Michael asks why Jana, Daniel and Amber are showing him a video of a chipmunk robbing a check cashing place. They point out to him the scarf that Amber made for Kevin, saying it is the only one like it so it has to be Kevin.

Nikki says she can’t believe she stayed up until 3:30 talking to Katherine on the phone. She is feeling guilty about not knowing it was Katherine before this. She says she should have felt it was her. Katherine tells her she understands and asks who wouldn’t be skeptical.

Cloe needs to take Esther to the doctor because ever since the explosion she has been having headaches but Billy thinks she should take the baby. Cloe doesn’t want to take the baby so Billy has to stay there and babysit. Before they leave Billy gets a call from Mitchell Sherman informing him that he is trying to set up another DNA test for his grandmother. He says that Esther may be convinced that the woman is Katherine but he isn’t. He tells Cloe that with so much on his plate he can’t possibly babysit. Cloe tells him he is Celia’s father so it is not babysitting as she hurries off with Esther.

Billy calls Sharon asking if he can come over there. She tells him she just sent a text message to him asking him to come over but he says he never got it. Then we see Phyllis flipping Nick’s phone open and reading his text message that says to come over and to make sure no one sees him. She deletes the message saying “All gone” just as Nick comes downstairs and announces that he has to fly to China that afternoon. When she suggests that she goes with him he tells her the trip has a full itinerary and he wouldn’t have time for sightseeing. He gives her a kiss and says he has a few things he has to do before he leaves but will come back home before he leaves. As soon as he is gone Phyllis grabs a jacket and goes out the door too.

Michael can’t believe he is sitting there watching a video of his brother committing armed robbery wearing a chipmunk costume. It upsets him to know that it has gotten several hundred thousands hits online already. Jana doesn’t think it is Kevin but if it is she says someone must be forcing him to do it and Amber agrees with her. Michael and Daniel remind them that Kevin has broken into places before so he could have done this. Jana is quick to defend Kevin’s actions. Amber argues with Daniel about how quick he is to think the worse of Kevin in this.

Katherine looks at the photos of Summer that Nikki has. Katherine says she is going to be a heartbreaker. Nikki tells her she hope Summer doesn’t grow up to be like her mother though. Katherine tells Nikki that she has noticed that she hasn’t mentioned Victor. Nikki assures her that she is very happy with her new relationship with Paul and now that Katherine is back, she has only one problem in her life and that is to prove she is really Katherine. She tells Katherine they will prove it though and she tries giving her the emerald ring back. Katherine tells her no because she wanted her to have it and tells her to put it back on her finger. Nikki laughs as she asks Katherine if they are having a fight. Katherine tells her to put the damn ring on and let’s call it a day.

Sharon realizes she must have sent Nick the text message instead of Billy so she calls Nick and tells him to forget the last text she sent him. He tells her he never got any message from her. Sharon is a bit confused but tells him ok, then never mind. When Sharon answers her door after hearing a knock she finds Phyllis there asking her if she is surprised, asking Sharon if she was expecting it to be Nick.

Jill tells Billy of course she will watch the baby but wonders if Cloe knows about it. Billy tells her no she doesn’t but she was the best option. After he gives her instructions for the baby he takes off and not long after Cane and Lily arrive. Lily says apparently they picked the right time to show up for a visit since the baby is there. Cane picks the baby up talking to her telling her he loves her and he has a room for her at home with stars on the ceiling. Lily hesitates but finally holds the baby. Jill tells them they will make good parents and that even though she loves Billy too, he and Cloe are just so irresponsible.

When Nikki calls Michael to see if he can help her get another DNA test done for Katherine, he is floored when she tells him she believes it is Katherine for sure now. She tells him there is no doubt in her mind. Michael tells her she can have a private DNA test done because that is the only way she can get it done now. He tells her Jill would never agree to one now though. Nikki says not to worry she will handle this as she calls Jill asking her to meet with her at the club.

Sharon tells Phyllis that text she sent to Nick was a mistake, it was meant to go to someone else. She explains that she only called nick to apologize but Phyllis doesn’t believe her. Sharon tries throwing Phyllis out of her suite but Phyllis wants to know why she is so eager to get rid of her. She asks if she has an appointment with someone, then tells her it doesn’t take that long to take her clothes off. Sharon threatens to call security when Phyllis won’t leave so finally she goes out the door as Sharon opens it. Phyllis tells her when she sees Nick to tell him dinner is at 7.

Billy shows up soon after and the minute Sharon opens the door to him she kisses him. Phyllis sees Billy with Sharon and then Sharon’s door slams shut. Phyllis can’t believe her eyes. She sees a bellboy and asks him if he would give a message to Nick Newman as she gives him Nick’s number. She wants him to tell Nick that Mrs. Abbott needs him there right away. Inside the room suddenly Sharon stops saying this is crazy and it is just wrong. Billy tells her it isn’t an affair it is just sex between them with no strings. Sharon likes the sound of that so she says ok and goes back to what they were doing.

Jill asks Cane and Lily to watch the baby for her because Nikki called and needs to see her right away. When she leaves Cane notices that Lily has been kind of quiet. She tells him it is a bit strange. He tells her he loves the baby, not being her biological father doesn’t matter to him. Lily says she is still with him in his fight for custody even though she doesn’t really look happy about it.

When Esther and Cloe get back they see Billy is gone so they think he must have taken Delia to the office or home. A woman comes up to Cloe asking her if she is Cloe Ashby. When she says yes the woman hands her a paper and tells her she has been served. Cloe asks if they have to be kidding her as she reads what the paper is for. She says Cane is suing her for full custody. She text messages Billy who is with Sharon. He tells Sharon he has to make a call. Sharon is upset that he would stop in the middle of what they were doing to make a call. When he calls Cloe she tells him that Cane has filed a suit for full custody of the baby that he dumped off with his mother so he better get over there right now. Billy jumps out of bed telling Sharon he has to go who is not happy about him leaving her like that.

When Michael and Daniel wonder what would have made Kevin got to Stillwater to begin with. Jana thinks they are wasting there time saying Kevin would never do this. Michael and Daniel say they didn’t see a gun to Kevin’s head and they agree that he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Detective Wallace walks in saying he is glad he found them all together and asks them if any of them have heard from Kevin. Daniel hurries and closes his laptop where they had been looking at the video as they all try pointing the detective towards Clint to finding Kevin. Jana tells Detective Wallace that her husband is in trouble. The man tells them that he would love to find Kevin but he has no leads. He says if he is a victim then they need to help him because his life could be in danger. Jana whispers that maybe they should tell him and the detective asks her to tell him what when he heard her.

Nikki thanks Jill for meeting with her and offers to buy her a drink but Jill declines the offer. Katherine sits nearby hiding behind a newspaper as she watches. Nikki starts talking to Jill about how horrible Marge is. She starts crying and Nikki starts looking for a tissue and pulls one out for Jill but Jill tells her she is not crying and asks if this is why she called her there. She says she is not going to swap tears with her again. Nikki hugs her and manages to pull at Jill’s hair with the ring, pulling out a few strands. Nikki apologizes to her. Jill tells her to get some help if she needs it to accept Katherine being gone. Jill leaves and Nikki looks down at the ring saying thanks to Jill because she just gave her all the help she needs. Katherine slips Nikki the thumbs up for her approval.

Cloe goes to the Chancellor Estate with Esther and is very unhappy to see Cane there with the baby. She blames him for starting this war. Lily steps in defending Cane to Cloe by asking her how she can act like Cane is a menace. Esther tells Cane he can’t just take the baby like this. Cane says he didn’t even know the baby was there when they came over but Cloe doesn’t believe him. She tells them she didn’t abandon her daughter. Esther tells them Cloe took her to the doctor. Billy walks in and tells them the baby was with him. Cane tells him he couldn’t even bother to stick around and he throws it in Billy’s face that she is not his daughter, not for long.

JT asks Nick to bring him some security items back from China. He tells Nick he will look out for Phyllis and Summer while he is gone. Nick says Phyllis will be so busy while he is gone she won’t even notice him gone. JT asks if everything is alright with them and Nick tells him he is just looking for a little vacation time alone. Nick gets a call from the club telling him that Mrs. Abbott needs him to meet her there right away. Nick tells them OK he is on his way.

Michael tells Jana and Daniel and Amber that it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell about the video asking what would Clint do to Kevin if the cops start closing in. The detective insists that they cooperate with him or he could take them all in for questioning. Michael burst out that Kevin had been talking about going to Mexico. Amber and Daniel fuss that Michael was turning on his own brother. Michael tells them it is for his own good though. Detective Wallace takes notes and tells them he will check with transportation out of there and with border patrol. He tells them to let him know if they hear anything else. When he is gone Daniel goes back to the laptop as they all start trying to figure out where Kevin can be. Daniel gets another email saying Chipmunk Bandit strikes again.

Jill comes in while Cane and Billy are arguing. She tells Cloe and Billy that she didn’t see a problem with leaving the baby with Cane saying he is wonderful with her. When Delia starts crying Billy tells Cane to get out of his way. He stands over by Cloe who is holding the baby and then Cloe tells Cane to back off.

When Nick goes to Sharon’s suite he asks her what is wrong. He says he got a message saying to meet her there. She tells him she thought Noah had skipped school. She said she was down in the diner having breakfast when she thought she saw him so she asked the front desk to call him but it wasn’t him, it was just a false alarm and she apologizes to him for it. He says it is ok, he is just glad she is ok. He tells her he is going to China so if she needs anything, about Noah of course, then his office can reach him. She tells him ok and then good bye. When she closes the door behind him she says out loud nice try Phyllis.

Daniels email states that there is no video this time but it seems that the chipmunk must be filling his sack after a long winter. Chances are he will start getting more footage as he heads west. They ask what the last town he was seen in was. Jana wants to head right to that town but Michael stops her. Amber wonders to herself that she can’t just sit there. She has to find Kevin before the cops do.

Nikki and Katherine make toasts as their glasses are filled with orange juice. Nikki says here is to making her keep the ring since she never could have gotten strands of Jill’s hair without it. Katherine tells her that it was quick thinking. Olivia tells them she will be happy to make sure the tests results are not tampered with. Katherine vows to throw a party like the town has never seen before once she gets her life back.

Cloe and Billy leave to go home after they tells Esther from now on she will have to go to their home to visit the baby. Once they are gone Esther tells Jill she had no right. Cane tells Jill not to let Esther get to her. He tells her he should have warned her. Jill asks about Cane filing for full custody. He explains he had to. He says Billy was a father for 10 minutes and was already pawning her off and Cloe is off the wall. He tells Jill she is his witness. Jill says she saw how much Cloe loves that baby but then again she knows that she can take off any time and they would never see the baby again. She doesn’t like picking between her sons without doing reputable damage to all of them  but even though she thinks Billy will never forgive her she agrees to do whatever she can to help Cane because she thinks the baby needs stability and she won’t get that from Billy or Cloe.
Outside Cloe wipes lipstick off Billy’s face and tells him it must have been a really important meeting for him to have to leave Delia like he did. She tells him the lipstick really isn’t his color as she walks away.

When Nick goes home he tells Phyllis he is running late because he has to swing by Sharon’s to discuss a misunderstanding over Noah. He tells her he wanted to tell her before she heard about it from someone else. Phyllis assures her husband that she trusts him. He tells her he will call her when he lands. She kisses him goodbye and tells him she loves him. When he leaves Phyllis thinks to herself that Sharon was smart for getting rid of Billy before Nick arrives saying she is as quick on her feet as she is on her back. Just then someone knocks on the door and it is Sharon telling Phyllis that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Jan Barrett

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