We are seeing inside the morgue where Marge’s coffin is wheeled in. Suddenly Marge pops the lid open and sits up reciting her story line and then she pulls out Katherine’s book calling it the talk of heaven. She says she is going to tell us some juicy tidbits about Katherine’s rich friends. She says those people are nuts. She says we will see as she looks at the book and laughs.

Back at Murphy’s trailer Katherine tells Nikki she is going to miss it there when she goes home and she admits she is going to miss the man that has stood by her. She wonders if he would go home with her. Nikki reminds her that it would be a change of lifestyle for him. As she looks out the window Katherine wishes he was home right now. She feels he is avoiding her and she wonders why. We hear Marge’s voice now telling Katherine that Murphy is somewhere else thinking about her as well right now. Meanwhile at the diner when Pearl notices that Murphy is down she asks him if something is on his mind. He tells her yeah, he has some big decisions to make.

Jeffery goes to the club looking for Gloria saying he has found a way to help Kevin. Jack asks him why he even cares since Gloria threw him out on his sorry behind. Jeffery asks him what does that have anything to do with as he walks out. We hear Marge once again saying it is no use trying to strain your brain trying to figure out how the convoluted mind works.

Nikki sees the pictures in an album of Katherine with Murphy on a bowling team. She is shocked that Murphy got her to go fishing with him too. She is even more surprised to hear that he owns a bait and tackle shop. Katherine says the woman Murphy fell in love with doesn’t exist. She wonders what if he wants that type of down to earth woman. Nikki tells her to cross that bridge when she gets to it. Suddenly it hits Nikki that there is another explanation that the DNA tests aren’t matching Jill’s. Katherine tells her she doesn’t even want to think about that. She says this has all been so rough on Jill.

Jill tells Victor that that woman is a fraud and he would have to be blind if he thought differently. Victor tells Jill to sign the papers and the stock will be hers and then she can be on her way. Marge’s voice mentions the kid that Katherine gave away becoming her worst enemy. Jill tells Victor it sickens her at the idea of her mother’s body being exhumed but says at least this way she will be vindicated. Victor tells Jill he is sure that this woman is Katherine. Jill says no way that that woman is her mother. Victor clearly states that he never said she was her mother but she is definitely Katherine.

Nikki tells Nick and Phyllis her idea for the next cover for the magazine. When Katherine walks in they are in shock seeing her standing there. When Nikki tells them both she and Victor are sure that she is the real Katherine, Nick says so is he so he hugs her. Nick and Phyllis thinks it is a great idea having Katherine and her story featured in the next issue. With Marge watching over them she is happy that things are finally starting to go Katherine’s way but she is concerned about Nick saying that son of a gun has got to make a choice about the women in his life.

Sharon writes a letter to her mother but doesn’t want to lay more problems on her. Sharon still feels guilty about being responsible for putting her mother in that wheelchair. She also feels guilty about Brad’s death as well. She thinks she is cursed saying there is a big gaping hole where her heart should be and she has been trying to fill it with men and sex. She wonders what is wrong with her. Marge mentions Sharon’s lost soul saying she is burying herself under a mountain of shame and she won’t have an easy time with it. Then we see Sharon crumbling the letter up and putting it into her purse.

Jack tells Gloria they are exhuming Katherine’s body and admits he is starting to have doubts himself. Gloria tells him she knew the first time she saw her that it was Katherine. Marge is wondering if Jack and Gloria have an agenda here. Gloria rubs it into Jack’s face that if it is really Katherine though, he can kiss his controlling interest good bye when they go back to Katherine. Katherine and Nikki walk up and Gloria says they were just talking about her. Nikki goes to get the coats when Jack tells Katherine that he is starting to believe it too as they hugs with Gloria standing by looking so jealous.

Marge takes the sheet off of Clint’s face. When she sees that his heart went out she says she didn’t know he even had a heart. She says Clint didn’t make it to heaven though. She says he didn’t use his smarts for good, he just left a boatload of misery like Kevin who is another lost soul. She wishes Amber luck in trying to save Kevin.

Amber pleads with Kevin to call Michael but he refuses. She tells him that Clint was not his dad and he didn’t even know Tom. She tells him that Clint kidnapped and tried to kill Mrs. C. She tells him he can’t keep robbing places. She is worried he will get himself killed. She grabs the steering wheel trying to get him to listen to her causing the car to skid.

Victor hands Katherine some ginger ale and they toast to old friends and new friends. He asks how serious this thing with Murphy is. He tells her love is a precious thing and it hits you when you least expect it to. When Katherine mentions Nikki he tells her he is with Ashley now.

Phyllis joins Jack while he is waiting on Sharon. He tells her they aren’t back together but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Phyllis asks about Billy and tells him Billy reminds her of him. While she is with Jack, Nick is asking the bellhop if Sharon Abbott is in her room but he is told that she has moved out. Nick pulls out his phone and starts dialing. Marge can be heard commenting calling Nick a bad boy. She says these folks are slaves to their own passion. Sharon walks in about them but doesn’t even notice Nick there. When she joins Jack Phyllis is right on target talking more about Billy.

Katherine and Nikki go out to the diner where Pearl talks to Katherine while Nikki talks to Joe Jr. When she walks over to Katherine she says Joe Jr. is a sweet man. She says he has agreed to let them use the diner for the photo shoot but he won’t accept any money for it, he just wants to help. Nikki notices Katherine straining her neck looking out the window and tells her that she must be looking for Murphy.

Nick remarks on Noah having to move yet again. Jack assures him that Noah will be fine. He says he will probably even get a kick out of Billy since he and Chloe have moved into the pool house with the baby. Daniel walks in needing to talk to Phyllis in private. Jack goes to get the car and when he goes out Sharon just eyes Phyllis and then she looks over at Nick who is on the phone.

Daniel tells Phyllis about them finding Clint dead and that Amber could be too. Then we see Amber with Kevin as he is yelling at her for grabbing the wheel saying she could have gotten them killed. She tells him she won’t let him screw his life up. When she nags about calling Michael she says they need to turn themselves in. He tells her she hasn’t done anything wrong. She tells him she won’t testify against him. She tells him how many people care about him even Mrs. Chancellor. Kevin shouts at her saying the hell with Mrs. Chancellor and the hell with her too as he points a gun at her.

Jeffery finds Gloria and tells her he has an answer on how to find Kevin. He has hired a bounty hunter saying he is the best. He tells Gloria they are going to track down Kevin and bring him home safely. Marge is watching them and she says now that is what she calls love.

Jill goes to the diner and says to Katherine that she thought she would find her in this dump. She tells her that she doesn’t know what she has had to endure because of her. She says when the 3rd DNA test proves she is a lying piece of trash she wants her to leave her and everyone else in Genoa City alone or she will have her arrested. She says that woman lying in that morgue is her mother and there will be a match. Marge tells us to stick around, this will be good and there might even be blood.

Katherine tells Jill that Katherine Chancellor is standing right here and she reminds Jill of how vindictive she can be. She says when she is back in her home she promises to make Jill’s life miserable.

Jack doesn’t know what Phyllis’s problem is with all that talk about Billy tonight. Sharon tells Jack to go on as she wants to go to the ladies room. When he goes out she stands there watching Phyllis talking to Daniel instead.

Amber tells Kevin to stop pointing that thing at her. Kevin hands Amber the gun and tells her to take it. He wants her to get use to holding it. He tells her that the next place he robs she is going to be in this just as deep as he is.

Phyllis is worried about Daniel and is relieved when Nick says his Mom can handle the photo shoot. Nick doesn’t want to talk about Sharon moving back in with Jack because it is none of his business. When Nick goes for the car Sharon approaches Phyllis saying torture has been outlawed. Phyllis tells her she will stop messing with her when she stops trying to seduce her husband. Sharon tells her that Jack is trying to help her right now and she really needs him. She begs her not to mess this up for her. Jack walks in asking what happened. She tells him she is ready and she walks off. Jack just glares at Phyllis as he walks off with Sharon. Marge is laughing saying ‘girlfriend is looks could kill you’d be riding home with me’.

Nikki goes to the ranch to thank Victor once again. Victor isn’t happy to see Nikki saying she thanked him yesterday. When he doesn’t seem interested in being friends, Nikki says that of course they are friends, and Katherine wouldn’t expect anything less. She says so it is settled, they are friends. Marge sits and watches them trying to get Nikki and Victor to kiss but instead Nikki and Victor tell each other good night and she leaves, which Marge isn’t happy about so she is calling them both idiots.

Katherine is ready to leave the diner when Murphy walks in. He tells her he has been off doing some thinking. He gets down on one knee and when she asks him what he is doing, he asks her what she thinks he is doing. He is proposing to her. He asks her, Katherine would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife. Katherine is speechless as she looks back at Pearl and Joe Jr. who are nodding to her to accept the proposal.

Now we are back at the morgue and Marge says the doctor is done with her and she really doesn’t mind going back. She has had enough of this living. She says from the bottom of her heart she is glad that Katherine got her man and will get her rightful life back. She says as for her she is off back to heaven where they have sweets and mambo 24/7 and she says she will see us there. She climbs back into the coffin and starts laughing as she closes the lid.

Murphy asks Katherine well? Katherine starts giggling and he asks if that is a yes. She tells him yes it is a yes. They kiss and he puts the ring on her finger. He tells her he knows it is little and not what she is use to. She tells him it is perfect. When they are hugging and telling each other that they love one another the jukebox starts playing the song “Papa Loves Mambo”. Katherine tells Joe Jr. and Pearl that she thought they said the jukebox was broken. Pearl says it was and it is playing Marge’s favorite song right now. Katherine says well maybe that means Marge approves. They all start clapping as Katherine and Murphy try doing the Mambo. Then Marge can be heard saying, ‘you go girl, have a great life’.

Jan Barrett

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