Victor’s entrance at the party has stirred up quite a frenzy. People are whispering about how they knew Victor Newman was behind this whole thing financially. Jack says he has had enough but Nick stops him and tells him he will take care of it. He goes and asks Victor if he can talk to him. Victor tells him it is a nice party. Nick says it was until he showed up. Sabrina walks up and tells Nick she is sorry but this is her fault. She says she invited Victor to come with her. Phyllis walks up and asks to be excused with Nick, and they walk away. Sabrina asks Victor if he would rather they leave but he says no this is getting interesting.

Nikki scolds Victor for coming to the party to ruin their son’s big night. Victor says he has nothing of interest to talk to her about so she walks away.

Gloria wakes up from the floor and screams out for Jeffery. No one is around. She tells herself that John has really come back to haunt her. She calls Michael and asks him where he is. He tells her he is at the Restless Style Party. She tells him not to move because she needs to see him. She will be right there.

Phyllis gets on the stage and thanks everyone for coming to the party and then announces Danny Romalotti. Danny performs live on the stage for the party. While he is singing Jeffery comes in and Michael spots him trying to get Jack’s attention. Jeffery tells Jack that his actor got drunk and showed up at the mansion. Jack asks if Gloria saw him. He tells Jack yes and she fainted dead to the world. After he sees Jack and Jeffery talking Michael sarcastically tells Jack how nice it was of him to invite his mother’s husband to the party.

When Gloria gets to the party she finds Michael and tells him that she needs his help. Michael says what else is new. She tells him that John’s ghost has been haunting her and he is mad at her for living with Jeffery in the mansion. She tells Michael about the times she has seen John. Michael tells her he just saw Jeffery with Jack there at the party. They see Sharon leaving so Michael tells Gloria to follow her and find out where she goes. Gloria follows Sharon back to the hotel and watches her go into a room. She waits out in the hallway and sees Jeffery coming out the room that Sharon went in.

Amber tells Katherine that sometimes dreams are symbolic with no meaning at all. She tries to help Katherine analyze her dreams. She tells her maybe it is because of her retiring. She says maybe it is her having to say good bye to something that has been a part of her for so many years. Amber tells Katherine she is flattered that she called her but she can’t help but wonder why she didn’t call Jill. Katherine tells her it is because Jill is still upset with her about her writing this book. Amber says it is because it is about her life and she is of course a part of that. Amber says well maybe she can just write the book and not publish it. Katherine tells Amber she has such a big heart. She says she can’t write this book without telling all. She says some of the memories are so painful so maybe she shouldn’t write the book after all.

Cane asks Jill what is wrong. Jill tells him she is worried about Katherine. She is worried because ever since she has taken over at Chancellor all Katherine wants to do is write. Cane asks her if she wants him to have a talk with her. She says no, she is the only one that needs to be talking to her mother about this right now.

Lily asks the bartender at the party for something with caffeine. When she pops the top of the can Cloe tells her to come meet a photographer. Lily tells her in a minute. She makes some kind of smart remark and Lily tells her she needs a minute. Cane walks up and tells Cloe she really needs to chill out. Cloe says and so says the boyfriend. Cane says the boss says. Lily excuses herself and walks away. Daniel sees her and goes up to her and tells her how great she is doing. Lily thanks him. He tells her that Dru would be so proud of her. She thanks him again and walks away.

She is heading out into the hall and she gets weak and holds her stomach. Devon is behind her and Lily passes out. Devon catches her. When he brings her back to, she asks what happened. He told her she passed out and then he asks her has she been drinking. She says no, so he asks her if she has eaten, she says no. Neil walks up wanting to know what is going on. Lily says nothing. She just needed a break and says she has to get back to the party. Neil and Devon are worried about her. Back inside at the party Cane tells Lily they should leave but Cloe wants Lily to stay and meet more photographers. Cane tells Cloe Lily is off for the rest of the night. Cloe disagrees but Cane makes it clear that he meant what he said so Cloe walks away.

Jill goes home only to find Amber there. Katherine tells her that she called Amber. Amber says she is going to go now and she hugs Katherine good bye. Once she is gone Jill lets Katherine know she should have called her and not Amber. She tells her mother she is worried about her and she will not rest until she explains to her why the sudden urgency to write this book. Finally Katherine admits to her that she had a mild stroke.

Victor tells Nick congratulations on the party being a success. JT tells Victor there was a security problem at Newman so he has to go over there. Victor and Sabrina takes Victoria home and Victor tells Victoria that the security problem is serious so JT would be there all night. Sabrina offers to stay the night with Victoria. She thanks Victor for a great evening and he leaves and goes home.

Jan Barrett

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