Katherine is smiling while thinking about the photo shoot and about Murphy’s proposal. She shows Nikki her ring saying Murphy has asked her to be his wife. Nikki is so happy for her with Katherine saying it makes her feel like she is 18 again. She thinks if it weren’t for Amber and Kevin everything would be perfect right now. Nikki points out that the kids did save her and Esther but she didn’t ask them to go out on a crime spree like they are doing now. Katherine vows that once she is home again she will use the Chancellor resources to help them get out of this mess. Katherine thinks that when the new DNA tests results come back in that Jill won’t be too happy. She thinks Jill would prefer her to remain dead.

Jill calls Billy and tells him she wants to see him because she has some important business to discuss with him but not on the phone. Billy tells Chloe he is off to a meeting with Rafe. He tells her that he will marry her but he just can’t promise a date right now. When Billy tells the baby goodbye, Chloe tells Delia she is sure that Billy is nuts about her and once he leaves she repeats herself and adds that she and Billy will be just fine.

Cane tells Lily he is going to see Delia. She asks if he called Chloe first and he insists that he doesn’t need an invitation to visit his daughter. He tells Lily he understands how she feels but he is hoping she will change her mind and accept his ring and proposal. He tells her not to worry though, they will figure it out.

Jack tells Mary Jane he is impressed with the schedule that she has arranged for him. He tells Mary Jane that he doesn’t care if she pissed Jill off. He tells Mary Jane that he wonders where she has been hiding saying that when the face cream scandal broke he looked all over for a PR rep. He asks her with all her credentials, where has she been hiding.

Adam fumbles through the living room out at the ranch stumbling over things. When Victor shows up to help Adam snaps at him about maintaining his pride. Victor fusses at Adam about his tone while Ashley listens to them by the staircase. Victor asks Adam does he need to remind him that he is the one that got him out of jail and invited him into his home.

Mary Jane tells Jack that she worked abroad before this. Jack wants more details. She tells him she was living in exotic countries with some fabulous people. Jack tells her she really is a woman of mystery. She tells him he has no idea.

Ashley comes in and sits on the sofa between Victor and Adam. She reminds them that she is pregnant and can’t deal with stress between them as they are always attacking each other. Victor says he and Adam will try to get along with each other, and then he says to Adam, won’t we? Adam answers, yes sir.
Rafe wants to talk to Billy about Billy’s game plan. Billy says he doesn’t want to talk about the “M” word though. He tells Rafe that he is assuming that since he moved in with Chloe that Cane’s custody suit will be dropped, right? Rafe looks at him and says wrong!

When Cane gets to the Abbott’s home to see the baby, Chloe reminds him that she is not his daughter and she never was and never will be. Cane calls her a heartless bitch that let him fall in live with his daughter and now she won’t let him in her life. Chloe threatens to call the police on him and have him arrested for trespassing and harassment. Cane tells her he will get sole custody so she tells him instead of calling the cops she is going to call the men in white coats calling him certifiable as she slams the door in his face.

Billy is shocked to hear Rafe telling him that Cane actually has a case here. Rafe tells him that Cane has proof that they knowingly withheld the truth about the baby’s paternity allowing Cane to form a bond with the unborn baby for months. Also Cane’s name is on the birth certificate. Billy says he will not let that sanctimonious jerk raise his daughter. Rafe tells him then he needs to marry his kid’s mother, NOW!.

Nikki and Katherine go to the diner to meet the fashion editor from the magazine. Murphy comes in and is happy to hear that they will be shooting Katherine as royal women throughout history. Nikki congratulates Murphy when he brings Katherine a bouquet of flowers. He says he has to admit he knows he is not the kind of guy that Katherine would normally be with. Nikki says thank God for that. She praises him for making her friend happier than she has been in years.

Estella and Ashley both want to know why Adam sent his dinner tray back down without eating. Ashley tells him she is sorry about the earlier friction but she says she would really love it if he and Victor could play nice. She admits she can never forget what he did to Victor but she is a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance. Adam says he can see that she is having another baby with Victor. She asks him if they are all a family now. He mutters, sure, as he sits there with his arms folded.

Chloe goes to Cane’s house to talk to Lily. She says that Cane is being totally unreasonable. She tells her that Cane needs to back off. She asks Lily if she is supporting the idea of a baby being ripped out of her mother’s arms. Lily tells her no she isn’t but she doesn’t think Chloe says they need to stop trying to portray themselves as June and Ward Carter. Chloe wants Lily to stop being a coward and refuse to marry Cane if he is insisting on taking Delia.

Billy goes in his office at Jabot where he finds Jill. She gets right to the point of this meeting by telling him she is going to be making dome changes around here. She says there won’t be any discussion about this but as of right now he is no longer going to be the CEO of Jabot Cosmetics.

Rafe goes out to the ranch and Adam finds out that Estella is Rafe’s aunt. He tells Adam he is sorry he couldn’t appear in court the other day. Adam apologizes to him for being so obnoxious and admits that he owes him one. Victor comes in and he discusses meeting with the house arrest officer and the money in the Swiss bank account. Victor has confiscated the $2 million that Adam sold the journal for minus the amount he spent, but Victor will find a way to have Adam pay that part back.

Billy asks his mother if she is firing him. She tells him no, she is putting him in charge of the International sales divisions. She tells him she gave him a chance but he is not mature enough for this job. He says well he guesses that they all know who will be taking his place. She tells him Cane is the right man for the job. Billy tells her he quits because he refuses to work for Cane. When Jill reminds him of his responsibilities and Delia, Billy tells her that Delia has had her last visit from her grandmother. As Billy is leaving, he passes Cane as he is coming in. Jill wastes no time filling him in telling him she is making some changes.

Chloe and Lily still argue as Lily tells Chloe she is the one that is a coward.  She thanks Chloe for reminding her what a delusional freak she is. Chloe tells her she is the one that is delusional. She tells Lily knows full well that that child belongs to her as she stomps out the door.

Adam thanks Victor for helping him down the stairs. He complains about having to pay the money back since he is broke and can’t even leave the ranch. Victor doesn’t expect him to pay it back all at once but he can’t let him slide by not paying it back. Victor tells Adam to learn from is mother’s example. She has courage, dignity and pride and she never expected handouts. When Victor leaves, Adam calls Heather asking her to come over.

Jill tells Cane that she has complete control over Jabot once again so she wants to know if he wants his old job back as CEO. Cane tells her hell yes he wants it back. He thanks her for having faith in him. She says she has always had faith in him. She tells him about her having her mother’s body exhumed so they can put an end to this painful chapter in their lives so then her mother can rest in peace.

Now that the photo shoot is over, Nikki and they all talk while eating pie. Katherine kisses Murphy a few times and she says she feels so lucky. Murphy says no, he is the lucky one. He feels lucky that she’d give an old guy like him a second chance. Katherine tells Nikki she just can’t wait to take him home with her to start a new life with him.

Victor tells Estella about Ashley’s pregnancy and it is a high risk pregnancy so he wants to be informed if there’s any problem. He tells her that this time nothing must happen to this child.

Ashley hands Jack some work to check before her meeting. When he is concerned that she may be overdoing it she tells him she isn’t. She points out that she is thankful that she isn’t even suffering from morning sickness. Jill calls and Jack says Jill has taken it upon herself to clear to clear both of their schedules so they can both attend an urgent meeting with her.

Cane goes home and tells Lily the good news that he got his old job as CEO back at Jabot. Lily is thrilled but when Cane says now he only needs is for her to wear his engagement ring and agree to be a mother to Delia. He says he doesn’t want to push her knowing that she needs more time. She says well actually she doesn’t. She tells Cane that she has made a decision.

Chloe whines about Cane’s visit. Billy announces that Jill fired him and re-hired Cane. Chloe says if his mother doesn’t appreciate how valuable Billy is then she doesn’t deserve him, trying to sound like a supportive wife.

Jill tells Jack and Ashley that they are no longer needed at Jabot. She tells them she can’t have them undermining her and pushing their own agendas. She tells them that Billy declined the offer she made him and now Cane is back in charge. Jack threatens war between the Abbott’s and the Chancellor’s saying they will drag this into court so fast. He says when Katherine comes back she won’t let her do this. Jill says Katherine is gone so he needs to give it up. She tells Jack, he and his family are out so they need to deal with it.

Nikki praises Katherine on how well the shoot went and reminds her of how much she has missed her. Someone knocks at the door and they have the results of the DNA tests.

Jack runs into Mary Jane at the club and she tells him she just got word from the office that she has just been fired. He tells her that he has been fired too along with his sister and brother. He tells her he intends to fight Jill over this. When his attorney calls Mary Jane calls Victor and tells him that she and Victor have been fired after all she has went through, she says she means it is all falling apart. Ashley is with Victor so he isn’t free to talk but he assures her everything will be fine and he will be in touch. When he hangs up Jill says she loathes Jill.

Adam complains to Heather saying he merely traded one prison for another. He asks her if she can do something to have his sentence commuted. He asks if she ever loved him she would try for him. She tells him there is no way she can do that. She reminds him that he committed a serious felony. Adam snaps at her telling her that she should have known better than to ask her for anything. He screams at her telling her to get out and never come back.

Lily brings the ring box out and tells Cane she has been doing a lot of thinking and even though she understands why he wants sole custody of Delia, she knows now she will never be ok with him taking that child away from her mother. Cane tells her that she once told him he would never have to choose. Lily tells him he doesn’t have to choose, as she hands the box back to him.

Billy comes in and takes Delia into his arms. He tells Chloe he thinks the baby likes him. Chloe tells him that he has that effect on women. Billy says he won’t lose her so he now wants to get married as soon as they can.

Jill sits in the CEO’s office at Jabot and she thinks back to her last conversation at the diner with Katherine. Katherine walks in holding the results from the DNA tests. She tells Jill to look at the results, telling her that she doesn’t match with the woman buried in the grave either. She tells Jill that she is refusing to see what’s been staring her in the face all alone. She says tests don’t lie, and they are all telling you the same thing. Jill is NOT her daughter.

Jan Barrett

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