Jeffery calls Jack and tells him that after seeing John’s ghost, Gloria was terrified. He said it upset her so much that she spent the night downstairs reading or so she says. Jack is glad to hear this news. Jeffery wants to know when the next ghost appearance will be scheduled.

Gloria goes to crimson Lights and tells Kevin she has something to tell him. She tells him she knows he is going to say she is crazy. He says well she is crazy but he says tell him anyway. She tells him she saw John’s ghost in the window last night. He tells her she has lost her mind. She says she knows she saw John out that window. She thinks that maybe John was mad at her for kissing Jeffery in his house. She says he knows she still loves him so maybe he is trying to help her.

Jana walks up and starts telling Gloria a story about ghost. Kevin tells her enough with this stuff. Jana tells him it is true and she wants to hear more about Gloria seeing John’s ghost. Gloria says she is happy to know that someone believes her. Jana tells her that John’s spirit is trying to contact her and there is only one way to go forward with this. When Gloria asks how Jana tells her with a séance. Gloria asks her if she has ever actually seen a ghost at a séance. Kevin thinks they are both crazy. Gloria asks her if she can come to the house tonight. Jana says well she was supposed to be going to a party but this is much more intriguing so yes. She says she is so excited.

Cane and Lily are at Crimson Lights and Lily is telling him how strict Cloe is on her diet. He tells her if she isn’t careful she is going to turn into another Cloe. She says no way. She is not going to let that happen. He says she needs to tell Cloe something and if she would like he could say something to her for her. Neither of them notice that Cloe walked in and heard them talking about her.

Later Cloe tells Lily that they ordered a special dress just for this photo shoot. Cloe tells her this is such a special honor for her and yet all she does is complain. When the dress comes in Lily falls in love with it. Cloe tells her it is a size nothing and she will just have to suck it in to wear it. Lily lays into her and calls her a bitch and then Cloe makes her feel guilty so she apologizes. When Lily comes out in the dress Cane says she looks beautiful but Lily doesn’t look very comfortable.

Adam asks Victoria and Sabrina if they are going to Nick’s party. They tell him yes of course. Victoria says Nick is her brother so she wouldn’t miss it. Sabrina asks him if he saw the newspaper this morning with Nick’s interview. Victoria defends Nick saying he is doing this on his own. Adam says well it is still from his father’s money. She says their father, same as his father taught them never to take advantage of things.

Danny and Daniel talk. Danny asks him if they can start over here. He says he thinks about him a lot. Daniel says it is a good thing he is not a physic then. Danny tells him he was under the impression that he didn’t want to keep in touch with him. Daniel thinks that he came to Genoa City now only to help his career since his last album didn’t even make it to the top 10 chart. Danny says that has nothing to do with why he came. He wanted to come to see him. Danny admits to Daniel that he knows he should have told him he was not his biological son but he just didn’t. They start talking and Daniel realizes Danny was a good dad to him all those years even if he wasn’t his biological father.

Victoria walks into Victor’s office while he is on the phone with a reporter talking about Nick and Restless Style. Victor tells them he has nothing to do with this and has no further comments, then hangs up. She tells him there is one way to solve this and that would be for him to act more civil towards Nick. She says he could be the bigger man and make that first move towards Nick. Victor tells her that is not going to happen and he walks out.

Alistair breaks into the mini bar in his hotel room and starts drinking. He slips out the room and ends up at Crimson Lights. Jack and Sharon whisk him away before Kevin or Gloria can see him. They bring him back to the hotel and tell him he has to stay there unless one of them are there to take him out. He says he doesn’t like being kept there hidden in the room. Jack tells him that is the deal and says isn’t it worth $10,000. Jack gets Alistair calmed down and they get ready to leave but tell him not to leave the room and Sharon tells him no drinking. The minute they walk out the door he picks up the phone and calls a liquor store and orders two bottles of Irish whiskey.

Jeffery takes a pair of John’s old boots and dips them in mud, then puts them on and walks slowly through the living room leaving mud all over the carpet. Then he takes them off and leaves them sitting at the other end of the living room. When Gloria comes in she tells him he should honestly be more careful about tracking the mud in there. He says it wasn’t him, and then she spots the boots. She asks him what they are doing there. He says he has no idea but maybe one of the grounds men left them there but she says they are John’s boots. He says maybe they have a pair just like John’s but she doesn’t think so. Gloria is being really nice to Jeffery and he wants to know what is going on. She tells him Kevin and Jana would be there in a little while. She informs him they are going to have a séance tonight.

Victoria’s babysitter can’t make it tonight so Sabrina offers to baby sit for them. After they leave for the party Sabrina is there with the baby when Victor comes in and surprises her. She explains why she is babysitting and he offers to help.

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