Jack tells Sharon he is considering selling his part of the house to Gloria. She tries to talk him out of it but he says maybe it is time he moves on. He says he has a wonderful life now, with the magazine just starting and with them in their marriage and it would be great for Noah too. She asks him if he is sure he won’t regret this. He says no, he thinks this is the right thing for him to do.

Jill and Cane discuss Jabot. She says she is upset that Nikki doesn’t report to her or consult with her on some things, especially the new contract Nikki just signed on with. Cane asks her if she is still the boss. Jill says yes she is but there seems to be a problem here. Cane mentions that he is going to be buying a condo soon and Jill tells him she is going to miss him so much when he moves out. They both leave to go to the office.

At Jabot Jill talks to Nikki. When Nikki tells Jill a decision she made about a deal Jill hits the roof. She reminds Nikki that this is not her company, that it belongs to Chancellor. Nikki tells her she ran her idea by Katherine and she was all for it. Jill gets really mad because she went to Katherine and not her. Katherine walks in after hearing voices raised and asks if something is going on that maybe she should know about.

Daniel goes to talk to Jack and Sharon and Phyllis and Nick for their opinion on something. He tells them that Amber and he are going to start a new line of clothing and he wanted their opinion. Jack tells him that is a very expensive project. He says he agrees that Amber does have talent in designing but he doesn’t think they have that kind of money to get started.

Jack says they have to go but he tells Phyllis and Nick to explain to Daniel the expenses involved starting with advertising. Daniel looks at Phyllis and says he assumes an ad would cost about $5000. Phyllis tells him to try adding another zero to that. She tells him she is behind him for anything he wants to do but she doubts he or Amber have that kind of cash

Kevin pulls Amber out on the patio at Crimson Lights and tells her he knows about her having that money. She denies it saying she doesn’t have it, she reminds him that it burned up in the fire. He tells her to cut the crap, he knows the truth, and Daniel told him. He wants to know what she was going to do, keep it a secret from him and Jana. He wants her to trash the money, burn it up before she is caught with it.

Amber goes to Restless Style and she asks him how come he told Kevin about the money, now everything is ruined. He tells her nothing good will come out of them keeping that money. Kevin comes in and Amber asks him what he is doing there. He says he followed her there. The three of them leave together after arguing, leaving Nick and Phyllis lost, and not knowing what is going on with them.

Katherine shows up at Restless Style and she mentions Amber to them. She tells them she can do much better than a receptionist job. She thinks Amber is really talented. Nick asks her how well she knows Amber. She tells them not too well but she sort of has taken her under her wing. They ask her if Amber has mentioned anything to her about starting up a new clothing line. Katherine says yes and she intends to help her along the way. Phyllis asks her if she means helping her financially. Katherine says oh yes, is there any other way. She says in fact those two kids are so resourceful on their own that they may not need her money. Phyllis says she doesn’t think so. When Katherine leaves Nick and Phyllis decide to try and help the kids get started. Phyllis says ok but she thinks there is something fishy going on here.

Gloria refuses to sign the divorce papers saying that she has kind of grown on Jeffery. He tells her that is bull. He says it is time to put her money where her mouth is. If she means it then they have to make love. He says if not, she will sign the papers and end this whole thing. He tells her to meet him at the club tonight. He will be waiting for her. She goes to the Club and finds that Jeffery has the bridal suite for them for the night. He offers her a drink and she tells him that maybe he spiked her drink. He tells her the games are over. She asks why she should trust him. When he tries to kiss her she freezes up on him. He tells her if she wants him to think she is going to make this work, she better do better than this. Jeffery has Gloria on the bed kissing her when Kevin knocks at the door and tells her that there is an emergency at Jabot and when Gloria says it is an emergency, she has to go, Jeffery says that is it, he has had enough and tells her to get ready to go to jail, and he storms out.

Cane and Lily are at Crimson Lights and he brings up the fact that he is moving out of the mansion and she is moving too. She says yeah, it is strange that they both come up with this at the same time. He says it is kind of awkward but it would be natural if he would ask her to move in with him. She asked him if that means he is asking her to. He says well it would be natural but under the circumstances he doesn’t think they should go that far yet. His phone rings and he says he has to go. He kisses her good bye. She sulks by grabbing a huge chocolate muffin and as she takes the first bite Cloe walks in behind her asking her just what is it that she is eating. Lily turns around and is surprised to see Cloe standing there. She tells Cloe one chocolate muffin is not going to make her fat. Cloe is so upset she walks out and Amber takes another bite just to show her.

Jack and Sharon are having a quiet romantic dinner at the Abbott Mansion and they talk about the house. She tells him she has really grown to love the house and she doesn’t really want to give it up. He tells her if they stay it could be months or even years of fighting with Gloria over it. She says she is prepared to fight for it as long as it takes. He kisses her and then tells her thank you.

Jan Barrett

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