do with the Fresh Face of Jabot campaign. Sharon says he must not have told Colleen the news about what’s new there. Jack tells Colleen that Jill fired him. When Sharon is out the room Jack tells her never mind that for now, he wants to know how it is going with Newman’s newest board member. He tells her he has looked over the Beauty of Nature proposal. He says it won’t get off the ground without an approval from the board. So he wants her to reject it and get some of the other board members to vote against it with her. Sharon is listening in when Jack says he has all the documentation to back Colleen’s position saying Victor won’t know what hit him. Sharon stomps into the room and slams down the picture of juice and then stomps off.

Chloe likes Esther’s ideas for a wedding so she tries to convince Billy that it is a good idea. He refuses to listen saying he will not get married at the Chancellor estate and that is final. He warns her not to push him on this or there will not be any wedding at all.

Sharon jumps on Jack’s case about throwing his own niece under the bus. She says Victor will crush her and even worse Jack is lying to her about it. She tells Jack that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word honesty. Suddenly she thinks back to having sex with Billy and she changes her tune with Jack. She says who is she to judge and hold him to standards that she can’t even keep.

Nick defends Sharon saying she is not a thief. Phyllis tells him about the monkey figurine that Sharon stole from them. Nick wants to know why Sharon was even there. Phyllis lies to cover the truth and says she probably came to steal from them. She wants to know why he always has to defend his ex-wife and why does she always get the benefit of the doubt. Nick tells her that he knows how she can go overboard sometimes and Sharon is his son’s mother so why wouldn’t he defend her. She asks if he is defending her from her. Phyllis reminds him that he told her he was committed to their marriage so now it is time he starts proving it.

Amber swears to Kevin that he can trust her. Kevin knows he is bad just like his dad was, because his Mom told him so. Amber tells him she is his friend reminding him that she even came to help him at the bank, right? She tells him she needs to get something for his leg and she promises to come back. She tells him to lay there and try to get some sleep. When he closes his eyes she slips away.

Jana is worried because they are saying such terrible things about Kevin but Gloria tells her that they are in no position to go to Minnesota to look for him. She tells her that Daniel, Michael, Jeff and even the bounty hunter are there and they will find Kevin.

Kevin sees a figure coming towards him. He thinks it is his Dad. He says he told Amber his Dad would be there saying this proves he really does love him. Terrible Tom tells him of course he does. He brags about the money Kevin got for him telling him he is so proud of him. He says he taught him how to be a real man.

The detective is ordering his team about Amber and Kevin being armed and dangerous so there is to be no hot shot stuff. Michael says that Kevin really isn’t dangerous. Michael looses it with the detective and tells him to listen to him, and he just might learn something. Daniel steps out the door and when a detective asks for a light he says he doesn’t smoke. When he heads back inside Amber walks by and isn’t noticed. The detective handcuffs Michael to the chair and threatens to do the same thing to Daniel. Daniel looks outside and happens to see Amber when an officer tells her to keep moving. When he starts to go out the door the cops won’t let him leave.

Billy tells Colleen that he and Chloe are getting married. He says they have fun together. She says he can be a father to his daughter without marrying her mother. He tells her that Chloe wants to have the wedding at the Chancellor estate. Colleen reminds him of when he married Mac there. She says now that is what a marriage is all about, love! She agrees to come to the wedding of her favorite uncle but says not to tell Uncle Jack. When she leaves Billy tells Jack about Esther wanting to have the wedding at the Chancellor’s. Jack mumbles that History will be repeating itself. He asks what other choices does he have. Billy says he don’t know maybe City Hall but Jack says that wouldn’t work so he offers to have the rehearsal dinner there at the Abbott home. Jack tells Billy to marry Chloe so he can make that baby an Abbott ASAP.

Phyllis demands that Nick stop defending his ex-wife. He says he isn’t, he is fighting for their marriage. He thinks Phyllis is obsessed with Sharon blaming her for everything. She says with good reason though. He says it is ridiculous. Phyllis throws it in his face that he slept with her and she just can’t be OK with that. Nick wants them to move forward with this saying he made his choice to be with her not Sharon. Phyllis wants to believe him but she just doesn’t know. He starts kissing her passionately and soon she is responding as they start taking their clothes off.

At the Abbott home Sharon is lying across the bed moping about them slipping back into their old pattern. Jack doesn’t think the old pattern was that bad. Sharon asks him how come he is so nice to her. He tells her that he thought he made his feelings very clear. Soon the two of them are kissing too.

Jana is sitting at the laptop when Gloria walks over to her. She tells Gloria that she should be in Minnesota looking for Kevin because she knows him better than anyone. She asks Gloria to run the place for her, she has to go. Gloria tells her to take care of herself and her Kevin too.

Alone at the warehouse Kevin now sees Jana walk in. She is pleading with him to come home. Terrible Tom is standing by her telling Kevin not to listen to her. Jana tells him she needs him and she loves hi. Terrible Tom tells him he will give it to him if he doesn’t get up. As they go back and forth Jana finally fades away with Kevin calling out for her not to go. Terrible Tom tells him to get across the border with his money before nightfall. He tells him not to make him hurt him. Kevin calls out for Jana.

Sharon sees Billy in the living room and she tells him she heard he and Chloe are getting married. She says it is the right thing to do for his daughter. She tells him not to knock marriage being permanent. She says she has been floating using whatever she can to get her through the day.

Colleen goes to the pool house and tells Chloe she heard she finally roped Billy into marrying her. She tells her that Billy will never love her. She says she has seen him in love before asking if he has ever told her about the past. Chloe says we all have skeletons. She excuses herself telling Colleen she is busy planning a wedding saying she will save her a front row seat. Colleen repeats herself saying Billy will never love her but Chloe just slams the door in her face.

When Jana arrives at the bank, once they let her in she beelines it over to Daniel and then asks how come Michael is handcuffed. Daniel just says it’s a long story. He asks if she saw Amber outside. Jana notices on the surveillance video that Amber looks like she is saying something to the camera. They figure out she is saying help me and they think Kevin made her help him rob the bank.

Jack tells Sharon they need to grab Noah and go out for dinner. Sharon says no, not tonight or any other night. She says her life is a mess and she can’t use him to pretend her life is normal. She says she is sorry and asks him to forgive her but she is moving back to the club.

Chloe tells the baby that she and her Daddy are going to be getting married when Billy walks in. He tells her he has been thinking and to be a successful family they might as well show the world that they mean it by having a big wedding. He tells her she can tell her mother the wedding is on. Chloe kisses him as she is all excited. She tells the baby she can’t wait til she sees her Daddy in a monkey suit.

Gloria’s phone rings. It is Jeffrey calling to tell her that Amos has found the car that Kevin and Amber were driving so they can’t be too far away. He says they are a few steps ahead of the cops.  Gloria tells him if he brings her son home safe she will be grateful to him.

Daniel shows Michael and Jana on the tape when Kevin points the gun at Amber. They ask then why did she kick the gun away from the guard when Kevin collapsed. Daniel reminds them of all the bad things Kevin has done in the past. Michael says he doesn’t want to argue about it, he just knows that Kevin is not in his right mind. Daniel says Kevin is his friend but if he had to pick one he would have to pick Amber.

Amber goes back to the warehouse with a bag full of supplies. She says she couldn’t get to the pharmacy so she went to the gas station. She tells Kevin she is not Jana, she is Amber. She gives Kevin a bottle of booze and some pills telling him good boy when he swallows them with the booze. He screams when she pours some of the alcohol onto his wound and then she does it again apologizing for hurting him. She wraps his leg. Kevin hears sirens and thinks they are coming for them saying they are outlaws now. He says no way they’re going to take them alive as he takes another swig of the booze.

Jan Barrett

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