When Sharon wakes up in bed she reaches for Nick but he isn’t there. Then she sees him come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around him. He tells her hi and then sits down on the bed and gives her a kiss.. He thinks it is too bad that Phyllis has to be in so much pain over this. He is hoping in time she will eventually be able to forgive him. Sharon says that Jack won’t be worried that she didn’t come home last night because surely he has to know. Nick tells her he knows. They both realize they have some loose ends to tie up yet.

Phyllis wakes up after sleeping on the sofa all night. She was hoping the last 24 hours of her life had been only a dream. She sees Jack sitting in a chair where she slept all night. She thanks him for stopping her at the club last night and following her home. She tells Jack that JT will be bringing Summer home soon so Jack decides it would be best if he left. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and tells her to take care and he calls her Red! When he leaves we see Mary Jane coming out from behind a stack of hay bales fuming about Red stealing her man. She says think again Red!

Daniel is on the phone with Jana insisting that he is going to face the fake Aucker guy in the alley in back of Jimmy’s. Before he can leave Amber comes in telling him he can’t go anywhere as she kisses him. She tells him they are going to be celebrating.

When JT gets home after bringing Summer home he finds the real Howard Aucker there with Victoria and they are setting her up for the meeting with the fake Aucker. He sees them placing a wire on her to wear during this meeting.

Victor welcomes Dr. Donahue when they meet at the club. As he is taking a contract the doctor tells Victor that Adam has suffered long enough and it is time he gets what he deserves.

Adam comes in and finds Ashley holding her stomach. He talks to her about her nightmares and he sympathizes with her over them. He tells her Victor will be home tomorrow. Ashley is worried because she says she doesn’t feel the baby as much as she did before. Adam assures her his doctor friend is coming over to check on her. He sends her upstairs to rest just before Nikki comes in asking him how come he didn’t return her call last night. She asks if it is because he got caught about lying to her. She asks him how come he lied about Jack taking Ashley out for dinner. When he starts to blurt out some excuse she told him to just save it and then she demands to see Ashley right now.

He tells her that Ashley wasn’t feeling well, especially after she had another nightmare. Nikki insists on going up to see her. On her way she notices a towel on the floor. Adam starts worrying as he thinks back to all the blood he wiped up with a towel. Nikki shoves the towel at him and tells him to try not tripping on it. When she goes upstairs he opens the towel up and sees the blood stains so he throws it into the fireplace and then he goes to the door to let the new doctor in.

Victoria introduces Howard Aucker to JT who wants to know why his wife’s needs to wear a wire. Howard gets a call and while he is on the phone JT asks Victoria what is going on. She explains that she is helping the Feds catch an art thief. JT doesn’t care if it is for a good cause or not, he doesn’t like the idea of Victoria getting involved in this.

Mary Jane pretends she just got there when she knocks on Phyllis’s door. Phyllis invites her in and asks her not to mention anything about her being upset last night and then she introduces Mary Jane to Summer. Phyllis sends Summer upstairs to get her favorite doll. Phyllis asks Mary Jane if she has any kids. She tells Phyllis no she doesn’t and it is a good thing since she and her husband split up. She wouldn’t want to be raising kids on her own. Phyllis says she isn’t looking forward to that either. Mary Jane tells Phyllis she is sorry that Nick left her. Just then Nick rings the doorbell and Phyllis asks why didn’t he just come in. He tells her he didn’t want to just walk in just as Summer comes running downstairs jumping into her Dad’s arms.

When Sharon sees Jack she lies to him telling him she came in really late last night and then was up early this morning for a meeting. Then she feels guilty for lying to him and admits the truth saying she didn’t come home at all last night. Jack admits Phyllis has filled him in. He says but even after all the drama she still ended she still ended up with Nick. . He says he guesses it is kismet, fate… meant to be. Sharon wonders if he hates her now. He says no he can’t hate her. He loves her and always will.

Amber kisses Daniel anxiously and they knock over an easel. Daniel uses this as an escape and tells Amber he as to go get some supplies. Amber asks him doesn’t he want to be with her. When he says he has to go she says fine then, they will just celebrate later. He asks what they are even celebrating. She says it was a year ago today that Katy Perry told her she liked her designs. She opens up her jacket to reveal a new design she did for Daniel’s eyes only. She asks if he likes it. By looking at the expression on his face you can see he apparently does as he kisses her.

JT reminds Victoria about people getting killed the last time they got involved with stolen art. She says this is different and it is safe, with no need for worry. JT doesn’t agree as he tells Aucker to pick up his things and to get the hell out, telling him to use his own wife for this. Victoria stops him insisting that she wants to do this.

Mary Jane tells Phyllis not to give up on her marriage when she leaves. She tells her she will see her at the office. Phyllis sends Summer to put her doll away now. Nick tells her it is important that he sees Summer every day and Phyllis agrees. The doorbell rings again and it is Summer’s teacher who came over for a meeting and then to take Summer to school.

Ashley comes downstairs with Nikki and assures her that she is fine. She welcomes the new Doctor Taylor. Nikki isn’t too happy about this doctor being a friend of Adam’s though. She asks him where he practices. The doctor gives her a list of his credentials and tells Nikki she is welcome to do a background check on him if she wants to but right now he’d like to examine Ashley. Ashley sits down eagerly wanting him to make sure the baby is OK.

Victor goes over the contract saying everything is in order. Dr. Donahue thinks Adam is a lucky man having a father that buys a company just to ensure that he can get the help he needs. He thanks Victor telling him now he has the funding he needs to continue his research and he will do everything he can to help Adam get his sight back. Victor thanks him for coming by.

Jack tells Sharon if he had his way, he would marry her again and they would raise this child but he guesses this just isn’t in the cards. He tells her yes it does order propecia hurt but there is nothing he can do to change anything. He says he is being pragmatic here and he doesn’t want to drive Sharon out of his life. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty because he has seen what that does to her. He admits he knew from the beginning that she and Nick had strong ties to each other. He took a chance and he lost. He tells her he will accept her wanting to be with Nick but if it shows that the baby is his he won’t allow any other man to father his kid. Sharon tells him she would never deprive him of that. Suddenly she feels the baby kick and grabs Jack’s hand to feel. Jack hides his emotions about feeling the baby kick as she leaves.

Amber tells Daniel now that the ordeal with Kevin is done she wants to get back to her life with him. She says it all worked out and things are going great for all of them now. She says nothing is going to stop them now since her designs are flying off the shelf and he sold all his paintings. Daniel tells her yeah all to one man though.

JT and Victoria argue about her going. She tells him that if Sabrina were alive she would have done this. JT doesn’t care he doesn’t want to lose her if this deal goes bad. She tells him she would never leave him and Reed alone. She insists that this is perfectly safe and so does Aucker. Finally JT gives in but says he is going too.

Ashley is happy to hear that the baby seems fine. She sits on the edge of the sofa while being examined. Nikki tells the doctor Ashley feels a bit warm. He says that is her hormones which is perfectly normal. He gives Ashley Diazepam to help her relax. Nikki wonders if that is such a good idea. She thinks they need to call Olivia but Ashley insists that they don’t saying she will decide who she sees and who she doesn’t. Nikki says fine as she backs off. When Dr. Taylor is upstairs with Adam he tells him that he has convinced Ashley that everything is fine, even though she has had a miscarriage. Adam warns him not to take the moral high ground here, reminding him about the letter that Skye wrote. Adam asks what does the AMA to a doctor that sexually assaults one of his patients. He tells the doctor if he wants to keep his tenure he will do as she tells him to do. The now angry doctor tells him good bye just as Nikki interrupts. Adam tells Nikki he gave the staff time off so Nikki says she will come back in a few hours to check on Ashley but Adam tells her he can take care of her. He tells her he is more capable that she thinks. She doesn’t doubt that and then leaves and as soon as she is out of there she calls Victor leaving him a message to call her, it is about Adam and Ashley.

Summer takes her teacher to see her big doll house. While they are gone Phyllis tells Nick she thought they were the perfect couple. She said he told her she made him feel alive and that doesn’t just go away. He agrees and admits he still has feelings for her. She thinks it is a mistake for him to be there right now and he should go. Nick agrees to go but asks if there is anything he can say that will help her. She tells him no, it has all been said.

When Sarah comes back with Summer Phyllis has Summer sit down to draw a picture for her Daddy. She explains to Sarah that Nick had to leave. Sarah is sorry to hear that because she wanted to talk to them both. She asks Phyllis if there have been any changes in Summer’s life lately, because it seems she has been acting out in class lately like fighting with friends. She tells Phyllis she might want to look into some therapy for Summer. Phyllis insists her daughter is just fine saying they will work it out. After assuring Sarah everything will be fine, Sarah leaves taking Summer to school. Mary Jane sees it all and she whispers to herself that Phyllis blew that. She chased her husband away and now he isn’t coming back. She hides again when Jack comes over and she watches as he and Phyllis hug when she opens the door to let him in.

Adam finds Ashley folding baby clothes that she has ordered but until now she was afraid to open them. She asks him aren’t they just the cutest thing he has ever seen and then apologizes when she realizes he can’t see it. Adam apologizes for now getting the doctor there last night. She says she really likes Dr. Taylor and thanks Adam for being so supportive and for helping get her through last night. Victor walks in asking her what Adam helped her with last night. When Ashley goes over to hug him, he asks again, help her through what.

Nick goes to Sharon in her suite. She asks if he talked to Phyllis. She figures Phyllis wants to kill her about now. Nick thinks it is best that Phyllis is mad, it doesn’t give her time to be hurt this way. Sharon tells him not to beat himself up over this. She tells him she talked to Jack and he was being very supportive until the baby kicked and then he realized he may not be a part of its life. That got Nick’s attention when she said the baby kicked. She grabs his hand and tells him things don’t seem so horrible now. He agrees saying things are already better than they were 10 minutes ago and then they kiss.

Mary Jane spies as she watches Jack comfort Phyllis. Phyllis says misery loves company but he says he can top that telling her at least she didn’t have to feel the baby kick. Phyllis tells him he doesn’t deserve that. He says well maybe he does. They both jump when suddenly a dead bird comes crashing through the window shattering it. They say they guess the bird didn’t see the glass.

Victoria and JT tell Reed good bye on the phone. JT tells Victoria he loves her and she goes off on her new adventure. She tells him she will be fine as she leaves with Aucker. JT grabs his keys as he is about to follow. When he goes out he sees Mary Jane running by and he grabs her arm asking who she is. He tells her this is private property and she isn’t going anywhere until she tells him who she is and what she is doing out there. She insists that she was just out taking a walk.

Daniel slips out of bed when he is sure that Amber is sleeping and he gets dressed and sneaks out. When he goes out the door Amber hears it. She sits up and wonders what Daniel is up to. She dials the phone and says that she needs to see them right away. She says she thinks they have some trouble.

Ashley says she is glad Victor is home. Adam tells him he hopes he had a good trip. Ashley tells Victor that Adam has been taking good care of her. Adam says he will leave them alone to talk now but he goes where he can listen to them talking. He rolls his eyes when victor hands Ashley some take out food from the club. Then Victor bends down talking to Ashley’s stomach tells then baby to eat well and be strong. Victor asks her if she thinks he heard him. Ashley says or her and they laugh.

Jan Barrett

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