Nikki tells Katherine that the DNA tests should be ready today and that Olivia made sure there was no tampering with the results. She insists that Katherine takes her ring back saying she hope to see her wearing it for a lot more years before it will go to her. Katherine argues at first but finally gives in and she thanks Nikki calling her, her dear sweet friend. Gloria walks in and sees them and tells Nikki that she didn’t know she was a believer. She doesn’t hesitate to remind Katherine that she was the first one to believe it was her while they were in jail. Nikki rolls her eyes, when Katherine can’t remember her and Gloria being friends.

Amber is ready to go find Kevin when Detective Wallace comes in and tells them that Kevin’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene so they have come to the conclusion that he is the silver chipmunk that has been committing the recent robberies. He tells them but of course they already knew and now he wants to know what else they all know.

Kevin is seen outside a bank with all the alarms going off. He shoves the chipmunk head inside a large duffel bag as he looks around and then he walks off.

Jack joins Billy while he is meeting with the new REP for Jabot, Mary Jane Benson who says she is pleased to meet Jack finally. Jack says he never got a memo about this. Billy says that is because he didn’t issue one. He tells them they are in good hands but he has to go and he leaves.

Cloe tells Jill she is doing what’s best for everyone and that is to move in with Billy. She tells her that they had a talk last night and they have worked things out between them.

Billy shows up at Sharon’s door knocking. She tells him to stay away from her. He asks her to open the door reminding her that she has told him that before. When he talks her into opening the door he closes it behind him telling her that she doesn’t really want him to stay away.

Victor tells Ashley Adam will never make it in prison with him losing his eyesight and he is hoping that the judge will agree with him. She wishes him good luck when she leaves and tells him to call her after the hearing. Michael arrives while talking on his phone to Daniel. He tells him to handcuff her to the chair if he has to. Victor tells Michael that he wants him to tell the judge that Adam won’t make it in jail. Heather walks in and tells Victor he should have called her first but Victor says that would just have been a waste of his time.

When Cloe tells her mother about her leaving again Esther seems to understand telling her she must follow her heart. Jill takes the baby to tell her good bye and she also tells her not to believe anything her mother tells her about her. Jill warns Cloe to be careful even though she knows she thinks she is doing the right thing. She says Billy is a charmer with good intentions but is that enough. When Jill leaves Cloe tells Esther that she thinks Jill is right but she is still going to do this. Esther asks does that mean she is still moving out. Cloe says yes and Billy doesn’t know it yet but he has met his match.

Billy is trying to convince Sharon that she wants him there. He tells her that she looks stressed and he knows the perfect stress reliever. She stops him reminding him that Phyllis knows about them and she has a big mouth, she is threatening to tell Jack. She tells him if it gets out how will he explain it to Noah and when Delia gets older how will he explain it to her.

Jack tells Mary Jane that he hopes she won’t take this the wrong way but Jabot is a family business and they usually make the decisions together. She says she has done her homework and she knows he is the driving force of Jabot. She says she plans to focus on his persona as well as Jabot’s profile. She says his image has been tarnished with all his past indiscretions which she names off from a list. She says if they can’t trust the man, why trust the product. She says the bottom line is that Jack’s image is holding the company back.

Michael gives the judge the medical affidavit from the eye doctor. The judge asks Adam if he is able to see at all. Adam says he can see bits, like shapes. Michael tells the judge about Adam’s mother’s medical history and how he has apparently inherited the gene which has caused him to become blind as well. Victor has offered to pay any outstanding fines and tells the judge he is well aware of the crimes his son has committed. He says the circumstances have changed here and to keep him in prison right now would be a death sentence for him. He says he is just asking that they change Adam’s location of imprisonment.

Gloria is crushed that Katherine can’t remember being in jail together. Katherine is sure that they were never friends though. Gloria tells her that she put her in her will. Nikki says but they were never friends. Katherine only left her those stocks in John’s memory. Gloria asks Katherine if she knows why her son Kevin went after her and he is still missing. Katherine says she is praying that they find him. Gloria raves on that Kevin saved her life, in fact they saved her life so it would be nice if she could help him. Nikki tells Gloria it was nice to see her and asks if she will excuse them. When she leaves them Katherine thinks it is ironic that Gloria wants to be her friend while her own daughter wants nothing to do with her. She admits that she misses Jill. Nikki tells her she might be able to do something about that and then calls Jill asking her to meet with her at the club.

Jana denies knowing anything about the chipmunk as does Daniel and Amber. Detective Wallace leaves them his card telling them to call him anytime if they hear anything. When he is gone, Jana doesn’t think they should wait for Michael but Daniel is worried that the cops might be watching them. Jana finds on the computer where there was another robbery in Minnesota. She is clearly upset when she asks what this hold that Clint has on Kevin is. She says that this is not Kevin acting on his own. Amber assures her that he is going to come home.

Kevin goes back to the cabin where Clint is. Clint asks him where he has been. When Kevin hands Clint the bag of money his anger seems to fade. He tells Kevin he is going to buy them a slammin’ ride. He tells Kevin to grab that bottle for him, calling him ‘son’. Clint starts panting saying it’s all this adrenaline, all this green. He looks at Kevin and tells him No doctor calling him a little piss ant. He tells Kevin there is no way he is going to lose all this money now. Kevin cries out “Daddy” tell me what to do, no, no, no. Dad! Then Clint falls to the floor.

When Jill gets to the club she is irritated to see Katherine there. Katherine tells her about the Christmas gift she left for her which was lingerie and it was delivered by mail. Jill sees that she is wearing the emerald ring so she assumes Nikki now believes she is Katherine so she accuses Nikki of coaching Katherine. They tell Jill about the new DNA tests that they are having done and Jill wants to know how they managed that. Nikki explains about her hair on the ring and when the results are in they will have the proof they need.

When Billy comes in Cloe yells out that she doesn’t want to see him. He wonders why she isn’t at home already. She tells him she is home. When Esther goes to get some tea Billy tells Cloe he doesn’t have time for this. Cloe asks him why she would leave there where Delia has two loving grandmothers. Bill talks to her about the chemistry between them and the fun they will have at the pool house. She says never mind that there is only one bed there, but he says he will manage. Cloe pulls away from him and tells him she has lots of space there where she is. He reminds her of Cane and begs her to move with him.

Jack tells Mary Jane they won’t need her services. After a few flattering words she hands him her card and tells him to call her and they can get started. When he is leaving he sees Sharon and runs to catch up to her. She tells him she is checking out of the hotel. He asks if that means what he thinks it means. She tells him she is moving back into the house if that is still ok. He says it is more than ok as he hugs her.
When Gloria gets to Crimson Lights they tell her still no word from Kevin. She doesn’t know anything about this chipmunk and what it has to do with Kevin. Jana tells her about Kevin’s fingerprints being all over the crime scene. Jana says she is sure that Clint is behind this because there is no way that Kevin would shoot an innocent person for money. Amber says she is going to check on Mrs. C but Daniel warns her not to do anything stupid. She kisses him and tells him he knows her and she leaves.

Kevin doesn’t know what to do. He yells out for his Mom saying he doesn’t know what to do. He tells himself that he didn’t mean to be bad. He tells Clint to wake up and then he drags him into the closet and shuts the door saying he has been a bad, bad father so now he has to stay in the closet. He says when he is good then maybe he will let him out.

The judge releases Adam into Victor’s care for the rest of his 18 month sentence. He says he has to wear an ankle monitor and is restricted to the house and grounds except for when going for medical treatments. Heather asks for an independent medical examination which the judge grants. Adam thanks the judge. The judge doesn’t envy Victor being his son’s jailer. Heather tells Adam she is glad he is out of prison. He asks why she sent him there to begin with then. She says as an officer of the courts she had no choice. Victor tells Adam that the authorities will take him out to the ranch and he tells Adam he can show his gratitude by acting like Victor Newman’s son.

Amber walks over to Katherine and Jill while Nikki is on the phone. She is happy when they tell her that Nikki believes her. They tell her that another DNA test has been done. Nikki has the results and is told that it is bad news. She says the test say she can’t be Katherine. Katherine says something is wrong. Nikki says that the test wasn’t tampered with though, she says they aren’t a match. Katherine goes upstairs but Amber chases after her. Amber still thinks she is Mrs. C but tells her she has to go find Kevin. She says she hates to leave her like this but hands her an envelope of cash to tide her over while she is gone. Katherine thanks her then sends her off to find Kevin.

Sharon arrives at the Abbott’s home but isn’t sure she is doing the right thing. She doesn’t want to mislead Jack. She sighs and says it is good to be home.

With an officer following her Ashley leads Adam inside the house. She tells him that Victor had to go to the office. The officer hands Ashley details of his home detention rules and then places the ankle monitor and then he leaves. She tells Adam he can’t be more than 200 feet from the receiver and if he does go out of range the cops will be notified and he will be picked up and out back in prison. He thanks Ashley for talking Victor into doing this for him complimenting her saying he has never seen anyone handle Victor like that. She tells him she and Victor have a special connection and then she tells him she is pregnant.

Jill says she wishes her mother was alive but she is gone so please let her rest in peace. Nikki is still convinced she is Katherine but when she asks for Marge’s room, they tell her that she just checked out after paying her bill in cash. Jill looks at Nikki and says what did I tell you?

Adam congratulates Ashley on the baby saying wouldn’t it be nice to have a good relationship with at least one half sibling. He says he knows Ashley has a lot on her plate but he doesn’t want to get in her way. Ashley tells him she has to go but says if there is anything she can do, to let her know. She tells him Estella will be there if he needs anything. She tells him she would love it if he and Victor could get along. Adam says he will do everything he can to make that happen.

Victor asks Mary Jane how things went. She reports that it all went the way they planned it to. Victor says Jack wants what he can’t have. Mary Jane says she enjoyed watching Jack squirm saying he was irritated. Victor asks was Jack intrigued. She says yes he was very intrigued. She says it was thrilling to watch him take the bait. Victor tells her to continue following his directions and there will be more thrills to come.

Jack takes Sharon’s coat and she tells him it is a relief to be out of the club where everyone knows everyone’s business. Cloe comes in with Billy who is carrying luggage and the baby’s things. . Cloe tells Jack that Billy convinced her to come back with him. Jack thinks that is great and announces that Sharon is moving back in too. He says they can be a big happy family. Billy looks at Sharon and neither of them seems to be too happy about this.

Amber arrives at the crime scene and as she searches in her purse she finds her ringing phone. It is Daniel calling so she ignores it. She finds an officer and asks if they found the bank robber yet.

Kevin sits down to read the newspaper headlines when he sees Chancellor Imposter Injured in Explosion. He props the paper up in the chair and then turns the TV on to hear the news about the reports of the latest chipmunk robbery. He says no way! That is him. He looks proud of himself. He yells out asking his dad if he is still proud of him. He tells Clint he did what he wanted him to do and wants to know what’s next. He aims the gun at the newspaper at the picture of Katherine.

Nikki is shell shocked. She tells Jill she just can’t believe it. Jill tells her that Marge took the ring and left, calling Nikki a sucker. She walks out leaving Nikki looking so confused.

Katherine goes to Crimson Lights with the envelope of money that Amber gave her. She says to herself that well maybe this is the way it was meant to be. She says she survived the car accident. She says she has cheated death and fate and she just doesn’t belong here anymore. She gets into a taxi and says goodbye.

Jan Barrett

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