Ashley tells Victor that Adam is paying the price now for setting him up for murder. Victor agrees with her as they enter the room. Ashley is shocked when she sees Adam with his face all bloody as he sits down across from them. Victor asks him who did this to him. Adam answers “You did, thanks Dad.”

Phyllis asks Sharon doesn’t she ever get tired of chasing after her husband. Sharon says she is tired of Phyllis’s immature paranoid behavior. Phyllis says if she is looking for Nick he left for China. Sharon says she already knows that. She accuses Phyllis of sending Nick to her hotel suite hoping he would find her in there doing something bad. Phyllis tells her she saw her with Billy. She tells Phyllis that Billy is her brother in law and they are just friends. Phyllis tells her she saw them kissing and it was a kiss that could stop traffic. She says poor Jack and then she asks if he knows that his soon to be ex-wife is sleeping with his little brother.

Billy tells Jack that you can’t just add water to make an instant family. Jack urges him more to do the right thing with Cloe and the baby. Cloe comes in with the baby and tells Billy that she tried to make the family thing work but she can’t do it alone.  He asks her what she wants from him. She tells him she doesn’t want anything anymore. She announces that she and the baby are moving back in with her mother and Billy can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Karen calls Neil telling him that the social worker will be there any minute now. Anna is there all excited. Karen says if all goes well she will finally have a permanent home. Karen says she will feel better about all this when Neil once gets there. Neil is about to leave but is stopped by Devon. He tells Neil about seeing him yesterday with Tyra. He says Neil just married Karen and now he is about to adopt Anna so he wants to know why he is having an affair now with Anna’s Mother.

Phyllis wonders what Jack would say if he knew all this so she suggests they find out as she goes for the phone. Sharon asks her why would she hurt Jack like that calling Phyllis a vindictive bitch. Phyllis calls Sharon the poor innocent delicate flower. Sharon yells back that to begin with it was Phyllis seducing her husband. Phyllis comes back at her telling her she didn’t even fight for him. She says while Sharon was trying to seduce Nick back she has been forced to sit and listen to him admitting to her that he still has feelings for Sharon. She looks at Sharon and tells her but she doesn’t have to do that anymore because now it is over, he is done with her.

Jack seems determined to help Billy work things out between him and Cloe but Billy doesn’t have much to say except that he doesn’t think it is going to work either especially if Cloe threatens to move out everything he screws up. Cloe sits down and tells Jack what Billy did this time. Billy says he didn’t know Cane and Lily would show up there when he left the baby with Jill and claims he is doing the best he can. Cloe tells him well his best is not good enough. She says Cane can’t wait to get his hands on their baby. Billy tells her to get out. Cloe looks at Jack and tells him to say good bye to his niece.

Victor says he is sorry for what someone did to Adam but refuses to take the blame. Adam insist that it is his fault saying that he got beat up because they think he is some spoiled rich kid. He needs protection money in there and Victor coming there to see him makes matters worse.. Victor tells him he put himself in there so why should he feel guilty. Adam tells him he has owned up to his mistakes and is taking his punishment but now he is going blind and he won’t make it there. Ashley asks Victor isn’t there something he can do. Victor tells her he will see what he can do. Adam tells him to either do something or leave him and never come back. He says if he can’t do anything for him to make it better then he doesn’t want him to continue making it worse.

Cloe reminds Jack that he told her he would handle Billy. Billy says he had business at Jabot so he left the baby with his mother, and he doesn’t think that can be called abandoning the baby. Cloe asks if he was checking out a new cosmetic line or something that would explain the lipstick all over his collar. Jack asks Billy if he would care to explain that. Cloe asks if Billy abandoned his daughter to be with some ‘ho’ saying he hopes she was worth losing his daughter over. Cloe says she doesn’t care if any of the Abbott’s ever see Delia again. Billy says Cloe is crazy. He asks what was he suppose to do. He thinks he has done everything he can think of to make this work. Jack accuses Billy of not caring and wants to know when he became so shallow. Jack warns Billy if he isn’t careful he could end up with nothing.

Sharon says she feels sorry for Nick having to live with someone so insecure. She says Phyllis manipulated a good man like Brad by sending him out to his death. Phyllis tells her that Brad died because Sharon sent him away in the middle of a snowstorm and she used him. Sharon cries saying but Phyllis sent him there to begin with. Phyllis insists that she sent Brad there to stop Sharon from going after her husband again and again. Sharon brags that she got Nick and it was really good just ask him. Phyllis tells her she need to leave as she opens the door for her. She tells Sharon to leave so she can make some phone calls about her and Billy. Sharon drops her purse and the monkey figurine falls out. Sharon starts to cry and shake but Phyllis has no sympathy for Sharon.

Karen and Anna thank the social worker, Mrs. Harris for coming by. Karen says Neil got caught up at work but he is on his way. When Anna asks about Tyra Karen tells her that she is busy and then Karen goes to make Anna a Shirley Temple.

Neil wants to know what Devon thinks he saw. Devon asks him how he could do this. He tells Neil he couldn’t even call him last night because he was afraid Karen would answer the phone. Neil can just apologize but Devon asks if he is sorry for what, having an affair with his aunt? Neil says he didn’t plan for this to happen. Devon tells him things like this happen to other people not to his father. Neil says he tried to stop it but Devon tells him it didn’t look that way to him. He wonders how Anna would feel if she found out or better yet what if child services found out. He asks Neil if he is in love with Tyra. Neil doesn’t know how to answer that question. Devon is more irritated and tells him that he is the only father figure he has ever had. He says he use to look up to him too saying he was the one person he always thought he could count on to know right from wrong and now he has let him down

Victor asks Adam if he is asking him to get him out of prison. Then he says but Adam has no remorse and no apology for what he has done to him or his family. He tells Adam he doesn’t like his attitude saying his mother would be ashamed. Adam says right, when all else fails bring up his mother. He tells Victor his mother would be more ashamed of him. Victor decides that Adam’s attitude will get him nowhere and comes to the conclusion that he has learned nothing in prison.

Victor says he hasn’t let Hope down saying he has kept his promise to her. He gave Adam every opportunity but he chose to stab him in the back instead. Adam tells him to get him the hell out of there or stop wasting his time. Victor tells him that he was going to help him but he has changed his mind now. When Victor walks out Ashley tells Adam she will get Victor to change his mind. She says he will calm down and help him. Adam tells her that she doesn’t know Victor as well as she thinks she does and then yells for the guard to take him back to his cell.

Phyllis picks up the figurine as Sharon asks her to give her a minute. Phyllis asks if this is how she played Brad and Nick and tells her good job. Sharon tries to explain what has been going on in her life lately, how everything seems to be in a fog and she is waiting on it to lift. She says she can’t feel her feet on the ground, she feels like she is floating. Phyllis tells her she is sure she can’t feel the air under her feet but she sure can feel the mattress under her back. Sharon pleads with her saying it is never going to happen again. She tells Phyllis not to hurt Billy and Jack because she is angry with her.

Billy signs the bill at the club saying he is tired of being lectured. Jack tells him he knows what it’s like to lose his own flesh and blood and begs Billy to think long and hard about this before he leaves. Billy admits he does love the baby but doesn’t want Cane to take his daughter. Jack tells him he never should have left the baby with Jill to have afternoon sex with some tramp. Billy quickly says she is no tramp and tells Jack not to call her that. This makes Jack wonder.

Mrs. Harris is getting tired of waiting for Neil saying she can’t wait much longer. Karen tells her that normally Neil is a responsible man so something had to be holding him up. Suddenly Neil walks in apologizing for being late. Karen asks him what kept him.

Phyllis isn’t falling for Sharon’s tears. Sharon begs her not to hurt Jack and begs her to please not tell him about Brad. Phyllis asks her doesn’t she mean Billy. Sharon says oh yeah she meant Billy. Phyllis tells her that she thinks she needs some help but Sharon says no. When Phyllis gets a call Sharon leaves but takes the money figuring off the table as she goes out the door.

Jack asks Billy why was he so defensive when talking about the woman he was with. He asks Billy if he has feelings for her or something. Billy tells him not to talk about her like that since he doesn’t even know her. Sharon calls Billy and he tells her now isn’t a good time. She asks if he is with someone right now and he says yes so she tells him that Phyllis knows about them and she is threatening to tell so it is over between them. Billy objects to it without letting Jack know who he is talking to. Billy has to go but Jack wonders what is going on. When Billy starts to leave he tells Jack he doesn’t need his help with this situation.

Victor flashes back to when the doctor told him and Hope that Adam may become blind. Ashley comes in and tells Victor that Abby is with friends so it is just the two of them for dinner. He asks her if she thought he was too hard on Adam. When he says Adam has no spine, Ashley reminds him that he wasn’t there to instill Adam’s loyalty like he was with Nick and Victoria and now Adam is losing his eyesight and needs his father. Victor says Adam created all this on his own. He says he has also made his own choices so now he is just going to have to deal with it.

Mrs. Harris tells the Winter’s to expect several home visits in the next few weeks and she wishes them good luck. Neil apologizes for being later as she leaves. Karen wants to know what held him up. He tells her he was talking to Devon. When Anna goes to eat something Karen tells Neil Anna asked about Tyra so she thinks they need to tell her that Tyra won’t be working there anymore. Neil says not they don’t have to because he didn’t fire Tyra. Karen looks really upset.

Ashley tells Victor that Adam needs someone to guide him back. Victor says well it won’t be him. Ashley points out Adam’s accomplishments on his own and then reminds him about what he wrote to Adam saying he would always be his son. She tells Victor he needs to heal his relationship with Adam or he will carry the guilt with him for the rest of his life. He says who says he was feeling guilty. When she leaves Victor thinks back to Hope on her deathbed as she was telling him what their son was like. She told him that Adam had his strength and vulnerability and she was so proud of him and she tells him he will be too.

Billy got to see Cloe and tells her he is sorry he let her down. He says he broke it off with the woman he was with and he has flowers for Cloe.  She tells him store flowers are not going to sweep her off her feet. Billy says now he wants to put the baby first. He begs her for another chance saying this is not like flipping on a light switch like good Billy, bad Billy. He asks her to let him prove he wants to be a Daddy as he kisses Cloe’s hand.

Jack goes to see Sharon and notices she has been crying. When he tells her to talk to him she says she can’t keep leaning on men. She says she is tired but she is fine. She cries in his arms and admits to Jack that she is a real mess. She says if he knew what she had done but he tells her that he would love her no matter what and then asks if there is someone else. She sarcastically says of course, since she can’t seem to be on her own. She always seems to grab the first guy that walks by. Jack tells her he doesn’t care who she has been with. He says he loves her so nothing else matters. He just wants her back and begs her to come home. He says he wants to take care of her.

Adam tells Ashley it is pointless to try to help. She tells him he is as stubborn as his father is. She tells him he needs to try to be less hostile He talks about his life  and all that has happened within a year and now he is going blind. He says he doesn’t know what to do. He notices Victor has returned. Victor tells him he is going to talk to the DA about getting him out and help for his eye sight. He says he will be released into his custody and he will have to live at the ranch and he will tow the line or he will land himself back in prison. He asks Adam if he will agree to all this. Adam says yes, anything to get him out of there. Victor says well he will make it happen.

Cloe tells Billy if his lips are moving then he is lying. She says she won’t ever be able to trust him again. She says he has stomped on her heart. Billy tells her he is good looking as he puckers up his lips telling her to look at his kisser. He asks her how she can deny him. She says like this as she doubles him over with a knee to his gut and shoves him out the door. Billy uses his keys and goes back in. She tells him he is oversexed, untrustworthy, unreliable and a quite possibly a moron. After more words Billy grabs Cloe and gives her a long passionate kiss and before you know it Cloe is melting in his arms.

Sharon tells Jack it is too late to go back, she has made way too many mistakes. He doesn’t agree saying he has made mistakes too. He says this is killing him seeing her like this. She tells him he will only be disappointed as she urges him to turn and walk away. Jack refuses to give up. He tells her the day he married her was the happiest day of his life. He tells her he has been miserable since she left him. He misses her and Noah and wants her to come back. She asks him to please keep her safe from the rest of the world. Jack promises her it will be just her and him and nobody else as he kisses her. They are removing their clothes and end up on the bed. We see the little figurine that Sharon stole from Phyllis’s house sitting on the sofa.

When Phyllis goes home she notices the figurine missing and remembers that it was the one she picked up earlier from the floor when Sharon was there. She suddenly realizes that it had to be Sharon that took it.

Jan Barrett

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