Nikki goes down to the restaurant for a cup of tea and she sees Adam. She over hears him on the phone talking and when he hangs up he asks her if she knows anything about tractors. She tells him she thinks they are supposed to be green. She tells him she just came down for the tea because she felt like being around people. He asks her if he qualifies as people. She says of course so he joins her at her table. They start talking about Adam’s mother, Hope. Nikki admits things weren’t always so good between her and Hope. She tells Adam they both were in love with the same man so it was to be expected that they didn’t get along.

Jill and Katherine question Alistair about how it came about with Jack hiring him to play John Abbot’s ghost. He tells them Jack and his wife Sharon hired him and then he mentions that there was another man involved. He remembers his name as Jeffery. Then he tells him that he is convinced that that poor woman (Gloria) was coerced into a marriage to that man against her will. Katherine asks him how he knows that Gloria’s marriage to Jeffery is a sham. He tells them that she heard her say it herself.

Jill explains to him how she knows John and that Gloria use to be married to John too. Alistair asks where the washroom is. Jill tells Katherine that Gloria works for them, when Alistair leaves the room, and what if this affects Jabot in the long run. Alistair walks back in asking if there is any more brandy. He wants to know all about John. Jill thinks back to how good John was to her after their son was born. Katherine tells Alistair he is in love with Gloria but they won’t help him impersonate John Abbot. Later Jill tells Katherine she wants to find out exactly what it is that Jeffery has over Gloria to keep her married to him. She says she works for them so if she is involved in something illegal then it could hurt the company.

Gloria and Jeffery talk. They argue over how she lied to him about her falling in love with him. He tells her he is tired of competing with John’s spirit. She tells him John has nothing to do with her not loving him. They argue more and she goes at him to fight when he grabs her arms and pulls her towards him. Suddenly they are kissing each other in a passionate way. Gloria pulls away from him and he stops her by the wall. She grabs him and they kiss more as she calls out his name Jeff. She pulls away from him again and tells him she wants him out of her life. She says he makes her sick. He tells her she cares about him but she just won’t admit it. He tells her to kiss him again and she will see that he is telling the truth. She says it will be a cold day in hell before she falls in love with him then she runs out the door.

The cleaning man comes into Victor’s office with the carpet cleaner and is surprised to see Victor. He leaves after he finds Victor there. Later Neil comes in and he too is surprised to see Victor. Victor advises Neil to go spend time with his family. Victor starts talking about family and how lonely life can be without them. Neil says he is sure that he and Nick will find their way back to each other. Neil says he is going to grab a bite to eat and leaves Victor alone in his office. Neil comes back with some Chinese food and offers Victor some. They talk about Victoria and Adam. Neil tells him that they seem to be making an effort but not to get along, it’s more like to undermine each other.

David goes back over to Brad’s saying he forgot something. Brad asks David how things are going with him and Nikki. David says things are ok but he needs to ask him for a favor. He asks Brad not to tell Nikki about their poker game. Brad says sure but how come. Brad says ok but he also says he knows Nikki pretty well. He says if he can pick up the vibes that something is bothering him then so will Nikki. He says if there is something wrong and he wants to talk about it he can trust him.

David confides in Brad about his gambling problem and he says Nikki knows about it but he is having problems with it. Brad asks him if Nikki is not being supportive over this but David says she is more supportive than he deserves, but all she knows if that he was over there having a few drinks with some of the guys and watching a game on TV.

Michael and Lauren talk about Gloria. Michael says maybe they should move and get away from Gloria. She says she would just find her. Michael says it took them years to find him there. He says every time he wants to wash his hands of Gloria he thinks back to how bad her life was for her in Chicago and makes him feel bad for her, so he doesn’t know what to do.

Lauren tells Michael that maybe now is the time to tell Gloria that it is time she is on her own and quit bailing her out of things. She says making Gloria stand on her own two feet would be the best thing for her. He says Gloria won’t see it that way. She says they have to let her make her own mistakes and then let her get herself out of her own problems. About that time Gloria calls and tells Michael she needs to see him and she is coming right over and she hangs up before he can tell her no.

Lauren tells Michael that if he doesn’t stop bailing Gloria out now then it is never going to stop. Gloria comes in and rambles on. Michael and Lauren just stand there listening. She tells him that she can’t stay in that house one more night with Jeffery so she is going to stay the night there. Michael tells her no and from now on his home is off limits to her and she is on her on.

Jan Barrett

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