Phyllis gets a sweet tooth so they call Nikki over to babysit while she and Nick go out. Nikki says it is fine since she wasn’t sleeping anyway, especially after hearing the news about Ashley being pregnant. Nick says so she knows, and Nikki says yes she knows that his father is going to have another child.

Ashley wakes up and doesn’t see Victor anywhere. She goes downstairs and finds him staring at Sabrina’s portrait. He just couldn’t sleep after hearing her big news. But he assures her that everything is ok.

Jack wonders how Jill can be so sure that the woman isn’t really Katherine. She tells Jack she would feel it if it were.

Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. visit with Katherine but she doesn’t remember who they are. Pearl tells her they are her friends from the diner and emphasizes that she must remember Murphy. Katherine is sorry but she doesn’t remember any of them. Pearl and Joe Jr. leave Murphy alone with Katherine. He tells her it must be because of the concussion. He tells her everything will be fine and to trust him. She tells him she does trust him for some reason, she just isn’t sure why. She thinks out loud asking how she got there in the hospital.

Amber, Jana and Michael say Kevin would never do this to Mrs. C. Gloria asks why he would do it, after all he had been spending weeks helping Amber try to prove she was really Mrs. C and not Marge. Esther doesn’t know what his involvement is. She just remembers Kevin being outside the motel room talking to Clint. Billy tells the detective that he is sure Kevin is a documented psycho. Billy asks the man to find Kevin before he blows someone else up.

Michael jumps on Billy for accusing Kevin. Esther wants to see Katherine more than she cares about Kevin’s involvement. She sees that Murphy is in there with Katherine. Amber asks Esther to give them a minute together. Murphy tries but fails to bring Katherine’s memory back but she does remember her late husband Phillip Chancellor. When Esther and Amber come in Katherine wonders where Jill is. She asks them about Murphy wanting to know if they know who he is. She asks what has been going on that she can’t seem to remember. Esther and Amber both say a lot has happened and that everyone thinks Mrs. C is dead.

Jill is aggravated telling Jack it is starting all over again with the reporters. Jack wonders if Jill does not want it to be Katherine because if it was she would have to give up the power and control which insults Jill. She tells him she calls off their truce and storms out.

Victoria calls Nick to ask about the explosion. Nikki tells Nick and Phyllis that everyone is ok, even the woman that claims she is Katherine. Nikki says she is fine about Ashley being pregnant saying life goes on. She tells Nick and Phyllis to go on out and get them something sweet and have fun.

Cloe isn’t so sure that Kevin is guilty of any wrong doings. She tells Billy that maybe that woman really is his grandmother. She points out that bother her mother and Amber think she is, but Billy isn’t sure. Cane and Lily show up and he is sure the woman is Marge even though he admits he is only going by the word of his mother. Katherine is thrilled to see Billy but she seems to confuse Billy when she is assuming that he has just arrived home from Hong Kong.

Jack taunts Phyllis about Nick staying with her even after all her mistakes with him so she and Nick get the pleasure of breaking the news to him about his sister being pregnant with Victor’s baby, which apparently he is the last to hear the news.

While talking to Victor out at the ranch Ashley tells him she wants this baby so bad but she can’t help but feel afraid. He assures her that the three of them will be a family no matter what. He then asks her to marry him.

Esther explains to Billy that Katherine seems to have forgotten her most recent memories but the older ones have come back to her. Katherine looks at Billy and tells him she is real and she is alive. She tells him to use the senses that his father gave him. She tells him his father never let him down now has he. She insists that he can do anything. When she hugs him Billy looks like he is starting to believe it is really her. Katherine spots Cane at the door and invites him to come in.

Michael is with Jana and Gloria at Crimson Lights and they discuss how they can get that picture off the internet and out of the newspapers. Jana wonders if maybe the kidnappers have Kevin with them. Gloria says that Kevin wouldn’t hurt anyone anymore. They worry if they think he did this that they will lock him up. They both turn to Michael begging him to do something to find Kevin.

Ashley thinks she and Victor should wait to get married but Victor disagrees. He says all the kids are grown now and Abby just wants them to be happy. Victor gets a call so while he takes it Ashley asks Estella about the Koon’s egg that is missing. Estella tells her she doesn’t know but assures Ashley that she didn’t steal it. Ashley tells her she wasn’t accusing her of doing so. Estella says she is going to bed but stands by the stairs as she hears Victor and Ashley talking about them getting married.

Back at the tackhouse Nikki is seen petting Zepato thinking back to when she handed her baby Nick to Victor after telling him she hoped he will be a part of his life since being a boy it would be very important to him. She sits with tears in her eyes.

Lily and Cloe have their spat at the hospital with their digs on each other. Cloe tells Lily she sees her running after her master, the Australian sleeping pill with her tail wagging. She tells Lily she just loves those leftovers doesn’t she? Lily tells her speaking of dogs, how is Billy. In the room with Katherine Billy thinks Cane is there to cause trouble but Katherine wants to talk to Cane and says she is willing to answer any questions that she can.

Joe Jr. and Pearl say they were not impressed with those rich people that were at the hospital with Katherine. They think they are just there after her money. Murphy doesn’t think so. He says they are quality people saying that the three of them aren’t the only ones that give a damn about her.

Cane asks what Bible story did Katherine talk about at Billy’s homecoming party, and who sang at this year’s charity ball. When Katherine can’t answer either question she says she doesn’t remember breaking into the house either. She tells him to look at her, nobody wants her to remember these things more than she does and it is driving her crazy.

Murphy decides that it might be best for him to just leave Katherine alone with her own people in the world where she belongs. Joe Jr. says she seemed to fit in with them just fine. Murphy says not anymore though. He thinks having him hanging around her would only remind her of bad times. Pearl says but she could wake up tomorrow and remember him so she encourages him to at least go see her one more time. He says he will think about it.

Billy is now convinced that this woman is really his grandmother but Cane isn’t. Cane asks her calling her ’Marge’ to name her price to leave his mother alone. He wants her to take that to heart as he turns around and walks out. Katherine calls out for Cane as he goes out the door with Esther and Amber standing there looking so sad.

Jack says he is happy for his sister. Phyllis says maybe he could invite Ashley to move in with him just like he did with Cloe and her baby. He says in fact he might just open up a daycare. Jack sees Nick and remarks it is nice to see him spending time with his wife instead of his now. Nick tells him that Sharon is moving on and he should too. Jack tells Nick Sharon is over him now and tells him to leave her alone.

Jana gets upset when it seems that Gloria is starting to doubt Kevin’s innocence. Daniel says he could be pushed over the edge with the stress over money. Jana is appalled that his own bloody mother would be behind this, saying that Gloria snookered him and wanted to ride to the rescue. She says if Kevin is in trouble it is because of her. Michael defends Gloria just as the detective arrives with a warrant to search Crimson Lights.

Cane and Billy argue and Cane tells Billy if he wants to take a swing at him to go ahead so he can press charges on him. He says he is also sure that the woman in the hospital bed is a fake. Billy points out that he has only been around here for two years. He tells Cane he knows his grandmother but Cane doesn’t. Inside the room Amber tells Katherine she is sure that Cane will soon come around. Katherine just wants to be alone so she can think. She yells at herself telling herself to think.

Victor and Ashley sit and cuddle together. He puts his hand on her stomach swearing he can feel the baby. Ashley is still worried that something will go wrong and she will lose the baby but Victor tells her not to worry, he says she is with him now and he will take care of everything.

Estella goes to see Nikki at the tackhouse and tells her that Victor isn’t mistreating the staff again but it’s the new woman that is not a warm woman. Nikki tells her to give Ashley a chance but Estella tells her how Ashley accused her of stealing saying that Ashley just doesn’t like her and the feeling is mutual. Estella says that makes the news even harder to celebrate. Nikki thinks she means about the baby but she tells Nikki Mr. Newman wants to marry Ashley.

When Phyllis gets home she is assuming that Nick’s mood is because of something Jack may have told him. Nick says no he is just ready to go to bed but who said anything about sleeping.

When Billy goes out to Jack’s he needs a drink. Jack tells him about Ashley being pregnant and wants to know how they can protect her from Victor. Billy thinks it is a bit too late for that now. He tells Jack the good news though is that his grandmother is alive. Jack says Jill seems to think otherwise but he wants to know if Billy has seen Cloe and the baby. He said he heard that Billy has been holding Cloe’s hand all day. Billy says yes he has and thinks he deserves a gold star. Parenting 101 first lesson, as he empties his glass saying class is dismissed and then he takes off.

Cane and Lily go to Jill and he tells her that woman is not his grandmother. Jill hugs him and says she is grateful that he spared her from seeing that woman again saying seeing her is like losing her Katherine all over again.

Murphy is sitting alone at the diner when he laughs at himself asking himself what he is thinking. He whispers to Katherine saying good bye old girl and that he is going to miss her. Meanwhile at the hospital Katherine is looking sad as she looks out the window. Esther and Amber encourage her to go home saying her memory will return eventually. Katherine tells them it isn’t her home. She remarks that Jill hasn’t even come to see her and she doesn’t want to force herself on her or to hurt anyone.

Jana argues with the detective when he wants to take the records for the coffee house. She says that is hers. Gloria tells him to find her son and he assures her that they will, saying he is their prime suspect. He says one of Kevin’s last calls was to the motel room. The detective thinks Kevin is in this mess up to his eyeballs, there is no question about it but Michael tells him they will see about that with a worried look on his face.

Jan Barrett

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