Jack and Sharon are wondering about this actor. They say if they shave the beard and cut his hair they just might be able to pull this one off. They send him into the bathroom to change into some of John’s clothes. After he is taking so long they start to think this was a bad idea and decide to give the man a plane ticket home along with $50. When he comes out the bathroom they are shocked to see him standing there. Jack says he looks just like his Dad. They tell Alistair that they need him to play a prank on someone that is harmless. He wants to know what his compensation will be. Jack tells him $10,000 that will be held in escrow til he completes the task. Alistair seems to like this deal.

Gloria comes back downstairs and sees the jacket of John’s still there on the sofa. When Jeffery comes in she asks him if he put the jacket there. He tells her he doesn’t even have access to John’s things so how could he have done that. She says he always says he could do anything. He asks her why he would do that anyway. He has told her he has fallen in love with her. He asks her if she still works since she hasn’t been to the office in days. He thinks she should go in to get her mind cleared. She tells him she isn’t crazy and walks off.

Paul goes to see Nikki and tells her he has a favor to ask of her. He tells her that his daughter is thinking of a career move and he wants to know if they would have any openings that she might be able to do there. He tells her it is about Heather and Nikki is surprised that she is the child he had with April. He tells her not too many people in town know about it and he would appreciate it if she didn’t spread the news. She takes Heather’s phone number and promises not to mention that he came to her about this.

When he leaves Nikki calls Heather and tells her she heard that she is a great lawyer and she was wondering if she would consider moving into corporate law. Heather tells her she had been considering it so they arrange for her to stop by at Jabot and talk to Nikki.

Danny comes in at Restless Style with Nick and surprises Phyllis. She tells him she hasn’t told Daniel he was coming yet so she asks him if he could kind of lay low til she can tell him. They tell her it is too late, he has already seen Daniel. Phyllis tries calling Daniel but he won’t answer the phone. Danny is mad because she didn’t talk to Daniel before she invited him there and he vows to make it right between him and Daniel.

Amber comes in to work and Phyllis jumps on her right away and tells her she can not just leave when she wants to like that. She tells Phyllis she was with Daniel. Phyllis asks her if he is ok. Amber says no and she should go see about him. Phyllis takes offence and tells Amber that she thinks she needs to set something straight here. She says she will take care of her family and she expects Amber to be here to do the job she was hired to do. Phyllis asks where Daniel is and Amber says at the penthouse.

When Phyllis goes to see Daniel she says she is sorry. She says she tried to warn him but she couldn’t reach him. Daniel says he isn’t that hard to find. She begs him to try and see his Father. Daniel says he is not his father. Phyllis says Danny was more of a Father than any other man ever was. She asks him if he can please at least come back to work and he does agree to that.

Heather meets with Nikki she drills her about how she handled the DA’s case when investigating Victor. Heather stood her grounds and was ready to walk out when Nikki stopped her. She told her that she was only testing her. She says she would like to draw up a proposal if she is still interested in the job and she will get back to her. Heather goes over to Crimson Lights and tells Paul about her job interview with Nikki Newman.

Danny comes in and Paul introduces Heather to him. She tells him her roommate in college was one of his biggest fans. She finally connects the last name with Daniel’s. Danny says sometimes it isn’t as easy as it seems. Heather looks at Paul and tells him they know all about that around there. Danny looks up and sees Phyllis standing in the door as she is walking in. Phyllis tells Danny she just talked to Daniel and he is pretty upset. Danny tells her it is because she blew it. Danny throws a fit saying he should have never come back. She tells him she doesn’t know what he wants from her but she honestly doesn’t care what he thinks of her. All she cares about is her son and how this is affecting him. She tells Danny he can leave town if he wants but she thinks that would be a big mistake. She says she thinks he needs to stay and work this out with his son.

Gloria goes home and she tells Jeffery that she worked her butt off today. She says all she wants to do is take a long hot bath. Jeffery hugs her and tells her he will help her out by drawing that bath for her. She tells him that would be very nice if he would do that for her, and then as they hug she opens her eyes and she sees John staring in through the window at her and she screams and backs away from Jeffery, shaking.

Jan Barrett

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