Kevin tells Amber it’s a simple plan. They knock off the bank, get the money and head for the border. He says she has to get out and rob the place but she refuses to do it saying she won’t go. She throws the gun into Kevin’s lap and hits the leg he was shot in. Kevin yells out in pain.

Gloria argues with Jana about refusing the CAT scan and with her checking out the hospital when he doctors wanted her to stay. She said not while her husband is still missing. Suddenly she grabs her head and says just the mere mention of his name and her head starts hurting.

Kevin screams out that he needs cash and lots of it. Amber tells him to forget robbing someone and they can just call his brother. He tells her that his brother can not save him from his Dad. She tells him again that Clint was not his Dad. She says he is just someone that is screwed up and messing with Kevin’s head by getting him to do his dirty work for him. Kevin tells her Clint is not dead but he is waiting for them just across the border. Kevin says if he shows up empty handed Clint will punish him. Kevin points the gun at Kevin and orders her to move it.

Victor thinks Ashley getting fired is like a blessing in disguise. He says now she can stay home and let him and Estella can take care of her. Ashley refuses to let Jill intimidate her. She tells Victor she hopes he is right about Katherine really being alive. She says if she is then Jill’s days are numbered.

Katherine tells Jill that three tests telling them the same thing and she can deny it all she wants but Jill is not her daughter. Jill screams back that she is not Katherine Chancellor, but she sounds more like she is trying to convince herself of that now. Jill tells Katherine that she is the imposter. Nikki tells Jill to read the results. She says if there is an imposter here it is her not Katherine.

Lily tries to explain to Cane how she feels. She simply can not be a part of taking a baby away from its mother. She says Chloe always put the baby first. She even went as far as lying to Cane about it because he would be the better father. She said Chloe acts tough but she is terrified. Cane is outraged when she tells him Chloe came there. He grabs his phone and says he is going to put a stop to that bitch but Lily takes the phone from him. She tells him that Chloe came to beg her to refuse to marry him if he pursued the custody battle. She tells Cane the decision to call off the engagement was not Chloe’s it was hers.

Jana still refuses to go back to the hospital. She won’t close Crimson Lights either. She says it would be like giving up on Kevin and she won’t do that. Gloria says she will take care of the coffee shop. Jana and Daniel are still worried about Kevin and Daniel wonders how come Amber didn’t call. Jana asks Daniel what happened when he and Michael went looking for Kevin and Amber.

Amber has Kevin leaning on her as they walk into the bank. She tells him he is in no shape to be doing this. She tells him he is too weak and dizzy but he doesn’t listen. She wants the gun but he won’t give it to her. He sends her over to the bank teller. Kevin yells out “Nobody move! This is a robbery! Every body stay calm and no one will get hurt!” Amber looks at the teller and tries telling her something but she can’t say it out loud. Kevin yells out asking what the hold up is. Amber sternly tells the teller. “I said give me the money”. Then she looks directly at the surveillance camera and she moves her lips slowly in hopes someone will read her lips and says “Help me Please!”

Jill can’t trust her judgment about Katherine really being Katherine and throws it in her face about her last husband being a murdering sociopath. Katherine orders her to stop it. Jill reminds Katherine that they had a DNA test done to assure her that beyond the shadow of a doubt they were related and then she asks her if she forgot to read that part of Katherine’s book. She then turns to Nikki and says it is bad enough that she tried to steal her mother while she was alive but she is trying to do it now when she is dead too. She accuses Nikki of always trying to drive a wedge between her and Katherine by playing the good daughter and even making a spectacle of herself at the funeral by throwing herself on the coffin. Katherine asks Jill what she is afraid of. When Jill says nothing Katherine dares her to order another test then and prove them wrong.

Jill says enough tests have been done. She suggests they call Brock and have him tested. She says maybe he isn’t Katherine’s son either. Nikki says or not Jill’s brother. Nikki thinks calling Brock is a wonderful idea. As they are about to leave Nikki gets her final dig in by telling Jill she is scared that without Katherine she will have nothing. Jill orders them to get out. They leave Jill alone looking worried now.

Victor tells Ashley that Jill’s got a taste of power and she won’t give up easily. He says she won’t be the first one to bite the hand that feeds her. Ashley tells Victor she thinks Adam is entitled to a little self pity. Victor thinks Adam is milking it for pity. He says as long as Adam sees himself as a victim he is not taking responsibility for what he did to him by putting him in prison and as until he acknowledges that he can never become the man that he can be. Olivia comes in to check on Ashley but to visit her friend as well. Victor leaves giving them time to talk. Ashley tells her about Jill firing her and Olivia thinks it is good timing. With Adam listening in, Olivia tells Ashley to take it easy and warns her of her history with Victor. Ashley promises if something did happen she can handle it without a nervous breakdown.

Jeffrey catches Gloria trying to fill up salt shakers at the coffee house. She tells him she is worried because her son is in trouble. He asks the bounty hunter he hires if he is ready to go. She asks Jeffery why he would risk his life to find her son. He tells her that he thinks Kevin is a good kid, a bit twisted but he gets that honest. When she asks he admits there is something in it for him too.

Daniel tells Jana that they found Clint dead in a closet. There was a note left on a mirror written in lipstick and there was some blood found. Jana starts with her headache again as she grabs her temples. She tells Daniel she is glad he told her about this but she doesn’t care what the note said, she knows Kevin would ever hold Amber hostage. Daniel remembers what happened to Kevin with Terrible Tom so he can’t help but wonder if maybe Kevin’s mind snapped.

Amber keeps looking into the camera trying to mouth the message to anyone looking to help her. Kevin collapses on the floor. With the money bag in one hand Amber kicks the gun away from the security guard’s reach and then she helps Kevin up and out of the bank and they head down the street.

Lily tells Cane of course this hasn’t been easy for her. Cane tells her he thought this was what she wanted. She says she does but she had more in her mind of the two of them raising their child together not another woman’s baby. She tells him she doesn’t resent the baby because her mother is a little flaky but Delia does have a mother and it is one that loves her. She tells him that she won’t be the reason that Chloe loses her baby. She tells Cane to take the ring back but he doesn’t want it back. He kisses her and then he turns away from her looking really upset.

Nikki is on the phone telling Brock not to take her word for it. She tells him to fly to Genoa City and see for himself. Nikki feels sure that Brock will know his mother the minute he sets his eyes on her. She tells Katherine that Jill didn’t because she isn’t her daughter. Nikki assures Katherine that Jill will survive but Katherine isn’t so sure.

Ashley tells Olivia that those nervous breakdowns were along time ago but she has no idea Adam is listening in. Ashley tells Olivia is she is ever feeling overwhelmed she will be sure to let her know. Adam sneaks off when Lily calls Olivia asking her to come over. Victor comes back and tells her since they have so much time on their hands now how about them having a leisurely lunch. They hear aloud noise so Victor goes up to check on Adam to make sure he didn’t fall.

Jill is on the phone with Brock telling him that Nikki didn’t waste any time calling him. Just before hanging up with him she tells him to call her when he decides something. She sits there and thinks back to when she and Katherine both considered that they might not be mother and daughter. Cane walks in and asks Jill if she is ok. She tells him she is fine and asks what she can do for him.

Katherine wishes Murphy was home. Nikki says there is a lot that can be said for an uncomplicated man, like Paul which Nikki thinks of as a breath of fresh air. Katherine says complicated or not it doesn’t mean they don’t miss them.

Adam tells Victor he is just fine, he just fell on the edge of the bed. When Victor remarks about him sweating Adam says he isn’t feeling too good but it will pass. Victor tells him to call if he needs anything. He walks out the room leaving Adam doing some pushups.

Amber shoves Kevin into the passenger side of the car and they duck down when the cops with sirens go by them. When the coast is clear Amber tells Kevin he can get up now. She realizes Kevin is unconscious. She starts yelling at him telling him not to dare die on her. She yells for him to wake up.

Suddenly Jana is all excited saying the pain is all gone now. She thinks this could mean that Kevin is coming home. Gloria says she will be damned if she is going to let Jeffrey use her family crisis to play her again. He says all he wants is her, in and out of bed. He asks her if she would be grateful enough to fall into his arms if he found Kevin. She admits to him that she might be but then she goes over to Jana to ask if Kevin is still in Minnesota. Gloria tells Jana and Daniel that Jeffrey wants to take the bounty hunter out to go look for the kids. She wants to know if they should let them.

Lily is packing her clothes when she looks at the ring. She tries it on her finger. When Olivia arrives Lily still has the ring on her finger and hugs Lily thinking this means she and Cane are engaged but Lily stops her. She tells her that they aren’t engaged, not anymore anyway.

Jill tells Cane that Nikki was there earlier with that woman and they are saying now that she is not a DNA match to the imposter or to the woman that was buried in Katherine’s grave. She said they are saying now that she isn’t her mother. She says at first she thought it was ridiculous. Cane stops her asking what she means at first.

Katherine wishes she could remember when they found out Jill was her daughter. She wonders if at the time she ever had any doubts. Nikki says she didn’t have any at all. She says in fact they didn’t even get a DNA test done. She said she just took Charlotte’s word for it but they did get a DNA test done years later. Katherine asks if Jill wanted to be her daughter. Nikki said no but when Katherine has her stroke, she and Jill made their peace with it and actually became quite fond of each other after that. Katherine says well after the way Jill has been treating her lately she had hoped she would just walk away but she says it makes her very sad.

Amber is happy when Kevin comes to. He asks her if they got the money. She tells him yes they have the money. She tells him that he wanted his Dad to be proud of him. Amber hears sirens coming closer again and when she tries starting the car it won’t start. She screams out, “Oh no! Not Now! OMG”

Victor tells Ashley Adam fell but he is ok. He says Adam hasn’t been eating and he wonders if maybe they should call a doctor. Ashley is surprised when she realizes Victor really does care. Victor tells her he is starving so he wants them to have some lunch. Meanwhile Adam is upstairs finishing his pushups with his lunch plate sitting there untouched. He works with the ankle bracelet trying to get it off but he is unable to remove it. He gets frustrated and just goes back to doing more pushups.

Jill wonders is this would explain why she and Katherine were always at odds with each other. Maybe this is why she left her jewelry to Nikki. She thinks that it is something you would normally leave with a daughter. That is something personal. She says Nikki was always more of a daughter to her. Cane tells her that is his grandmother in that grave and anyone that says any different is lying.

Katherine tells Nikki she can leave her alone now, assuring her she will be just fine. Nikki says ok but makes her promise to call her if she needs her as she hugs Katherine good bye. Katherine has a flash back remembering Jill being relieved and in shock when the DNA test showed that they were mother and daughter. As she is about to leave she hesitates and she asks Katherine if she just remembered something. Katherine tells her they were happy when the tests proved they were mother and daughter. She says they were very happy indeed.

Gloria tells Jana and Daniel that the man is a professional bounty hunter so what could it hurt to let him look for Kevin and Amber. The phone rings and it is Michael calling to let them know that Kevin has robbed another bank and this time he wasn’t alone. Jana grabs her head screaming out “Oh God”.

Jeffrey and the bounty hunter arrive at the bank where Kevin and Amber were. They ask the guards some questions like did they catch the guys and did they get their license plate number. The guard tells them that what they have is even better than that. They got them on the security camera. Jeffrey notices some spots of blood on the ground and starts looking worried.

Back in the alley where Kevin and Amber are she is still trying to get the car to start saying they have got to go. She tells Kevin they have to get away from that car but he says he can’t move his leg sounding real weak. She tells him she knows it hurts but he’s gotta suck it up and she will help him. She runs around to the passenger side of the car to help him get out the car but when she opens the door she can see his wound on his leg. She says that is bad, really, really bad.

Jan Barrett

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