Gloria and Jeffery talk until Jack runs them out of the living room. He says their time is up in there for now. When Gloria starts to argue Jack says it is a court order so she and Jeffery leave the room. Jack later asks Jeffery if he has had a chance to talk to Gloria about selling her half of the house. He tells Jack that if he had he would have been the first to know, and then he walks off. Sharon walks up and asks if he is ready but Jack tells her they need to take two cars today. She asks him what is wrong with Jeffery.

Daniel and Kevin talk about Amber and the money. Kevin wants Amber to realize she is wrong about keeping the money. Amber walks in with a new outfit on and Kevin accuses her of spending the money on clothes but she tells him she made the outfit as a part of her new clothing line. She says no one is going to be able to ruin her mood. Kevin tells her well mood or no mood they have to talk about the money. She avoids talking about it by telling them she has to go to work. Kevin tells Daniel that he knows she is going to take that money and hide it. Daniel tells him not if they don’t let her.

Lily shows up for a photo shoot. Cloe sees her and tells her good morning cupcake. Lily looks at her puzzled wondering why she would be calling her cupcake but Cloe tells her it is her new name since we are what we eat. When she walks off Cane walks up and Lily tells him she wants to shoot Cloe. He tells her to wait til after the shoot. While they are getting Lily ready for the shoot, Cane is watching when Nikki walks up. She asks if they still have Lily under a lot of pressure. He says sort of. She asks him if he thinks he can get Lily through this and he says he thinks he can..

Cloe has Lily in a dress that she thinks is a bit too tight for her but Nikki tells her she doesn’t think so. When they start the shoot, Cane calls Neil and asks him to come down thinking that Lily is a bit tense and she might need her dad. Neil says ok he is on his way. Once there Neil watches with Cane and Nikki as they start shooting. Cloe says no, this isn’t good. She looks depressed and tells her to brighten up.

When they take a break Cloe tells Lily this is her last chance to get it right. Lily starts right off away yelling at Neil wanting to know what has he told Nikki about her modeling. Neil denies any of that and says he came because Cane asked him to. She looks at Cane and asks if he called her Dad to come down there. She fights with them and then she runs off. Cloe follows her and tells her she is surprised at her. She tells her she can help her.

Gloria goes to Crimson Lights and tells Kevin she needs to convince Jeffery that she is falling in love with him. Kevin says that maybe he will get tired of her. She says she doesn’t like the idea of any man getting tired of her but then again she doesn’t like the idea of him taking all of her money and shipping it over to Korea. She tells Kevin she is going to Fenmore’s and she is going to buy the sexiest negligee she can find. Kevin stops her telling her he doesn’t want to hear that. He says telling her son such details are gross and he walks away.

Amber shows up for work and Phyllis and Sharon comment on her clothes. She says she made it herself. Daniel walks in after and when he sees everyone he apologizes for not dressing up. While working Nick gets a call and is told of a problem with money. He says he doesn’t get his inheritance for another 10 years but the money is still going to be there. He tells the man his father must have gotten to him. He says that is fine he will just take his business elsewhere and hangs up. He tells everyone that he has to go. Phyllis asks him not to go but he says he has to and leaves.

Victor tells Adam he doesn’t need to push himself so hard. They talk about how Nick and Victoria and he are getting along. While in a meeting with Adam, Nick shows up and tells Victor he needs to speak to him. He tells him in a minute but Nick tells him he needs to speak to him now. They go to Victor’s office and Nick tells him the man from the bank called him. He tells Victor to quit punishing him and just let him do what he has to do. Victor tells Nick to let Jack help him with the money. Nick says everything is split 50/50. Victor says what about that building he bought, that wasn’t 50/50. Nick tells him he bought that building as an investment but the rest is split 50/50.

Victor thinks Jack will take advantage of him but Nick doesn’t believe that. He starts to leave and he tells Victor about the money, there are other banks that he can go to. Victor says he wouldn’t bet on that as Nick walks out the door. Nick tells Adam on his way out that he will never make it there at Newman. He says his Father will crush his soul. Later at The Athletics’ Club Nick tells Nikki about Victor’s interference and Nikki offers to give him the money he needs. Nick says he loves her and thanks her for the offer but somehow he has to do this on his own and leaves.

Jack and Sharon go home and they find Jeffery there alone. He tells them that he has some bad news. He says he couldn’t convince Gloria to sell her half of the house and he has had enough so he is filing for a divorce and moving out. Jack says and leaving Gloria here? He says he has no choice in the matter. Jack talks to Jeffery and says obviously he was in love with Gloria. Jeffery says he married her to squeeze her dry. He says if he thought there was anyway to save the marriage he would. Jack asks him if there was a way would he be willing to let him help him. He says if he could trust him he might be able to help him.

Gloria walks in asking Jack what he is doing there. She tells him they have the living room til 6:00. Jack leaves and Gloria tells Jeffery she is going to try and be the wife he wants her to be. He says he doesn’t believe her. She says she doesn’t want him to send her to jail

Jan Barrett

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