Victoria tells JT that the baby’s fever is almost gone so it looks like he is out of the woods now. Adam walks in and asks Victoria what she thinks about the ads he prepared for Nick and Jack’s magazine. He says he emailed them to her earlier. She says well she hasn’t seen them yet but was just about to look. He says they are old news now. He tells her he is about to go over to see Nick and Phyllis and tell them the news. She says to just tell them it has been taken care of. She looks at the ads and likes them with only a few complaints. He agrees to make those changes and then says he is going to see Nick now.

Sabrina walks in and tells Victoria she enjoyed her tour of her Father’s art collection. Adam says he heard that Victor has quite a collection. She asks him how he knows so much about art. He says he did some studying while he was at Harvard. When Adam leaves Sabrina tells Victoria that her father might need an art consultant. Victoria tells her that she wishes she could be that consultant because she knows if anyone could get her father to change his mind it would be her.

Neil goes to Victor and questions him about the campaign ad that Adam authorized for Nick’s magazine. Victor says he is aware of it. Neil reminds him that this is the same magazine that he asked him about before. Neil says he thought he was against Nick starting the magazine. Victor says he was and still is. He says but if the Magazine fails, so does the campaign, Victor says that is ok.

Victoria goes home with Sabrina and she gets a call from Reed’s doctor. He tells her the test results confirm that he does have a staph infection but he can be treated at home with antibiotics. Sabrina offers to go get the prescription for her so she won’t have to leave the baby. Victoria thinks Reed is pale but Gabby and Sabrina tell her he looks normal, that she is worrying too much about it.

Jack and Sharon are back in Genoa City. They give Nick and Phyllis good news and bad news. The good news is that Sharon is going to be joining them full time there and the paper and Jack’s old campaign manager, Ben will be taking over for her at the Foundation.

Just as Jack is about to give them the bad news the lights in the building start to flicker and then suddenly go out completely leaving them wondering what is going on. When Nick gets the lights back on Jack continues to tell them the bad news. He says Eric Forrester turned his proposal down. He thinks that Victor is behind it. They found out from Eric’s secretary that as soon as Jack left Eric’s office, Eric phoned Victor. They think Victor warned him not to get involved with the Magazine. Nick is angry and says he will take care of this and heads over to Newman to speak to his father.

Phyllis is left alone at the magazine office when Adam walks in. She says she is surprised to see him there. He says he has a surprise for her. He says he managed to convince Victor to let them place that ad for Beauty of Nature in their magazine after all. She asks how he got Victor to change his mind. He says he didn’t actually, at least he doesn’t think so. He says he is betting that he still has his opinion set. She asks if he is doing this behind his back. Adam says no, not at all, he has his blessing. He gives Phyllis his proposal but she tells him she will have to go over this with all the others before she can make a decision. He understands and tries to flatter her by telling her that he bets she is the brains behind this whole thing here.

Nick storms into Victor’s office with Victor’s secretary apologizing to Victor for it. Victor asks him what he wants. He says he knows darn well what he wants. Nick says he may have interrupted his meeting but he says he needs him to stop interfering in his business. He tells Victor he knows it was him that stopped Eric Forrester from getting involved in his new Magazine. Victor says all he did was give Eric Forrester, whom is an old friend, his opinion of the magazine.

When Nick leaves Sabrina knocks on the door and puts a smile on Victors face when he sees her. She tells him about the news of the baby being sick. She tells Victor that Victoria seems extremely fragile right now and she is concerned about her. He tells her that she has been through a lot. Sabrina tells him that Victoria has asked her to extend her stay so she has agreed to stay a few more days. She says she could stay in a hotel if he preferred but he tells her no, she can stay at the ranch.

Nikki tells David that she thinks it is about time they end this problem of theirs. He doesn’t understand what she is talking about. She tells him she has made a decision to pay off his debt. He tells her that is a lot of money. She says yes $250,000 is a lot of money. He says that he can’t take her money. She says she will help him out this time on the condition that he will get help for his gambling problem. He promises her that he will and that he will pay her back every penny. She says let’s just get Walter paid off and go from there. She tells him to call Walter and tell him so he does.

After that he tells her that maybe now they can get back to their life again, and get married like they had planned. She tells him that is another thing. She doesn’t think she can marry him right now. He says he doesn’t want her money if it means losing her. She tells him it isn’t his gambling debt that is keeping her from marrying him it is his lies. She says she has to see that he is actively seeking help for his problem. He promises he won’t let her down.

Brad walks in saying he didn’t mean to interrupt but David says he was just leaving. Brad asks Nikki if everything is ok between them. She tells him not that it is any of his business but yes it is. Brad tells her actually it is his business. When Brad goes out the office David goes back in and Brad overhears Nikki and David talking. He hears Nikki making a phone call asking to get $250,000 transferred from her bank to David Chow’s bank account right away.

David meets with Walter at the bar and tells him he has his money and he doesn’t ever want to hear him talking about Nikki to him again. David walks off and Walter orders a drink. Suddenly Brad walks up and sits next to Walter and says make that two saying he is paying

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