Phyllis and Nick are satisfied with the results of the party. Danny comes in to tell them good bye hoping to see Daniel but Nick says they cut him some slack and told him he can come in a little late this morning. Phyllis asks him not to be a stranger with Daniel. Danny says that’s some good advice and he says he will, then he leaves. He goes to see Daniel who is working getting ready for a photo shoot with Amber to get some shots of her new designs. Danny tells Daniel he couldn’t have left until he said good bye to him. Danny tells him he will always be his son no matter what and that he loves him. He tells Daniel that he wrote a song for him and then arranges it where he can sing it for him. After he sings it Amber asks him if there is any way he could burn them a CD of the song. They laugh and Danny hands them a CD saying he already did it.

Sharon and Jack are having trouble with their actor. They tell him he was hired to be a ghost so how can he be one if people can see him. He says he didn’t take the job to be a prisoner in this room. Sharon tells him at least he is getting well paid for it. They order something for Alistair to eat. While he eats he tells them that he likes Gloria and he thinks that once she gets to know him better she could probably love him like she loved John.

Gloria is looking much more peaceful when she comes downstairs. She tells Jeffery that she went to the party at Restless Style last night. She tells him while she was out she saw his car. He says it could have been someone else’s car but she says it is kind of hard not to notice his bright candy apple red car.

At a meeting with JT, Neil, Adam and Victoria, they discuss this new security problem. They figured out that it had to be an inside job. Victoria looks at Adam and asks him if there is something he would like to tell them. He gets offended when she seems to be accusing him of doing this. Victor walks in and figures out what is going on. Adam makes a few points as to why he would never do this saying in this business his reputation is too important. Victor looks at Victoria and says he has a good point. When he is leaving the room he tells everyone not to make any more accusations unless they have some proof to back them up. Later Adam goes to Victor and tells him that he thinks someone is trying to set him up. Victor asks him if he is suggesting that Victoria is doing it. Adam tells him of course not but he feels like someone is after him.

They are interrupted with a knock on the door and it is Nick. Adam leaves and Nick tells Victor he needs him to look at him straight in the eye and give him some straight answers and he is not leaving til he does. He wants to know if he has changed his mind about his working with the magazine. Victor told him all he wants is for him to succeed. Nick says in order for him to succeed then that would mean that Jack would succeed too. Victor says that doesn’t matter to him as long as he succeeds. He tells Nick to move on with his life and do it his own way. Nick says fair enough and then he leaves.

Nick goes to see Victoria and she tells him about someone hacking into their files. He asks her if she has any suspects. She says she thinks it is their purchase propecia long lost brother but she still has to prove it. He asks her what makes her think it was Adam. He says maybe it was him and maybe not. Sabrina walks in and surprises Victoria. Her plane was delayed so she is not flying out til later that evening. Victoria tells her maybe they can have lunch and Sabrina is all for it. She suggests that they invite Victor because she feels sorry about last night.

Lauren talks to Jeffery at the Abbott Mansion. She tells him she is worried about Gloria. She asks him if he thinks they should move out of the mansion. He says that would be nice. It would give them the chance to start over, and then he asks her for her help in convincing Gloria. The phone rings and it is Jack calling but Jeffery pretends it is someone else. Jack tells him to abort mission and hangs up. When Jeffery hangs up he asks Lauren if she would like a cup of coffee. When she says yes he leaves the room to get it. She picks up the phone and looks at the caller ID and sees Jack Abbot’s name on it. Later she sees Michael and she tells him about Jack calling Jeffery and how Jeffery lied to her about the call. She says she thinks they are definitely up to something so she is heading back to the mansion to see what else she can find out. When she gets there she is upstairs. Alistair comes in and starts calling out for Gloria. Lauren starts coming downstairs when she spots John and is taken by surprise and falls down the stairs and is knocked out. Alistair takes off leaving her there.

Adam catches Victoria as she and Sabrina are about to leave the office. She doesn’t want to talk to him but he convinces her to give him a minute. He tells her he had no idea that she felt so threatened by him. They argue over the security hacking and he tells her that he didn’t do it. Then he suggests that maybe she is setting him up to make it look like he did. When she leaves Adam is walking past the office where JT is. JT asks him if he has a minute. He says he needs his passwords for the computer and Adam gets offended again. JT calms him down telling him he is not trying to accuse him. He is trying to clear him. So Adam agrees to give him what information he needs.

Later JT goes to Victoria and says he hates to burst her bubble but he doesn’t think Adam is their guy. He tells her to think about it. He says who just recently left the company to go to work with a competitor and who had access to their files. Victoria says Brad!

Later Jeffery goes to Crimson Lights and talks to Jack. He wants to know why he wants to abort the mission. Jack tells him Alistair is not going to work out. Jeffery wants to know why not. Jack says the man is falling for Gloria so they have got to get rid of him. Meanwhile Gloria and Kevin break into Alistair’s hotel room trying to figure out what Jeffery and Sharon and Jack have hidden there.

Sabrina goes in to see Victor before she leaves. She brings him a few gifts. She tells him he has no idea what a pleasure it has been for her to have been able to spend time with him. He tells her never to hesitate to call him if she ever wants to. At the doorway at the office he tells her good bye and she tells him goodbye back and then kisses him. Adam witnesses the kiss.

Jan Barrett

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