When Jack and Sharon think Gloria and Jeffery are gone they check the clock with the hidden camera. Jack finds the camera is gone. Gloria walks in and Jack tells her she better completely restore the living room like it was or he will go to the judge about her breaking the court order. She tells him he would find a way one way or another to do that anyway so she will get to it when she gets to it and then walks out.

Sharon leaves for a meeting and while Jack is standing there John appears before him saying “It looks like things are getting out of hand, huh Jack” John suggests that Jack just gives Gloria the mansion on be done with it all. Jack tells him if he does that he fears he will never see him again. John tells him he will always be with him. John says the house is nothing but walls. Jack thinks about it and says well maybe you are right.

Nikki is not happy when Jill comes in and gives her some recommendations for Jabot. She is surprised to hear that she is still receiving reports. Jill says she will continue receiving them as long as the transition is going through. Jill comes back later and tells Nikki she wanted to discuss this meeting she has with Lauren. She says she is available if she would like her to join in. Nikki tells her that is ok, she has it under control.

When she leaves David complains about Brad to Nikki saying he deliberately is trying to undermine him. She offers to talk to him but he doesn’t want her to. Meanwhile Brad takes a call from Walter to talk about David and see what dirt he can find on him for him. Walter tells Brad that David has a gambling problem.

Amber tells Daniel some ideas she has for some photo shoots. Amber still is trying to get Daniel to agree to keep the money. Daniel is trying to figure out what’s going on between the two of them now. He says she told Kevin that they were dating now before he even knew about it. She says it is because she feels like this thing between them is right. He says ok, she asks does he mean they are ok.

Later Kevin and Daniel talk and Daniel confesses to him that Amber still has the money. Kevin tells him if they spend that money he will have the Feds all over them. Kevin tells him he needs to get hold of the money and get rid of it all.

Cloe comes in at Crimson Lights and tells Lily of all she has planned for her for the day. Cane tells her that she might need some more caffeine for this one. Neil and Devon come in and tell Lily that someone from her school came by looking for her and mentioned something about a project that she was suppose to do. She says she completely forgot about it. Neil tells her she is overdoing it. She says she just has a lot on her plate right now, she can handle it though.

Neil comes in to talk to Nikki and talks to her about Lily. He complains to her about how hard they are working her. He says his fear is that with this job for Lily it might interfere with her college. Nikki promises him she will look into it. She later calls Lily and asks to speak to her. Nikki asks her about the modeling. Lily says everything is fine. Nikki says she just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much for her. Lily wants to know if she done something wrong or something to upset her. Nikki says no and then comes clean telling her that her father came and talked to her. Lily assures Nikki that everything is fine and she will take care of her Father.

Lily goes to talk to Neil. She tells him he needs to back off and let her run her own life. He told her that he was just looking out for her best interest. She says but going to her boss about her like that was humiliating for her, she says this is her job. He says he isn’t going to let her job ruin her college classes. She tells him she is an adult now and he can not keep telling her how to run her life, she is moving out now. Neil says he will admit it has been hard for him to watch his kids grow up. She says it isn’t like she was moving miles away. She says she said she was leaving home, not him. He does apologize for over stepping his bounds by going to Nikki. She says he was right about her school work but plans on fixing that.

Cane goes to Katherine to talk to her about moving out. He wants to buy a condo for himself. Jill walks in and asks if this is for an investment and he says no, he wants to move out into his own place. Jill asks him why move out, and his only excuse is that he needs his own space. Later he sees Lily at Jabot and she tells him about her talk with her Dad and he has agreed that she is going to move out. Cane asks her where to. She says anywhere that they can see each other without having to be hassled. He says they must be thinking alike now. She asks what does he mean and he says he will tell her later.

Jeffery talks to a lawyer that brings him papers he had drawn up. The man tells him this is everything he has asked for and he trusts that everything is there that he asked for. Jeffery smirks and says oh yes. Paul is sitting at the next table listening in but Jeffery doesn’t know it. Back at the Jabot Mansion Jeffery is waiting on Gloria. He says he was waiting for her to do the one thing that will make her happiest. He says there is only one thing for her to do and that is for her to sign the papers. She tells him she can’t divorce him because he is starting to grow on her.

Jill and Katherine argue about Jill’s involvement with Jabot still. While they argue Amber comes in and Jill throws a fit about her being there. Katherine tells her she is there to help her write her memoirs. When they start Jill hears what Katherine says she is making up things that have happened. She says she must have been drunk.

Jan Barrett

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