Victor calls for Nick to meet with him at the ranch to discuss a partnership that Victor has been working on for ten years now. He also needs Nick to fly out to Peking to attend a meeting for him. He tells his son he knows he can depend on him.

Heather is back at the jail to check on Adam. She watches him as he squints his eyes looking at a book. She asks how the rash is doing. He says the rash in gone. She asks what about his eyes. He says his eyes are fine and opens the book to prove it to her.

Billy goes to see Jill and she is happy to see him even if he didn’t bring the baby that she misses so much. She tells him the baby is going to forget who she is. Billy says no one forgets their grandma and he admits that that’s why he is there. He asks how she can not recognize her own mother.

When Amber wakes up Katherine asks if she spent the night in that chair. Amber says she can bet she did, because every time she lets her out of her sight something terrible happens. Katherine tells her that her memory is coming back bit by bit. She says it is like someone is playing hide and seek with her brain with memories just popping up. Amber tells her well it isn’t Alzheimer’s because about 6 weeks ago they had that checked. Katherine says she knows she won’t get her life back until they can find out what is causing her memory lapses. Amber says some of the memory loss could be because of the concussion. Katherine is discouraged saying there is no way she will ever get her life back.

Colleen shows up at the club and Gina shows her the front page of the paper with Kevin’s picture on it. Gina is pissed off and says they should have locked him up the last time. A reporter comes in and Gina is more than willing to do an interview since she is still mad about how Kevin Fisher burned down her restaurant years ago. She says she thinks everyone should know what kind of monsters those two are.

Michael tells Jana, Daniel and Gloria that the picture in the paper and online wasn’t photoshopped but he wonders if maybe Kevin was forced to pose for that picture. He says only God knows what Clint is doing to Kevin.

Clint, Annie and Roger come in at the cabin with a bag of groceries. They put Kevin inside a closet which Kevin pleads with them not to do. He tells them if they put him in there he will die.

Jill is upset that Billy believes that the woman in the hospital is his grandmother. Billy doesn’t care about the DNA test saying he would stake his life on the fact that she is his grandmother. Jill tells him she wishes she was wrong but that woman is lying to them about who she is.

Amber tells Katherine that she has been through a lot lately. She tells Katherine to trust her and Katherine says she does. A doctor comes in asking Katherine some questions. She asks what words come to her mind when she hears the name Marge Catrooke. Katherine says sad and lonely and victim. Then she is asked about the name Katherine Chancellor. He answer us me, myself and I. The doctor says that a sad, lonely, victim would have any number of reasons to change their identity. Amber insists that this woman is Katherine Chancellor and they will prove it. She says to forget Jill and asks about getting Katherine’s dental records.

Victor explains to Nick that Ashley’s pregnancy is hardly typical due to the car accident she was in and other factors. Nick wants to know just how worried should they be about this pregnancy. When Victor tells Nick about how losing a loved one can change a man and Nick says sometimes it is not for the better. Victor says he will not let Ashley down. Nick tells him he didn’t let Sabrina down. Victor turns and looks at Sabrina’s portrait. He tells Nick he went to Paris to feel close to Sabrina and that is what brought Ashley and he together and now she is pregnant. He says it is funny how life works out. He tells his son he is very happy right now.

Heather tells Adam she is not making up excuses to see him. She says she knows he is having trouble with his vision. She explains how she saw him tripping over the chair. Adam says so what. He refuses to see a doctor. Finally she says fine and she doesn’t know why she even bothers. She asks him to hand her the pen she left on the table next to the magazine. He runs his hand along the table feeling for the pen. She tells him there is no pen and he didn’t know that. He tells her that he can’t let the other inmates know his weakness. He says it is bad enough that they know he is Victor Newman’s son. He tells Heather he appreciates her concern but if this gets out it will get him killed so he tells her to just go away and leave him alone.

Billy tells Jill he can’t drop this. He says her mother needs her to be able to reclaim her life. Esther runs in telling them that Gina is on the TV talking about Clint. Gina calls Clint a psychopath. Gina tells the reporter that Clint and Kevin are two of a kind. The group at Crimson Lights is watching Gina on TV too. Gina talks about Kevin and how he burned down her restaurant saying it wasn’t just arson though, it was attempted murder. She sees Colleen and walks over to her. Colleen is asked how she feels about Kevin never being charged. She tells them she felt devastated at the time but she starts to say that Kevin today… but Gina interrupts her by finishing her sentence saying he is more dangerous than ever. Gina says Kevin has gone from playing with matches to using bombs to blow up buildings. She says he has a brother that is a hotshot lawyer that knows all the angles but maybe this time it will be different, maybe this time they will lock Kevin up for good.

Kevin is locked up inside the closet and he is fighting his claustrophobia telling himself he isn’t really in there. He tells himself he is in a car driving somewhere fast. Clint bangs on the door screaming at him to shut up in there saying he is sick of his whimpering. Annie and Roger tell Clint to come see on the TV. They are showing pictures of Roger and Annie too telling anyone with information about them to contact the Genoa City PD. Annie turns the TV off and says she can’t go to jail. She asks Roger if he can imagine her going to jail and wearing that orange jumpsuit with her hair. She grabs Roger in a panic asking him what they are going to do. Roger asks Clint how he is going to get them out of this mess. Clint tells them he isn’t, but he points to Kevin and says but he is.

Daniel tells Jana he is not defending what his Aunt Gina said on the TV. Michael tries calming Jana down saying it is good that they have Clint’s photo on TV because when they find him they will probably find Kevin too. The detective comes in wanting to know why he found Katherine Chancellor’s purse in Kevin and Jana’s apartment. Jana tries to explain how she left it and how they never had the chance to return it but was advised by Michael not to say what was in the purse. The detective also says that Kevin’s laptop shows that he had been searching for ways to hotwire the same car that Mrs. Chancellor drives. Jana says anyone in there could have done that. Kevin’s phone records also show that he called Mrs. Chancellor about the time her car went off the road and at the motel room before it blew up. Daniel says maybe Kevin was calling Mrs. Chancellor to warn her. The detective says he will fit the pieces together but does say for now he has enough to issue an arrest warrant for Kevin.

Clint pulls Kevin out of the closet. Annie and Roger tell him to take it easy on the kid because he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. He looks at Kevin and calls him a real tough guy and a badass. He asks if he likes to start fires and to scare pretty girls. He calls him pathetic and tells them to put him back into the closet when he leaves to put gas in the car. Roger tells Kevin he is sorry when Kevin begs for him not to put him back in there but Annie says at least let her fix him something to eat first.

Heather goes to Victor again begging him to help Adam saying there is something wrong with him. Victor just slams his door in her face. She shouts out through the door that there really is something wrong with him. Nick hears and responds saying like that is news. He is amazed that Heather isn’t giving up. She says Adam can’t see, she says he is starting to go blind. Victor just ignores her and starts talking business once again with Nick.

Billy continues trying to convince Jill that he knows the woman is his grandmother. Jill is insisting she isn’t though. Billy says the only way she can convince him that she isn’t his grandmother would be for her to go and see for herself. He asks what she is so afraid of. He says if she is a fake they can just walk away, no big deal. Jill finally agrees to go so he can put this behind him and move on.

Amber tells Katherine that the doctor is going to order her dental records. She tells Katherine how she and Kevin risked getting caught by breaking into the pawn shop. She admits they were going to break in the dentist’s office too. Esther is amazed how Amber says that Kevin had the idea about making the t-shirts too. Amber says that Kevin is the one that told her where to find Katherine so really he is a hero no matter what they are saying about him on the TV.

Jana goes to the Club and she sees Colleen and asks how she could say that about Kevin. She says Kevin looked at her like a friend now. Colleen tries to explain how she didn’t mean it the way it sounded and she will tell anyone that. Jana tells her it is too late, the damage has been done now. Gina walks in and says Kevin is the one that has done the damage. She tells Jana she has been there before so she knows what she is going through. Jana tells her not to compare Kevin to her demon ex-husband. They argue about Gina’s feeling about Kevin and Jana continues defending him. Gina tells her she wants to see Kevin locked up for her sake as well as anyone else’s. Jana shakes her finger in Gina’s face telling her to stay out of this or so help her. Gina asks so help her what? Daniel pulls Jana away telling her this isn’t helping and tells her they have to go.

Annie hands Kevin a sandwich but Clint returns before he finishes it saying they are all set now. Roger tells him that he and Annie were just talking about that. He asks what he is doing out of the closet. They try to get Clint to just leave Kevin there to take the rap saying he won’t say anything and they can just head to Canada. Clint says he won’t leave until he gets something out of this. He has big plans for their boy Kevin.

Michael gets upset when he sees Gloria about to give an interview for a TV station. He asks what the hell is going on in there. He tells them to turn the camera off now. They ask if he is the high powered lawyer that Ms Roma mentioned. Michael says he is the slandered attorney as he corrects the reporter as she did his brother. He scolds Gloria for her plans. Michael tells Gloria that he hopes she told them Kevin was totally innocent. Gloria says in a manner of speaking yes. She said she had to tell the people that Kevin was fragile. Michael says she is making it sound like a confession and like she is making excuses for him. He asks her if she really thinks he could do it. She says she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Gloria starts crying.

They put Kevin back into the closet and Clint goes to take a shower. Roger talks Annie into making a run for it with him but she doesn’t want to leave Kevin there. Roger asks her if she wants to die for that guy. Annie tells him to let’s get out of here. Kevin can hear them and begs for them to let him out. He asks them not to leave him there but it is too late. Roger and Annie took ff.

The doctor comes back into Katherine’s room to give her some bad news. The dentist that Katherine used has retired and all the records were sent to some warehouse. Amber tells the doctor that they need to track the records down. When the doctor starts to leave Katherine asks if she intends to hold her as a virtual prisoner while they poke around in her brain to see if she has all of her marbles. The doctor says she is afraid so and turns to go out the room. Billy and Jill get off the elevator just as Katherine tells the doctor that there is no reason to keep her there. She says she is not crazy and she is not Katherine Chancellor she is Marge Catrooke. Billy and Jill overhear her telling this to the doctor and Jill seems relieved.

Heather sees Nick at the club and he asks if she followed him there. She asks if his father heard what she said about Adam. Nick says he did but he has no idea what his father plans to do about it. He says they have all wasted so much time on Adam’s scams. He tells her she also has no credibility. She tells Nick that Adam is hiding this because of the other inmates. Nick says he is popular in there too huh. She wonders how Nick can be so cruel asking him if he is trying to be like his Dad. Nick tells her to take her story somewhere else because no one there is buying it. In the meantime Victor goes to the jail and a guard lets him into the room where Adam is watching TV with a few of the other inmates.

Billy can’t believe what he just heard. He says he was so sure of it. Jill tells him she did try to warn him. Amber is in the room with Katherine and she tells Esther of course she isn’t Marge, saying she only said that to be kept out of the psych ward. Katherine says she simply told the doctor what she wanted to hear.

Gloria watches her interview on the TV when she was talking about what Kevin went through as a child at the hands of his cruel father. Michael says it is worse than he thought. She thinks that people will understand now but Jana says they won’t. She thinks they will think he is a lunatic. She cries as Daniel tries to comfort her. Michael tells Gloria as usual she made matters worse.

Clint watches the interview on the TV and then he goes over to the closet. He tells him it is just the two of them now. He shakes his fist at Kevin telling him they will get along just fine as long as he does what Daddy tells him to do. He walks away leaving Kevin panting scared and alone in the closet.

Jan Barrett

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