Sabrina and Victoria meet and she tells Victoria that she has over stayed her visit. She tells her she really has to get to New York to get her business started. Victoria says she knows she has only been selfish so she understands. Sabrina finally tells Victoria why she left France. She tells Victoria what she and JT have is very special. Sabrina goes back to the office with Victoria and she goes in the break room for some water. Victor walks in and they talk. She tells him she is going to L.A. soon to get her business started. Victor tells her that he knows Victoria will miss her.

Victoria and Adam have a run in over him making decisions involving Beauty of Nature without consulting her first. He tells her a decision had to be made and she wasn’t there at work so he made it. She says he could have called her. She goes to Victor and tells him she doesn’t like it. Victor says he had no choice but to make the decision. When she leaves Victor calls Adam into his office and tells him not to make decisions without Victoria concerning business again. He tells Victor that she wasn’t there so he made the decision. Victor warns him that Victoria knows exactly what she is doing there and that is why she has such a high powered job.

Jack tells Sharon when she leaves the house to take the back stairs because Jeffery is in the living room right now setting the stage for Gloria. Gloria tells Jeffery she doesn’t want to go to jail so she is willing to do whatever she has to do to save their marriage. He tells her he will forget the divorce and give her a chance to prove to him that she will be a real wife to him but if she messes up he will call the cops on her. She just sits there and says thank you. He tells her she should be in his arms right now telling him thank you instead. She stands up and walks toward him and puts her arms around his waist. He takes her in his arms. She asks if this is good enough. He says this is a good start then he kisses her passionately.

Jack stands on the stairs and watches it all. John shows up behind him telling him he should be ashamed of himself. Jack asks if it bothers him to see Gloria with another man in his own home. John tells him no, because he is dead. Jack tells John he and Sharon decided they want to keep the house. John asks him and what is he going to do about Gloria, scare her off? Jack says they aren’t but he will.

Phyllis has a meeting with a man to talk about the party they are going to have for the grand opening for their magazine and he tells her she needs a celebrity for entertainment because that is how this is done and it won’t be cheap. She explains that she can do that but she is not an heiress. He asks ok then what celebrity does she know. She hesitates a second then says she knows Danny Romalotti. Nick walks in and Phyllis introduces him to the man she is with. The man says he has to go but will look forward to hearing from her after she has booked Danny. When he is gone, Nick asks if he meant Danny as in Danny Romalotti. Phyllis explains that they need a celebrity for the party and he is the only one she knows. He asks her how she feels about that. She says well if it is for the good of the magazine then she can handle it but she doesn’t know how Daniel will handle it since he doesn’t want to talk to Danny anymore.

Sharon and Jack are at Restless Style when Jeffery walks in. Jack tells him they are moving into the club hotel tonight so he has to move into their bedroom tonight. He asks Jack if he expects him to have sex with her in John’s bed. Jack says exactly. Later at the mansion Jack and Sharon pretend to have a fight and Sharon tells him she has had enough, she wants to move out of that house. Jack turns to Gloria and tells her she has won but it will be for a high price. He tells her she is cursed now which changes the expression on Gloria’s face.

They walk out saying they are going to pack. Jeffery tells her that was easier than he thought. He asks her if she is ok. He says come on now she can’t believe a word Jack said about being cursed. In sort of a doubtful voice she says she didn’t believe a word he said and she walks out.

 When Jack and Sharon leave Jeffery tells Gloria that they own the house now so they are moving into the master bedroom. She asks him if he is crazy, she can’t do that because that is the room she shared with John. He tells her she told him she was over that now so tonight is the night. He starts dragging her upstairs.

Jeffery is on the bed waiting for Gloria when she comes in and says she thinks they should wait and redecorate the room and make it look like their room. He says that is only an excuse and he doesn’t buy it. She goes in the bathroom and puts on a new negligee that she says she bought just for him. When she comes out he tells her this was worth the wait.

Gloria notices a book on the table next to the bed and she freaks out. She says John use to read from that book every night before going to bed. She asks him to look inside the cover and see if it has anything written in it. When he finds something and reads it to her she starts shaking. She tells him that’s the book John was buried with.

Jan Barrett

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