Sharon talks about how wonderful it is for her to be going home even if she will be staying in the guestroom. She tells Jack she appreciates him not pushing her into anything. Then she asks just how long Billy and Chloe are going to be staying there. Jack tells her if their being there makes her uncomfortable he can handle it so he asks does it bother her.

Billy has the baby while Chloe is on the phone. When she hangs up she tells him that her annulment has been finalized so her marriage to Cane is over now. She tells Billy that now they can start their life as a family.

Cane asks Lily to go with him on their first official date with dinner and an old movie. Cane tells her that his annulment is final so he is no longer married to Chloe. He says nothing can come between them ever again. Lily is excited and hugs him.

Sharon admits to Jack that having Billy and Chloe in the pool house only brings back memories from when Gloria and what’s his name were living there. She says but it will be great having a new baby around. Jack says this means the world to him that she approves. Mary Jane walks up and Jack introduces her to Sharon. She tells Sharon that she is going to make Jack look like a hero. When she walks out Jill stops her and apologizes to her and invites her to sit with her. She tells Mary Jane she has a lot of ideas about how to revamp Jabot.

Katherine yells at Victor about how he talked to Nikki which convinces Victor that she really is Katherine as she yells ‘dear God in heaven’ as she tries to remind him of their last meeting. Victor asks her where were they the last time he talked with her. She relays that they were right there in that room when he told her about Sabrina. Victor is shocked because no one else has ever had the guts to talk to him like that before. He tells her welcome home as he hugs her. Nikki says that is something you don’t see everyday, not even in a soap, two people coming back from the dead.

Lily tells Cane she can’t believe all that they have been through. He tells her the one good thing that came out of this is Delia. He says the custody hearing should be soon and once the Judge sees the stable loving family he and Lily will provide for Delia he is sure he will award them custody. Lily wonders if taking Delia away from Chloe is the best thing though. Cane tells her that she will be a better mother to Delia than Chloe will be.

Billy decides to lay out some rules for Chloe saying Delia will always come first and he wants to make sure she doesn’t expect him to follow her around like Cane did. She tells him she has a rule of her own and that is that he can not shove his extracurricular activities in her face and he can’t dump Delia off with someone else so he can meet with some mambo. Billy asks her shouldn’t she give Cane his ring back. She wants to know why she should. She thinks she deserves the ring and asks if she kept it would it make him jealous. Billy plays it cool saying nope, it will just save him from having to buy one. Chloe whispers to the baby that he is so jealous.

Sharon is ready to move back in with Jack. She says she is desperate to go home. Jack tells her that he hopes she will come back to work at Jabot but she doesn’t feel she is ready for that yet. He tells her his love for her is unconditional and he is the last one to judge her and he will do anything to help her.

As Victor and Katherine talk he tells her he will have to check this Murphy fellow out and see if he is worthy of her. Nikki says he is a lovely man. Victor asks her sarcastically is she is such a great judge of character. Katherine is surprised to hear Victor is back with Ashley and then she congratulates him on the baby. They explain about how they need to prove she really is Katherine but can’t without Jill’s permission so Victor promises to see what he can do about that.

Mary Jane is impressed with Jill’s new ideas but she asks since Billy is the new CEO shouldn’t she be talking to him. Jill tells her she is CEO of Chancellor Industries. Mary Jane says she must respect the chain of command and says they will sit down and talk about it with Billy and Jill agrees to.

Sharon walks in and finds Billy and Chloe in the living room with the baby monitor in there hand. They say that Delia won’t sleep with them there. Billy wants to go back to the pool house but Chloe begs him to wait saying she is so tired and the baby will wake up if they go back in there. She asks if Sharon and Jack would mind. Sharon lies saying she doesn’t mind at all when Jack leaves it up to her.

Sharon later sees Chloe in the dining room looking at a cook book. Chloe is planning to surprise Billy but she doesn’t know how to cook. When Sharon asks Chloe where she and Billy met she explains it to her and then she tells Sharon that her marriage to Cane is over. She brags about how Billy was really into the whole family and father thing now and she can’t help but mention how hot he is in bed.

Cane hands Lily a fortune cookie and she finds a diamond ring inside it. She tells him it is amazing and she loves it. Cane starts talking about when they get full custody of the baby they will all have an incredible life. Lily tells him she wants to marry him more than anything and she is behind him being the baby’s father but she can’t be a mother to that child and then apologizes for it.

Jill goes out to the ranch when Victor calls her and she is surprised to hear that Victor would be willing to give her the Jabot stock back but only if she would agree to have Katherine’s body disinterred so they can do a DNA test and put all this to rest. He asks her what her decision is.

Katherine tells Nikki that Murphy is at a Lodge meeting saying there is nothing he loves more than doing his charity work. Nikki hints that she gets the feeling he loves more than just that. Nikki picks up a copy of the Restless Style and gets an idea saying they are going to put Katherine on the next cover and tell her story. She says it will read like a fairy tale. Katherine is more interested in how Nikki’s heart is breaking over Victor.

Jill is curious as to why Victor would just hand over the stocks if she doesn’t this without victor asking for anything in return. He tells her he was close to Katherine and after all it won’t be like Jill would have to dig the body up herself. Jill is outraged saying they have laid her mother to rest and she will not have her disturbed. Victor says he understands but he thinks Katherine would want her to get on with it and Jabot. Finally Jill gives in and tells Victor to have the papers drawn up for her to sign but she warns him that this could be one of the most stupid mistakes he has ever made. Victor just smiles and tells her she just might be surprised.

Nikki tells Katherine she really is happy for Victor and Ashley. She says it doesn’t do any good to drive herself crazy over it. Katherine remembers ho Nikki fought to keep Ashley and Victor apart before. Nikki tells her she has grown up a lot since then. Katherine assures Nikki that her life with Paul will never be what she had with Victor. She asks Nikki if she can live with that.

Lily tells Cane she has never felt comfortable with the idea of raising Delia saying she is Chloe’s daughter. She says sure Chloe is bitchy and manipulative but when she fell off that ladder and the baby’s life was in jeopardy Chloe was more worried about the baby than herself. She says who is she to say that Chloe isn’t good enough to be that baby’s mother. She says she fully supports Cane being the father over Billy but she can’t marry him if it means she is expected to be Delia’s mother. She says she would always feel it was wrong to take her away.

Chloe talks to Jack and asks if he thinks it would be completely lame if she orders in from Indigo instead of cooking for Billy. He tells her no. She tells Jack she just knows Billy would give in to her the way he gave in to being Delia’s father, it is only a matter of time. Sharon and Jack talk and she thanks him for all her is doing for her. When Jack walks out Billy comes in behind Sharon and says hello to her. He warns her that he won’t stand by and let her use Jack. She tells him they need to break things off between them. He tells her that there never was anything to break off since it was just sex between them. They both agree that it will never happen again.

Meanwhile Chloe calls for dinner delivery and then she lights the candles at the dinner table and says out loud her next step is to make Daddy fall in love with Mommy.

Chloe talks to the baby who is sound asleep telling her that her Daddy can do his job. Then she wonders where Billy is. She grabs the phone to call him as she wonders what he is doing.

Jill orders a drink and thinks back to when Marge broke into the Chancellor Estate. She looks off saying with tears in her eyes, “Forgive me mother”

Nikki wonders why they haven’t heard from Victor yet. Katherine asks her again if she really thinks she can be happy without Victor. She asks if losing him to Ashley is too painful for her to accept. Before Nikki can answer, Victor calls telling her to tell Katherine that Jill signed the authorization papers. Nikki tells Katherine that Victor came through for them.

Lily tells Cane she is sorry for not telling him how she felt about all this before now and for not accepting his ring. He asks her to hold onto it as he puts it back into the box and places it in her hand, hoping she will change her mind and then he hugs her.

Sharon starts a popcorn fight with Jack. He walks over to her and removes something from her hair and she kisses him. They look at each other as she takes Jack’s hand and she smiles as she heads upstairs pulling him with her.

Chloe is talking to herself about Delia’s lying son of a bitch father when Billy walks in. He walks over to her and kisses her. She says no, don’t as he pants and lies her back on the sofa kissing her more.

Jan Barrett

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