Victor watches Adam bump into a chair when he is trying to sit at the table. When Adam notices him standing there he asks what he wants. When Victor tells him he came there to see how he is doing. Adam asks why would he do that since he was the one that put him there to begin with. He asks Victor if he came to gloat. Victor tells him he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does.

Clint yells out to Kevin asking him if he is on in there calling him son and asking if he has learned his lesson yet. Kevin sits on the floor in the closet shaking as he just says over and over again to let him out.

Neil asks Karen to join him for dinner so they can get everything out in the open and to get past the tension they have between them. Karen agrees with him that this deal about him kissing Tyra has to be dealt with. She tells him that walking in on him and Tyra was really tough on her. She says she can’t help but wonder if she had been in a little later what she would have walked in on then. Neil swears to her that nothing else has happened between him and Tyra. She tells him she hates it when her mind wonders when he is working late at Indigo if he is with Tyra since Tyra seems to have trouble respecting boundaries. She tells him the way she sees it is the only answer would be for him to let her go, she says he has to fire her.

Jill tells Nikki about how she and Billy heard the woman admit that she was Marge and not Katherine. She says this was all a hoax to get Katherine’s money. A delivery comes in and when Nikki signs for it Jill notices that Nikki just received Katherine’s emerald ring. Nikki looks down at the ring and explains how she got it back.

Amber sets Katherine up with a room at the club and gives her the key card. Katherine now knows the first step in getting her life back is to prove she is Katherine Chancellor.

Nikki looks down at the ring and then apologizes to Jill for accusing her of holding it back from her. Jill tells her it doesn’t matter and to have a nice day. Jill rushes out the door.

Amber calls Daniel to tell him that Mrs. C is all settled in but she still wants to know where Kevin is. She tells Katherine that Daniel thinks she is obsessed with her and with Kevin’s whereabouts. She says he is ticked about her going after Clint too. Katherine tells Amber she appreciates her help and now she knows she needs to prove to Jill that she is Katherine. Amber tells her to stop or she will start crying too. Katherine says it will be a long road back but it is so worth it. Katherine says she is hungry and she wants to get something to eat but she sends Amber off to make things right with Daniel.

Clint opens the closet door and gives Kevin something to eat and drink. He says he will let him out on one condition. He has to do everything Daddy says to do. Kevin looks around asking where his Mom is. Clint tells him she is not there and she is not coming back. He says he wants his Mom and demands that he gets his Mom. When he tries to stand Clint shoves him back down telling him he has been a bad boy. He warns Kevin not to make a mess in the closet or he will lie in it as he shuts the door leaving Kevin to sit there and shiver more.

Victor reminds Adam that he promised Hope he would take care of him. Adam sarcastically says great job, mission accomplished. He tells Victor that being his son puts a bull’s eye on his back in there. He tells Victor he is trying to keep his head down and trying not to draw a lot of attention to himself in there. He says Heather is wrong about his sight failing asking if he thinks he would lie about that. He tells Victor he just wants him and Heather to leave him alone. Victor asks what does he want from him and Adam says nothing. Victor decides to leave saying that he is happy that Heather was wrong.

Later Victor is back in his office when Nikki comes in thanking him for getting her the ring back. He says that Katherine wanted her to have that piece so he just made a few calls out of respect for Katherine. Nikki congratulates him about Ashley’s pregnancy. Victor tells her if she doesn’t mind he has a lot to do. She says she doesn’t mind so she leaves.

Karen wants Neil to give Tyra her notice. She asks why he keep comes up with these ridiculous excuses not to. He accuses Karen of trying to minimize Tyra’s role in Anna’s life. Karen tells him not to turn this around on her. She insists that this is about trust. He tells her she is trying to take a woman’s job away from her, and it is one that she does well just to punish her for kissing him. Karen asks him why he keep protects Tyra. She asks what is more important, Tyra’s job or their marriage. Neil tells her their marriage is but they are different issues here. Karen tells him he made them the same issue when he kissed Tyra. Victor walks in and interrupts asking Neil if he has a moment. Neil tells Karen to excuse him as he goes with Victor. While waiting on Neil to return Tyra walks
in looking for Neil to sign some checks. She asks Karen if she knows where she can find him.

Kevin starts hearing his mother’s voice from years ago asking where he is. When she is told he is in the closet, he hears her say no that scares him too much. Then he hears a man’s voice calling him a piss ant that doesn’t do what he is told. Gloria’s voice defends him saying he is only 7 years old. Kevin starts banging on the door screaming to leave her alone. Clint shouts back at him to shut up. In Kevin’s mind he hears terrible Tom with his mother dragging her away from the closet door telling her he will do what he wants with her son. Clint opens the door after hearing Kevin begging to let him out. He softly tells Kevin Daddy’s here and if he is a good boy he will let him out today. He asks Kevin if he thinks he can do that and not give him any trouble.

Victor talks to Neil about some revised contracts. Neil apologizes for bringing his personal business into the workplace saying it won’t happen again. Victor says he understands and then proudly announces that Ashley is pregnant. When Neil congratulates him Victor tells him it will be a complicated pregnancy so he will need Neil’s help in the office. Neil tells him he has known him  along time and he will always be there to help but explains that he has things going on at home that needs his attention too.

Karen looks at Tyra as she rants on about the checks and how she hopes she can catch Neil. Karen asks her if she thinks it is appropriate for her to show up at Newman for something that could have waited. Karen asks her how dare her after all they have done for her. She says they gave her a job and helped her with legal and housing problems. They gave Anna a permanent home and her way of thanking them is by trying to break up their marriage. Tyra admits it is her fault, but Karen already knows it is. Tyra says she saw Neil as a hero and showed her gratitude the wrong way saying she has been vulnerable and she crossed the line. She tells Karen she doesn’t want her husband. Karen says she knows what she saw and she thinks the only decent thing for Tyra to do now is to stay the hell away from her husband. When Karen asks if she understands her Tyra walks out.

Amber tells Daniel Katherine claimed she was Marge to the Doctor to keep them from locking her up in the loony bin. Daniel tells her he is glad but he is more worried about Kevin right now. When Amber suggests that they go look for him Daniel wants to talk to her first. She apologized for lying to him but he was really upset and she just didn’t want him worrying. She says she just couldn’t turn her back on Mrs. C.

Jill sees Katherine at a table in the Club and walks over to her telling her that this is a private club and they don’t allow crooks in there. Katherine tells her she is not a crook and she isn’t there to upset Jill. She says she is her mother and wants her to listen to her. Jill argues saying she overheard her telling the doctor that she was Marge. Katherine explains why she told the doctor that. Jill says she should call the police on her but Katherine tells her for heaven’s sake she has done nothing wrong. Jill asks her if she has any idea how badly she is hurting Katherine’s family. She tells her this is so cruel. Katherine tells her that her mother is right here as she smiles. Jill tells for her to stop it and to stay the hell away from her and walks off.

Victor congratulates Neil telling him that family is more important than work. He tells him to go finish his conversation with his wife. Victor sits down and writes a letter starting with ‘Dear Adam’ He says how it breaks his heart to think of him in that place and to see Adam alone and abandoned in there. He has felt that way at times too but it has made him the man he is today. He says this experience will help him in more positive ways. Tough love is just the same. He tells Adam he will always be his son.

Daniel tells Amber he doesn’t just feel betrayed, he was betrayed. He tells Amber she looked him in his eye and lied to him. She tells them it was because Mrs. C’s life was at stake. He argues that so was hers asking what about what he went through worrying about her. She admits she should have listened to Gina. They both agree though that Clint is a monster and they think he is setting Kevin up. Daniel wants to go after Clint but not on their own.

Kevin tells his ‘Dad’ that he promises he will be good if he lets him out. Clint opens the door and offers to help Kevin up saying he imagines it was kind of cramped in there. Kevin says and dark and cold in there. Clint tells him he’d let him out more if he would be good. He says the two of them could have some fun and asks him what he thinks about that. Kevin says it sounds good. He says they could play a little game. When Kevin asks to play cards, Clint tells him no but something better. He tells Kevin if he plays his part the right way he will let him have his dinner at the table tonight instead of in the closet.

Victor goes back to the prison and Adam comments about getting two visits from him in one day after not seeing him for months. Victor hands him a letter, telling him he may not understand now but in time it will make sense. Adam squints his eyes as he looks at the blurry page asking Victor if that is it. Victor tells him good bye as he knocks on the door for the guard. He watches Adam set the letter down and opens his book instead.

Neil goes back to talk to Karen. He tells her he has been thinking about their talk. Karen hands Neil the checks saying Tyra dropped them off for him after he left. Neil tells her he has been accused of taking on too much, looking after everyone all at once. He says at the end of the day Mrs. Winters is his first priority and if he ever gave her reason to doubt that he is sorry. She says ok. He admits he is wrong and she is right. He says seeing Tyra on a constant basis is bound to cause friction and they don’t need that so he is going to let Tyra go. Karen thanks Neil with tears in her eyes. Neil hugs her but doesn’t look so happy.

When they talk about the picture of Kevin with the bomb Amber wonders if she should tell the police that Kevin was trying to save Mrs. C. Daniel says too bad there were no eye witnesses. Amber sees Jill walk in and even though Daniel objects she goes to her and tells her why Katherine lied to the doctor about who she is. She tells Jill that Katherine misses her so much. Jill tells her to stop because she already saw the woman and she doesn’t care any more.

Nikki is at the club and is startled when Katherine walks up to her telling her she has a room upstairs. Nikki tells her she should be in jail. Katherine asks her is she could spare just few minutes to open her heart to her. Nikki tells her no, and she lost that part of her heart the day her best friend died. Nikki tells her she is not Katherine and she is breaking her heart by doing this. Nikki demands that she stops playing this sick game.

Neil goes to Indigo only to find Tyra there working hard. She tells him it seems they are selling more Tequila than rum these days. Neil tells her that there is something that they need to talk about.

Victor doesn’t leave yet. He watches as Adam bumps into another inmate and then how he is struggling to read his letter. He walks back over to the table and sits down taking the letter from Adam telling him to let him help him with it as he turns the paper right side up for him. He asks Victor what he is going to do. Victor assures him that they will figure something out as he places his hand on Adam’s shoulder.

Amber tells Daniel that no one believes Mrs. C and now Kevin is missing. She says they should be out looking for Kevin and helping Mrs. C get her life back and she says then there is the evil Clint to deal with. She tells Daniel she is sorry saying she should have listened to him. She says she almost messed up the best thing that ever happened to her as she cries in his arms. Daniel keeps telling her it is ok. She says she doesn’t know why she does these things.

Nikki tells Katherine if she has even a shred of decency she would leave town and never come back. Katherine notices the ring on Nikki’s finger saying she left it to her in her will along with the rest of her jewelry. Nikki tells her she is wearing the ring in Katherine’s memory. Katherine Nikki she is still here and begs her to please believe her. Nikki starts crying and begs her to please stop it.

Kevin walks into a small town bank wearing a costume and taps a gun on the counter as he hands the teller a note. The teller says here take it, every cent as Kevin loads it all up in the bag really fast.

Jan Barrett

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