Jeffery gets home and finds Lauren on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. He helps her up and asks her what happened. She says she can’t really remember. She says she was upstairs and then, she suddenly remembers seeing John Abbot. He helps her to the sofa and she gets him to get her phone so she can call Michael. She tells him the most bizarre thing happened before she fell. She says she saw someone that looked just like John Abbot. Michael tells her Gloria told him almost the same thing happened to her too. He tells her not to tell Jeffery anything about what she saw but she says it is too late. He says ok he is on his way over there.

When Michael gets there he asks Jeffery what he saw. Jeffery said he found her at the bottom of the stairs. Michael sees that Lauren needs to see a doctor so he picks her up to take her to the hospital but he tells Jeffery he better be there when he gets back. The doctor says Lauren just has a mild concussion and they let her go home. Michael makes sure she is ok and then goes out to find Gloria. He calls her and tells her about Lauren. He is mad and he tells Kevin to come stay with Lauren so he can end this madness right now.

Neil assures Adam that he doesn’t think he was the one that hacked into their computer system. He tells him his father is convinced of it also. Adam says but now if they could only convince Victoria. Later Adam goes looking for Victor but Neil tells him he already left the building. JT walks in and tells Adam he is no longer a suspect in the hacking and Victoria doesn’t blame him now either.

Brad meets with Nikki and gives her some papers with some information he got from Newman. She asks him where he got this from. He asks if she forgot she hired him from Newman. She says she didn’t forget but she says these figures end this week. David walks in and Nikki shows him the papers. When he sees where they came from he tells her to get rid of them. He tells Brad they could get the company indicted. He asks Nikki if they can talk in private. Nikki tells David that if it were Victor, what  does he thinks he would do with these papers. David said he would probably burn them if it meant he could go to jail. He says but this is only his opinion but the final call is hers.

Meanwhile JT and Victoria are discussing it and she can only come up with Brad as the guilty party now even though she was so sure it was Adam before. Victoria goes to see Brad and she lets him know she knows it was him that hacked into Newman’s system. She warns him that she is going to let this one slide but if she ever gets wind of him doing this again she will have him arrested without giving it a second thought. When she leaves Brad runs into David and tells him he was right. They aren’t going to use the information he got from Newman. He claims he doesn’t want to sink to their tactics.

Gloria is trying to figure out what Jack and Jeffery is up to. She says she thinks she is going to have to just keep pretending to be scared until she can figure out what is going on.

Colleen and Adrian help Lily move back in with Devon. Lily swears Devon to secrecy about her passing out the other day. Colleen uses Devon’s laptop to check the scores on the test she took in school and finds she got an A. She asks Lily is she wants to check her score while she is on the site. Lily hesitates then says sure. When they see the grade they both sigh. Devon asks what did she get a B. Lily says no she failed the test but it is ok, it is only one test. Lily’s phone rings and it is Cloe. She wants her to meet her at the coffeehouse in 10 minutes. Lily says now is not a good time but Cloe tells her oh yes it is a good time.

Lily meets with Cloe at the coffee house and Cloe offers her some pills to keep her going. Lily tells her she won’t go that route. Cloe wants her to work tonight but Lily tells her she is exhausted and she has studying to do. Cloe tells her to study later. Cane walks in and Cloe leaves, but not before telling Lily she will call her to let her know what time to come in and then orders her not to eat the muffin that Cane is buying her.

Victoria goes back to Newman and sees Adam. She swallows her pride and tells him she is sorry for accusing him of hacking into the computer system. He doesn’t seem too impressed. She asks him what he wants from her, some sort of compensation. He tells her no he doesn’t but he does want her to acknowledge that she put him in an awkward position with his employer who happens to be their father, then he excuses himself saying he has to get back to work..

Michael goes to the Abbot mansion and finds Jack and Sharon there with Jeffery. He tells Jack he has the papers drawn up for him to sign to hand over his half of the house to Gloria. He tells Michael he will have his lawyer look at them before signing. Michael accuses him of delaying it proving that he is up to something.

Jeffery starts to slip out when Jack asks his where he is going. Jeffery says this is between them. Michael tells him he is in this too. He accuses the three of them of planning this scheme to scare Gloria out of her mind with this ghost like figure and an innocent person, his wife got hurt in the process of it. He tells Jack they didn’t remember one thing though. He says he isn’t afraid of them. As they argue over it, Michael spots Alistair looking through the window at the front door.

Jan Barrett

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