Jack finds Billy drinking at Jimmy’s and asks him if he knows what they say about a man that drinks alone. He tells Billy to go ask Cloe to marry him again, asking what he has to lose by trying again. Billy asks what happens if she says yes though. Jack tells him it is time he does the right thing. He takes Billy’s drink and tells him to go convince Cordelia’s mother to marry him.

Cloe talks to the baby saying she has decided she doesn’t want to be the poor wife whose husband is cheating on her while she sits at home with the baby. She asks when she kills Billy for cheating on her who will raise the baby while she is in jail though. When Jill comes in and plays with the baby Cloe tells her that her mother sent her a note saying they were off on their honeymoon. Jill asks if she left town with him, Cloe says nothing seems to get in the way of true love. She tells Jill that Billy is on his way over. Jill says Billy is charming and fun but regardless she tells Cloe this house is also her home now.

Noah and Eden are out on the patio at Crimson Lights when the kiss. They wish they had some privacy on his birthday. Victor calls Noah telling him he has a gift for him but not to come over about 3 pm but when Billy asks if he can come earlier he tells him no  because no one will be there. When he hangs up Victor tells Nick and Sharon that Noah didn’t catch on that they were planning on a surprise party for his 16th birthday. Sharon says the surprise will be if Noah even shows up. Phyllis says she is sure he will show up if not for anything else but to get Victor’s gift. Sharon can’t believe Noah is 16 already. She tells Nick they raised a good kid. Phyllis adds that with Nick as a role model it is no surprise that Noah is a good kid. Victor adds that Sharon had a part in that also. Abby comes in with Ashley saying for her 16th birthday party she wants to be wearing a Forrester design. Victor tells her she can have anything she wants. Nikki comes in with a gift for Noah saying hello to Victor.

Daniel and Amber arrive at Jimmy’s. Daniel asks her if this is where the guy that called in claiming to know something about Katherine wants to meet. He thinks the guy is only after money.

Now that Clint has the woman tied up again, he bandages Roger’s arm where the knife that Annie threw at him cut it. He grumbles that someone is handing out flyers all over town looking for Katherine. He demands that Roger empties Esther’s bank account so they can get the hell out of there. Esther tells him she doesn’t have any money, she just owns half the house. Katherine tells Clint he is even more incompetent than the last time he tried to rob her.

While kissing Eden Noah leads her into the living room at the Newman ranch. He is shocked when he is greeted by his family all screaming “Surprise”. He looks around and says hi to everyone, and then Sharon remarks that he is not supposed to be with Eden. Abby speaks her peace asking what she is doing there, talking about Eden. Noah doesn’t know why everyone is making a big deal out of it, but Nick scolds him for sneaking around. While everyone is trying to settle down Phyllis answers the door and finds Jack there. Ashley quickly announces that she invited Jack but Victor points out to Jack that this is his family gathering. Jack comes in and hugs Noah telling him Happy Birthday.

Katherine suggests to Clint and Roger that they get Esther to offer Jill her half of the house for a price. That way they could get the money and leave town and set them free. She says if not, the Chancellor family will hunt him down. Annie says the two men will eventually turn on one another Clint tells Katherine that she isn’t Mrs. C. She asks him how he can be so sure of that. Clint decides to take the idea and he tells Roger to take Esther and talk to Jill.

When Billy arrives Jill warns him to be good to the mother of her grandchild. Cloe thinks about the advice Jack gave her about trying to give Cordelia a family if at all possible. It is a bit tense at first as they start talking. She tells Billy she understands why he proposed the way that he did and she says she is being realistic when she says she knows Billy won’t fall in love with her but at least he doesn’t hate her like Cane did. So she suggests that they file a joint tax return.

Abby can’t keep quiet at the party with Eden there. She blames Eden for the death of her Dad. She accuses Eden of taking Noah skating and she brought the whiskey there too. Eden apologizes but Abby won’t listen. Ashley tells Abby to stop. Victor offers to have his driver drive Eden home. Sharon assures Jack that she is fine but she doesn’t look happy seeing Phyllis, Nick and Nikki joking about what a great party it turned out to be.

Billy is holding the baby when Cloe tells him that Jack suggested they could move into the poolhouse so Cane couldn’t get to them all the time. He says she and Cordelia should move in then. She wants him to move in with her though. He says the baby binds them together so he would like them to be friends. Billy says he is a selfish slob plus he can’t be monogamous. He admits he still wants to see other women but discreetly of course.

Katherine thanks Annie for her courage. Annie says what good courage would do her especially if she is in bed alone at night. Annie talks about losing the man of her dreams. Katherine asks if she means Roger. She assures Annie that Esther isn’t in love with Roger. She tells Annie that she and Roger were meant for each other but Annie thinks the skank, meaning Esther, took her man. She tells Katherine she better tell Esther to lay off if she knows what’s good for her. .

Daniel asks his Aunt Gina to meet him at Jimmy’s. She asks if he means that dive, he says yes. Daniel looks for a table to sit at as he tells Amber to signal at the sign of any trouble. Clint arrives and asks Amber if she is the girl who wants to know about Katherine Chancellor. She asks him where he saw her. He said at the bus station. She asks if he is sure it was her as she shows him Katherine’s photo. He tells her he is positive it was her.

Cloe warns Billy that Cane could get aggressive with this custody thing. Billy tells her that with them getting married that should fix that. He knows they need to put on a good show. She tells him if he can’t commit to her he has to commit to Cordelia and he can’t back out of this one. He promises her he is in this one for the long haul.

Katherine tells Annie that Esther wasn’t the one to set this up and that Esther does not love Roger. She tells her that Clint and Roger planned this together to take her money. She tells Annie that Roger loves her and he will come back for her just like Esther will come back for her. Annie says Esther would come back for Mrs. Chancellor. Annie says if they come back she will be convinced that she really is Mrs. C but she isn’t going to hold her breath.

Roger and Esther meet Jill at the bookstore telling her that they are spending the night at the new resort by the lake and then they are off for sun and fun. He says but first Esther came up with an idea that will make everyone happy. Roger suggests to Jill that she buy out Esther’s half of the house and then they won’t be there to bother her. Jill doesn’t even need time to think about it, she tells them she isn’t interested.

Nikki and Victor can’t say that Nick never gave his parents as much trouble when he was 16. While Sharon is picking up wrapping paper putting it into a bag, Phyllis asks her if she is ok. Sharon tells her she is fine. They suddenly all gather to look out the window. Nikki says Victor is getting mighty generous when she sees the new car he got for Noah for his birthday. Nick complains that all he got was an old pick up truck when he was 16. Sharon reminds him that it was the classis that he begged his father for though. Nick tells Victor he wishes he had talked to him about this first though. Victor sees nothing wrong with the gift and making his grandson happy.

When Esther asks her why doesn’t she want to buy her out, Jill says if she does then Cloe will move out with the baby. Esther begs her to buy her out but Jill won’t budge.

Amber asks Clint questions and when he can’t answer them she wonders why he would even notice her. Clint tells her that the woman tripped and said something like Dear God in Heaven. She tells him that is definitely something she would say, but he says he thought Mrs. Chancellor was dead. Amber gets excited and tells him her proof that Mrs. C is alive. Gina comes in with a check from Danny for Daniel to help get his art show started and she sees Clint leaving and recognizes him right away. She warns Amber not to believe a thing that Clint Radison says saying he is nothing but a low life con-artist. Daniel tries to remember why that name sounds familiar.

Billy calls Jack to tell him that he and Cloe are going to get married. Jack is happy assuring Billy it is the right thing to do and it will work out. When Jack hugs Noah good bye, he takes a cheap shot at Victor about having to buy a kid an expensive car to get him to admire him. Ashley quickly reminds them of their promise to her. Sharon says Noah won’t get the car until he can prove that he is responsible. Phyllis thinks about the freedom she got when she first drove and Sharon says that is what she is worried about with Noah.

Gina tells Daniel and Amber how she married Clint who was her father’s ex-cellmate. She says it was the worst mistake she ever made. He found Marge and got her involved in a plan to kidnap Mrs. Chancellor. She tells them they have no idea how dangerous this man is. Amber jumps up and races out the door when she remembers that Clint is the name on Mrs. C’s note.

Annie is happy that Roger came back even if he is complaining about Jill not taking Esther up on the offer. While Clint and Roger argue Katherine is wondering what their next move will be. Clint grumbles that no one will miss a ditzy maid, a loony nurse and a broken down old waitress. Katherine warns him again saying the Chancellor family will hunt him down. Clint reminds her that Katherine Chancellor is buried 6 feet under. He asks her if the three of them care to join her.

Victor tells Sharon he is glad that Noah had a good time. He says since he is his grandfather he is allowed to go overboard. Nick wonders if he was ever that cocky when he was a teenager. Victor and Nikki tell him that he was a handful. When Sharon is about to leave picks up a small framed photo and puts it in her purse as she goes out the door but Phyllis notices her when she does it. Nikki mentions Victor’s generous gifts lately, like Abby’s horse, Noah’s car and Ashley’s board seat. Victor stops her abruptly. He tells her that his family is off limits to her. Nikki graciously thanks him for hosting the party and then leaves.

Jack tells Jill that Cloe has had a change of heart and accept Billy’s proposal. He has the pleasure of telling her that Billy and Cloe are taking the baby and they are moving in with him. Jill says over her dead body. She says that baby will not leave her house.

Cloe tells Billy that she is going to file for an annulment instead of a divorce. Billy recommends his friend Rafe to handle it for her. He doubts if Cane will have a chance since they are Cordelia’s parents. They shake hands as they make this deal together.

Daniel ran after Amber to bring her back to the table for Gina to explain to her about how messing with Clint Radison can be dangerous. She says Katherine is alive and she knows he is the key to finding Mrs. Chancellor.

Katherine points out to Annie that she was right about Roger coming back. Annie is convinced now saying she is sorry she ever doubted Mrs. Chancellor. Roger and Clint try to figure out what their next move is. Katherine calls Clint over telling him she is not ready to prove that she is really Katherine Chancellor.

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