Katherine tells Nikki it is good to see her best friend wearing the ring that meant so much to her. Nikki says yeah it meant so much to her that she sold it huh. Katherine tells her she would never sell it. She says that ring was given to her by her mother. She still can’t convince Nikki that she is Katherine so she leaves when Nikki tells her to get the hell out of there.

Amber tells Daniel that she doesn’t know how he puts up with her. He tells her Lord know it ain’t easy for him. She tells him that Mrs. C is the most amazing friend and she can’t just desert her. She promises him not to lie to him anymore but says she can never give up trying to help Mrs. C get her life back. They both say that they don’t believe Kevin is the one that set that bomb to go off. They think Clint is setting Kevin up to take the fall.

The teller at the check cashing place tells Kevin not to hurt anyone as he fills up Kevin’s bag with the cash. Kevin is wearing a chipmunk costume but doesn’t realize he is seen on the time stamped video surveillance camera.

Neil tells Tyra there is no easy way to say this. Tyra just assumes Neil is going to tell her about Karen seeing them kissing so she tells him she already knows about it. She tells Neil that she was really grateful for what they done for her. Neil tells her yes but he has something else to tell her too. He says under the circumstances he can’t work with her anymore so he is going to have to let her go.

Victor tells Ashley that according to Heather Adam is having trouble with his eyes. He tells her how Adam tried reading the letter he gave him when it was upside down. Victor says sad as it is he knows what Adam is capable of so he can’t help but wonder if this is another of Adam’s tricks.

Nikki and Victoria talk about the woman Marge. Nikki tells her it is like she has lost Katherine all over again. When Nikki tells Victoria how she feels about Victor and Ashley having another baby, she thinks the news of it should be killing her mother. Nikki tells her that maybe it is just her that has the problem with it. Victoria complains about how Victor favored Sabrina’s baby over her and Nick and then after Hope died it was Adam and now Ashley’s baby saying this baby means everything to him.

Ashley finds it hard to believe that Adam would be faking this. She says even if he is faking it he is going to need Victor. She tells Victor that either way he needs to find out the truth. Victor decides to go back to the prison and this time he won’t leave until he knows the truth.

Amber says she could just smack Jill and Nikki for the way they are treating Katherine. Katherine says she doesn’t take it personally because it is Marge they are rejecting, not her. Daniel is happy that their both out of the hospital and safe but wonders if there is anything Katherine can think of that can help them figure out where Kevin is. Amber gets Katherine ready saying she is taking her somewhere but won’t say where, saying it is a surprise. Daniel tells Amber to call him if she is going to be late. When they are gone Jana says she is going crazy worrying about Kevin but she blames Mrs. Chancellor for Kevin’s disappearance. When she starts wondering if he is dead somewhere, Daniel tells her that his gut is telling him that Kevin is still alive.

Kevin removes the chipmunk head of the costume and tells Clint that he got out quickly with no problems. Clint tells him he did good son. Clint tells him he gets an extra helping of the Mac and cheese tonight. Kevin tells him thank but Clint corrects him telling him to say Thank you sir. Clint tells him to stop looking so unhappy. This is just the beginning for them.

Devon comes in looking for Neil and asks Karen if everything is ok with her and Neil. She tells him they had some issues but it will be OK and he doesn’t have to be sorry about it. Just before Devon leaves he tells Karen that Neil loves her.

Tyra tells Neil that she kissed him first and she knows she should have stopped herself. She tells him he is great and like a knight in shining armor just like in a fairy tale. She says she never felt anything like she feels for him before. Neil takes his share of the blame but says they can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Tyra says she can’t blame Karen for wanting her to stay away from him. She tells Neil he is right, they can’t work together anymore she says she has to go and leaves.

When Victoria complains about the expected baby, Nikki tells her that she can’t change her father and she hopes she doesn’t plan to go to her father about how she feels. Nikki says it would be a waste of time, like it or not the baby is coming. Nikki denies caring saying as long as it doesn’t effect her or her brother she doesn’t care. She won’t be throwing Ashley a baby shower but she wishes Victor well. She says maybe this time he’s live happily ever after, for his sake she hopes so.

Adam jokes with Victor saying to think, all he had to do was start going blind to get time with him. Victor says if he might be going blind he can’t abandon him. Adam is insulted and asks if he thinks this is a bid for sympathy. Adam gets mad when Victor says well according to his track record for telling the truth. He tells his father that all he wants is to be left alone. Victor asks if it is because he is afraid he will find out he is lying or because he might have to ask him for help. Victor tells him he came for the truth and he brought along an optometrist to examine his eyes.

Jana reads on Daniels computer about a guy in Stillwater Minnesota dressed up like a chipmunk that robbed a check cashing place. While looking at the video Jana recognizes a scarf that the chipmunk is wearing that looks just like Kevin’s.

Clint tells Kevin he really hit the mother load but when Kevin complains about doing another robbery Clint screams at him that he will do as he is told. Kevin tells him he shouldn’t be so mean and then gives him a little shove. Kevin tells him he is going to hurt him as he shakes his fist at him and make him sorry for the way he treated him. Clint is shocked.

Amber surprises Katherine by taking her out to the diner where Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. are at. They are all happy to see her. Amber tells them about Katherine losing her memory due to a concussion and that she was hoping that a visit there would spark some memories for her. Katherine is really touched when Murphy says he believes her when she says she is Katherine Chancellor. He tells her it is because it is who she is. Katherine says of course she remembers Murphy which makes him really happy.

When Daniel stops the video they look at it closer and sure enough it does look like the scarf that Amber made for Kevin. He says that it must be a coincidence because Kevin is not running around in Minnesota robbing places dressed like a chipmunk. Jana says that is bloody absurd but she looks worried.

Kevin grabs Clint and tells him he doesn’t like him yelling at him and tells him if he puts him back in there he will… but Clint pushes Kevin away and asks what he will do. Clint asks him who he thinks he is. He calls Kevin nothing but a piss ant and a sniveling little boy. He asks Kevin if he knows what happens to little boys when they are bad. Kevin backs off and apologizes asking Daddy not to be mad at him. Clint tells him it is OK but not to let it happen again. Kevin promises it won’t.

Tyra asks Neil if he and Karen are still going to adopt Anna. Neil tells her yes they are, as a matter of a fact the procedure should be finalized any day now. Tyra says that is good. Neil tells her that he and Karen love Anna but she will always be her little girl. Tyra wonders how they will explain that she isn’t working at Indigo anymore. She says she will be a part of Anna’s life but she knows that Anna will know something is wrong. Neil says they will figure something out that Anna and the rest of them can all live with.

Karen is in a hurry at Newman and runs into Nikki and Victoria and then apologizes saying she is late for a meeting. Then Nikki and Victoria see Ashley and when Nikki congratulates Ashley about the baby she shocks Ashley and Victoria. Nikki even hugs Ashley.

Victor watches as the doctor examines Adam’s eyes. The doctor tells Victor they aren’t responding normally but he isn’t sure if it is what Adam’s mother, Hope had. He will need to do further tests. He does clarify though that it is possible for Adam to have what his mother had. He says he is sorry because he knows that is not the news he wanted to hear. Victor places his hand on Adam’s shoulder.

Katherine tells Murphy she wants to hear more of the story he was telling her about in the hospital. When he claims he doesn’t want to tire her out she calls him a dear sweet man. She admits she doesn’t remember living with him or working at the diner but Amber told her about how kind he has been to her. She tells him even if she never remembers it all she is still grateful for all her has done for him and when she gets her life back she will make sure he is taken care of for the rest of his life. Murphy tells her he doesn’t want her money, but the pleasure of knowing her is all the thanks he needs. When she says she is tired and has to go, Murphy tells her to come visit him anytime.

Nikki says life is too short to hold grudges. She says she wishes Ashley, Victor and the baby every happiness. None of them want the baby to be a source of contention between them.

Tyra tells Neil that it was good while it lasted as she is about to walk out. Neil calls out to her asking her not to go. He walks over to her and looks at her in the face and starts kissing her and they start undressing each other as they kiss.

Victor tells Ashley about Adam’s eyesight deteriorating. Ashley feels sorry for Adam. Victor gets a phone call and says he just got some more bad news. Adam has been taken to the infirmary because he has been beaten up pretty bad. Victor tells Ashley that he was worried that this might happen to him.

Kevin forgets about his macaroni and cheese when he watches a video him in the chipmunk suit as he robbed that man on the TV newscast. He is surprised saying that is him. Clint assures him that no one will recognize him and then smiles telling Kevin he is proud of him.

When Amber sees the video online she recognizes Kevin’s scarf that she made for him right away saying it is one of a kind. Jana thinks maybe Kevin lost it or something but Daniel thinks for sure that the man in the chipmunk suit is really Kevin. 

Nikki goes back into the club for her gloves that she left there and she bumps into Katherine again. Nikki asks what she wants now. Nikki tells her she can’t take it anymore. She needs her to be there for her like the way she was there for her at her lowest level in Mexico. She tells Nikki who looks stunned, that yes she remembers the conversation they had like it was yesterday. She tells her she was drunk out of her mind when she thought her husband was dead. She says all she wanted was to keep her on the phone to keep her safe until Nicholas could get there to get her. Nikki asks her what she said to her. Katherine tells her about how Nikki told her about Victor putting her makeup on for her wedding in the hospital and how she felt that was the most romantic thing he ever did for her. Tears start rolling down Nikki’s face as she says Katherine! She hugs her and says to her, “It’s you!” As they hug Katherine says in a sigh of relief “Thank you!” 

Jan Barrett      

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