Everything seems to be right for the party celebrating the grand opening of Restless Style. Jack and Sharon and Nick and Phyllis make a toast to their success. Victoria and JT arrive at the party and after they look for Nick, Jack tells Sharon she is still the most beautiful woman there. She tells him every time he says they he scores points in heaven and they kiss. He notices Ashley walking in right then. Ashley has Felicia Forrester with her and Jack says he hope he can sell to their pitch to them for advertising. She says not to break out the champagne yet but they are considering it.

Reporters are all over the room asking questions and one goes up to Nick asking questions and they want to know if it is true that his father is funding the magazine completely. Lily and Cane and Cloe enter the party and photographers are taking her picture right away with Cloe standing next to her coaching her. Cane points out a poster of Lily’s picture on it and Lily says it feels funny to see her pictures everywhere and seeing herself on a screen all over.

Amber and Daniel come in for the party and she was complaining about having to drive around to find a parking spot instead of paying for valet service. Daniel says they can’t afford it. Amber tells him they were rich before he took care of it. Just then Felicia comes up behind Amber saying “Well, well, look who is here”. Amber turns around and sees Felicia. 

As they talk Phyllis interrupts and gestures for Jack to come get Felicia. He asks Felicia if she is ready to talk business and she says yes. Jack and Sharon meet with Ashley and Felicia and Jack gives his pitch to Felicia. She tells him she doesn’t know why her father didn’t jump on it right away. Jack tells her she could change all of that. She says yes she can and then says she will in fact. She says to count on Forrester’s to come onboard.

Victor is with Sabrina watching Reed. They laugh together. Victor tells her it feels good to laugh again. Sabrina decides to cook something for Victor and they have dinner together as they talk about Victor’s past and how he got what he has. Sabrina asks him if he is happy with his life and he tells her no he isn’t, not now. She tries to give him some advice on how to get closer to his kids. He thanks her for her interest and her advice. Reed’s nurse comes in so Sabrina tells Victor it looks like they aren’t needed anymore there. Victor asks her if she would care to go to the main house with him. She tells him she thinks she will be getting a cab and going to the party after all. He offers to have his car drive her there. She says she has a better idea and asks him to go with her to the party and make a gesture to Nick.

Victor decides to show up at the party with Sabrina after all. As soon as they arrive the reporters start in on him suggesting that he has backed the whole magazine financially, upsetting the gang at Restless Style.

Jana is at the Abbott Mansion setting up candles getting it ready for a séance. Kevin isn’t taking it seriously but Jana tells him to stop. Gloria is thankful Jana believes her. Gloria asks Jeffery to stay with her and hold her hand but he refuses saying he will be in the living room instead. Jana starts the séance. Gloria is falling completely for it but Kevin is bored and asks if they can hurry this along.

Alistair gets drunk on his Irish whiskey and stumbles over to the Abbott Mansion. Gloria says if John can hear her to please give her some sort of sign. Just at that moment the drunken Alistair knocks over a statue Kevin goes outside to see if he can see anyone out there and finds nothing. Gloria and Jana think that it could have been John’s spirit. Kevin tells them no way. Jana looks out the window and suddenly sees John standing there and she becomes hysterical saying she just saw John.

Kevin rushes them both outside to show them that no one is out there. When they come inside Gloria smells the scent of John’s cologne. Kevin thinks it is Jeffery playing tricks on them but when Gloria spots John’s poetry book she is really freaking out. Alistair sneaks in the front door but Jeffery catches him before Gloria sees him telling him not to say a word calling him Old Man.

Back in the dining room Gloria sends Kevin and Jana out and then Jeffery walks in asking how the séance went. She tells him the house is haunted. He says great when do they move. She says they don’t. She says it is haunted because John can’t stand to see her with him. She says she has to convince John’s spirit that she has fallen in love with him. He says great that they can start right now in their bedroom. She tells him she will be there in a minute.

She sits there and whispers to John, that she knows he is there. Alistair stumbles in once again and just leans against the door. She continues talking to John’s spirit and tells him how she will always love him but she has to make this work with Jeffery to keep from going to prison. She says she wishes she could have been a better wife to him, she says he deserved it. Then she turns around and sees Alistair standing there thinking it is John and she screams and faints. Jeffery comes downstairs and sees her on the floor with Alistair standing there. He asks Alistair what is he still doing there and takes him out the door. Gloria wakes up and whispers John’s name saying he has really come back.

Esther brings Katherine more coffee complaining that this is her third cup, worrying about her drinking too much caffeine. Katherine tells her she is fine and then suggests that she takes the rest of the night off. As Esther starts out the room Jill walks in and asks Katherine how come she isn’t dressed yet, because they are going to be late. Katherine tells her she isn’t going. Jill is furious because Katherine is staying there to work on her book that she is writing. She tells her mother that she can not write that book. Jill can’t be at peace so after sitting out in the car thinking about it she goes back inside and tells Katherine how upset she is. She demands to know what the rush is for her to be writing this book. Katherine tells her she has to do it now and starts to say one thing but changes it to something else.

While sitting alone, Katherine falls asleep and then suddenly wakes up from a dream and is all shook up. She calls Amber and asks her to come over later but then remembers she is at the party. She tells her voice mail not to worry, she will be ok. When Amber gets the message she rushes over there to check on her. Katherine tells her she was having a dream and in the dream she saw her dear friend John and she reached out for him and realized he is gone and this scared her.

Jan Barrett

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