Katherine goes to Restless Style to see Amber. She hands her a check to help back her new clothing line business. Amber is excited and shows Daniel. She hugs Katherine who looks at Daniel and winks.

Nick and Phyllis are running around trying to get everything together for the party tomorrow night. Nick tells Phyllis he will do what ever it takes to make this party a success. Danny Romalotti calls and confirms to Phyllis that he will be happy to perform at their party for Restless Style.  Danny asks Phyllis how Daniel is. After she is off the phone Phyllis looks around for Amber and asks a girl working there if she knew where Amber was. The girl tells her that Amber and Daniel took off a little while ago and didn’t say where they were going. Phyllis seems a little puzzled.

Amber and Daniel are having a drink to celebrate being able to start their new clothing line when she looks at the check. She notices the amount on the check. She says it happens to be the same amount that they decided they would need to get started. Daniel just looks surprised and smiles. She asks him if he talked to Katherine about it. He still sits there and smiles. She laughs and says and just when she thought things were going downhill this happens.

Victor is going through his mail when he runs across his invitation to Restless Style’s party. He tosses it into the garbage just as Victoria walks in. She digs it out and tells him he really should go to the party. He says he wishes Nick would open his eyes and see the magazine business is not a good business to start.

Jeffery is upset with Gloria for using Lauren being there in the house as an excuse to not make love to him. Lauren walks in faking being upset still and pretends to have been crying all night saying she is more upset now than she was last night. Gloria tells her she can stay there with them as long as she wants to, making Jeffery even more furious at her. Lauren tells Gloria she thinks she and Michael need a few days apart. She says she really missed the baby so she wants to know how they would feel about her bringing him there. Gloria says they would love to have their grandson there with them. She thanks them and says she will get dressed and go get some of her things and the baby. When she walks out Gloria tells Jeffery she will talk to Michael and have him patch things up between him and Lauren and she will be back home within a few days.

Jeffery calls Jack and tells him he needs to get over there and handle this before Gloria gets back. Lauren walks in and hears him so when he hangs up she asks him just what does Jack need to come over and handle. Jeffery tells her that Jack and Sharon want to come over and pick up some things and he wanted them to come before Gloria comes home. Lauren says she believes that he said handle. What would Jack have to handle. He says it is Gloria’s house now so he thought it would prevent a fight.

Jack calls Lauren and asks her to meet with them about advertisement for Fenmore’s with Restless Style. She isn’t keen on it but agrees to. Jack tells Sharon they are going to have to distract Lauren to keep her away from the mansion. Meanwhile Jeffery tells Gloria that he will let her get away with Lauren there but not for long. He tells her to do what she has to do to get those two back together or else. He tells her they have the house to themselves right now so he wants to make good use of the time. He says he is going downstairs to get a bottle of good wine.

When he leaves the room Gloria walks around wondering how she can get out of this when she notices a jacket laying over the sofa. She smells it and then notices it has the initials J A on the inside and she realizes it is John’s jacket. She drops it and runs out the room shaking. Jeffery was spying on her and he just laughs as she runs out.

Nick calls Victoria and asks her if she would come down and try on some dresses to model for them. She accepts the invitation after JT tells her to go for it. She talks Sabrina into going along with her. When they get to Restless Style they talk Sabrina into modeling some of the clothes along with Victoria.

Sharon and Jack find an actor that looks similar to John on the internet. They want to hire him to pretend to be John’s ghost to scare Gloria. Sharon talks to the man on the phone and he agrees to meet with her. As they are about to leave the restaurant Jack notices Victor eating and decides to say hello. Sharon tells him not to gloat as she goes to reserve a room for the actor.

Jack tells Victor how nice it is to see him eating yet another meal alone. Victor tells him it was a pleasant one til he showed up. Jack asks him if he is going to come to the party tomorrow night. Victor tells him he has no interest in watching him and his son lose their money.

Nick is at Crimson Light’s when Danny walks in and surprises him. Nick tells him he didn’t waste any time getting there. When he turns around Danny sees Daniel standing there. Daniel is surprised to see Danny and asks him what the hell he is doing there. Amber is shocked to meet Danny.

Adam asks Victor if he has heard of Daniel Romalotti. Victor says yes he is a singer. Adam says he is Phyllis’s ex husband and he is scheduled to sing at Restless Style’s party and he thinks that maybe he should attend the party since it would be good for advertisement. Victor tells him that is up to him.

Jack and Sharon go to Restless Style and find no one around. Sharon tells Jack she wants to check her email messages before they leave. Someone comes in the door just as she turns the computer on and it is a man with an Irish accent. He tells them he is looking for a Sharon Abbott. When Sharon looks at his face she says Oh My God, then Jack looks and he says the same thing.

Jan Barrett

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