Michael tells Sharon and Jack he got away. They asked who got away. He tells them not to play games with him. They know who he is talking about. He says he is through playing their games and this is going to stop. He says Lauren got hurt and now they have to pay for it. Finally Jack comes clean and admits they hired Alistair to pretend to be John’s ghost. Michael and Jack start fighting but Sharon breaks them up. Jack calls Jeffery and tells him they have to find Alistair. He tells Jeffery that Michael knows about it now too. He says great that must mean Kevin and Gloria know too.

Jill tells Katherine she doesn’t think Nikki has what it takes to lead Jabot. Katherine doesn’t agree with her. She says she thinks Nikki is the right person to run the company. When they leave the coffeehouse Katherine notices Alistair at the counter ordering coffee. When she gets home she tells Jill she can’t get over how that man reminded her of John Abbott. Jill goes out and Katherine reads back on some of her memoirs. She thinks she notices someone outside the door through the window but when she looks out they are gone.

When she looks again she spots him. She opens the door and demands that he stops running and orders him to come back here. When he walks up to the door she asks him if she invited him into her home would she have reason to fear him. When they get inside she tells him he looks just like John Abbott. She asks him to stay for a minute and talk to her. He asks for some Irish whiskey or some brandy perhaps and just as Katherine is about to go get him some Jill comes home. She is in shock when she sees Alistair thinking he is John.

Victoria tells Victor that she feels bad about how she accused Adam for hacking into their computer system. Victor tells her he wishes she would give him a chance but he can understand how she feels. She agrees that it isn’t like her to jump to such conclusions. Nikki walks in and asks Victoria if she is ready to go. She tells Victor she is taking Victoria and Reed out for lunch. He mumbles to her that she doesn’t have to explain her actions and walks out the room. She says she knows that, she just thought she would be polite.

Brad, Adrian, Cane and David all gather at Brad’s house for some beer and a friendly game of poker. Brad sets the limit to a $200 stake. David falls for it all and goes right into the game with them. David wins at poker but he asks for one more round but no one has any money left. The guys all say it is time they leave but they say David can buy the drinks next time. Brad asks him if he has played poker a lot before. David says he has played a little. When he starts to leave Brad tells him they will have to do this again sometime.

David meets with Nikki at the club and he tells her he was at Brad’s with a few of the guys. He doesn’t tell her about the poker game. As they talk Nikki notices Victor and Adam coming in. They go up to their room and David is trying to do some reading. He is fidgety and calls a guy that runs a poker game. He fights off the temptation and says he won’t be going and then hangs up.

Gloria and Kevin decide they are going to go find Alistair themselves. They go to the coffeehouse and the girl working there tells Kevin the description of a guy that came in just a few minutes ago. He tells Gloria that it sounds like it could be there man and they just missed him. She says they have got to find this man before Jeffery and Jack do. About then Jeffery walks in. He asks her how Lauren is after her fall. Then he asks if Lauren told her anything about what happened, Gloria says no. Jeffery says ok, he has to go run some errands and he will catch up with her later and he leaves.

Kevin and Gloria go home only to find Jack and Sharon there with Jeffery. Michael walks in and tells Gloria the truth about the actor. Gloria tells them she has known for days. She says once again Jack has mocked the memory of his father. Kevin says he is leaving and Gloria tells Jeffery, Sharon and Jack she is going upstairs to take a long hot bath and then they are going to discuss what is going to happen next. Sharon calls Lauren and apologizes and then asks if she can go over there to talk to her. Lauren tells her she is going to bed. Sharon says ok then can she go see her in the morning.   

Jan Barrett

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