When she sees all the t-shirts for sale with Katherine’s picture on them, Jana complains saying she thinks if they gave them away instead of selling them it would do better. When Daniel shows everyone a 3D rendering of a gallery Kevin suggests he try selling his stuff on Ebay. Murphy comes in and tells the kids he hasn’t heard anything from Katherine but he is sure that where ever she is, she is in big trouble.

Annie tries telling Clint that she was only trying to earn Katherine’s trust when she untied her. She says she wasn’t going to let her go but Clint has her tied up now too with Katherine and Esther. He says he needs to think now with Katherine remarking that that could take a while which irritates Clint so he threatens to silence her with a gun.

Colleen finds a box of stuff that Brad has saved of Abby’s. She says he must have saved every scribble that they did together. Ashley says Abby is not ready to go through it yet but maybe someday she will be. Colleen understands and tells Ashley she is sorry for lashing into her earlier. Victor walks in interrupting saying hello to Colleen and then asking if she is planning to move into her Dad’s house. He tells her she should enjoy her life, saying that is what her Dad would want. Victor says her Dad wouldn’t blame her if she gave up the seat on the board. Jack suddenly walks in and tells Victor he can give up on that pipe dream right now.

Cloe is in shock. She asks Billy to say that again. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She cries and tells him she loves him and she just knows they will be so happy together as she kisses him.

Meanwhile at the bookstore Cane propose to Lily. She is taken by surprise. He tells her he was so stupid to let her go and asks her to tell him he is not too late. She stutters as she says no and then says no she means yes, yes she will marry him as she cries. She throws her arms around him kissing him.

Cloe tells Billy she thought she was going to have to give Cordelia a fatherless childhood. Billy promises her that that won’t happen but he reminds her that he is not his brother Cane. . He says he can’t commit completely like Cane did but promises they will have fun and he wants to be there for the baby. Cloe gets upset and asks what about her. Thinking about Billy still going with other women gets her madder. She tells him to get out. Billy looks at the baby and says he has to go. When going out the door he tells Cloe he will be in the baby’s life even if he has to fight for it. She tells him well the fight just got a lot harder as she slams the door in his face.

Clint unties Esther’s hands because he wants her to write her daughter a note telling her what a great time she is having on her honeymoon so they won’t suspect something.

Ashley gets a text message from Billy and she says he is very upset. Jack suggests taking Ashley out for coffee. When she reaches for her coat he asks her how Abby is doing. She tells him she is struggling with Victor adding as in Colleen. He directly accuses Jack of pressuring Colleen into taking Brad’s board seat. Jack says Colleen has every right to do that and besides he didn’t have to tell her about it because it is written in the bylaws. Victor gets mad saying he doesn’t give a damn but tells Jack to look what he is doing to his sister. Ashley gets between them asking what the matter with the two of them is. She said Brad is dead and his two daughters are grieving. She asks if they are so blind to everything but their feud with each other. She looks at Victor and asks if this is how their life is going to be like. She tells him to tell her now because if it is she will take her daughter and leave, saying he will lose them both. She looks at Jack and asks if that is what he wants too. Victor stands up and tells her it is ok, and that he is sorry.

When Jill gets home she asks Cloe how the baby is doing. Cloe tells her she is doomed to horrible relationships with men, just like her mother and her mother’s mother. When Jill wonders if it is post partum depression she is going through Cloe says no it is post Billy depression. She tells Jill that Billy proposed to her and she threw him out. Jill is surprised to hear that Billy proposed. Cloe says he wanted the baby though not her. She admits it was ok with Cane but she is in love with Billy. Jill tells her that she just can’t rely on Billy. She says Esther should be there with her right now and wonders where she is anyway. Cloe tells her that her mother is with Roger and it doesn’t matter since her mother has never been there for her before so why start now.

After Clint gets Esther to write the note he heads out the door to drop it off warning Roger not to let all hell break loose while he is gone. Roger tells Esther to sheer up saying at least Cloe won’t be worried about her now. Esther tells Roger that Jill was right about him all along. Katherine asks her how Jill is doing. Esther says she is still a class A bitch but she does miss her. She says everybody does.

Murphy is wearing one of the t-shirts with Find Katherine on it. He tells the kids he appreciates their efforts but he hates all the tension it has caused. He looks at the note Katherine left him and as he reads it he says something is off about it. Kevin wonders if maybe that is a clue as he takes the note.

Cane and Lily are snuggling in his bed at his house. She tells him she missed that bed as they both kiss as though they are in heaven together.

Jack brings Ashley a cup of tea as she tells him she doesn’t expect him and Victor to end their war but she says she can’t take the sniping anymore. Victor and Jack agree to put it on hold. Colleen hugs Ashley as she is about to go and sends her regards to Abby. She gives Victor a civil good bye look. Victor says she is a sweet girl and he is sorry that he let Jack lead him into an argument and promises not to let that happen again.

While they are still tied up, Esther, Katherine and Annie start talking. Roger is trying to peel an apple when Katherine tells him he should let Esther do that for him saying she is a champion at that. Sarcastically he says yeah then he should give them all a knife and they can have a contest. He asks her if she thinks he is stupid. While he is sitting there griping about every woman he ever married being a know-it-all, Katherine manages to loosen her ropes.

Cloe isn’t very impressed when she sees the baby t-shirt Amber brought to her for the baby with Find Katherine on it. Cloe admits to Amber that Billy is really the baby’s father. She says she is a horrible person and a human dartboard today. She tells Amber to go on and take her shot at her. Amber understands her but asks how Cane took the news. Cloe tells her he is pissed and well Billy is just Billy. Amber reminds her that at least she still has the baby though. Cloe cries on Amber’s shoulders that she only did this for the baby though.

Billy goes to Brad’s house to talk to Ashley, saying this is a nightmare for him. He says when he sees Cane holding the baby he wants to pull his teeth out with pliers. Victor thinks Billy’s reaction is normal since the baby is his daughter, Billy says but Cane married Cloe and he signed the baby’s birth certificate. He tells them he asked Cloe to marry him and she threw him out. He says he isn’t sure he can handle being a father and the unstable Cloe. He asks Ashley if she thinks he should let Cane have the baby. She tells him to do what his heart tells him. Billy says he loves the child but this is him. He knows he will screw things up and the kid’s life too. He says Cane is a jerk and will teach the baby to hate him so he really doesn’t know what to do.

Cane and Lily are still in bed together kissing. She tells him it has been so long since she felt this way. She tells him not to stop as they kiss more. As they start kissing they start taking their clothes off and they make love.

Amber brings Cloe a glass of water while Cloe pours her heart out to her. She admits that Billy is the one she wants and he knows it now. She ands the baby to Amber and she gets the little t-shirt. Amber says she was pregnant once but lost the baby. She says she hasn’t given it much though about having another one but maybe one day with Daniel.

Jack and Colleen both figured out that Victor knows Jack was behind her decision to take the seat herself. Jack sees Jill and congratulates her on the new “Abbott” in her family tree. He tells her not to think of it as losing a Chancellor. She says if Cane has his way the baby will be raised as a Chancellor. He tells her he won’t though once Billy is married Cloe. She sees Jack hasn’t heard about this yet as she has great pleasure in telling him about Cloe turning Billy’s proposal down and throwing him out.

Katherine has almost got her ropes loosened completely as Esther and Annie bicker back and forth. When Roger comes back Katherine whines that her ropes are tied too tight. Roger stoops over her asking her if she thought she had him fooled.

Amber mentions having a baby to Daniel making him squirm telling her they are no way near ready for that. Jill walks in seeing the t-shirts and is upset that they are selling them. She tells Amber to stop this to she will get an injunction. She takes out her wallet and offers to buy all that they have so she can throw them into the dumpster. Kevin tells them they should sell them to her and take the money to have a lot more of them made.

Jack holds the baby and says she has his Dad’s chin. He looks at her telling her that his Dad would have fussed all over her. Saying family meant everything to his father. He tells Cloe he has known about this a while but couldn’t betray Billy’s confidence. He tells her that Billy did confide in him that he has feelings for her but can’t tell her any more than that. He asks her not to give up on him so easily. He offers to let Billy and her live in his pool house so he can help keep Billy in line. He asks her if she doesn’t owe this to the baby to at least try it.

Ashley tells Billy how Abby got caught between two fathers but Brad and Victor never fought in front of her over her. Victor tells Billy that he is John Abbott’s son alright. He says he made a mistake and he owned up to it which is the measure of a good man. Victor tells him John Abbott was a good man. Victor says nothing is more important that children so he advices him not to make a rash decision.

Kevin goes over and over the note looking for some sort of clue. He notices that the first letter in ever sentence spells a name. He figures out it is spelling Clint. Amber wonders if that is just a coincidence. They wonder who Clint is though.

Roger tells Katherine she is lucky he tied her hands and not Clint. She looks at him telling him he is all heart. When Roger turns his back to her she manages to gets the ropes off her hands and knocks him in the back of the head with a book. She unties Esther and Annie gets herself untied and runs over to Katherine and Esther after picking up the knife. Roger yells to Annie to give him the knife. Esther tells her not to and Katherine yells for her not to listen to him. Annie can’t decide what to do. She throws the knife at Roger and it grazes his arm up against the wall. He grabs the knife and goes after them with it telling them they aren’t going anywhere. He asks Annie why she always does this reminding her that he is a bleeder. She tells him she should have aimed for his heart then says wait, she forgot, he doesn’t have one. He says damnit this is a new shirt too.

Lily thinks back to the last time they were there, happy and engaged. She says now here they are again. Cane tells her that Cloe was never in his bed. He admits she was never in his bedroom either. She tells him they do need to talk about Cloe and the baby though. He tells her he knows but not tonight as he hugs and kisses her.

Jack tells Billy he saw his daughter tonight saying she is pretty amazing. He says he tried to convince Cloe to reconsider Billy’s proposal and thinks he was pretty persuasive. Billy shakes his head saying he would have to be a miracle worker then. About then Cloe calls him wanting to talk again saying this time maybe he won’t make such an ass out of himself. She tells him she will call him tomorrow.

Victor is with the mystery woman he has brought to Genoa City. He tells her not to worry that soon the bandages will come off and she will be ready. He assures her that he has taken care of everything.

Jan Barrett

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