Jack and Sharon realize they are all alone in the mansion now that Noah is away at camp. Sharon goes over to Jack and sits on his lap as they start to kiss. Gloria sneaks in and tells them not to do anything she wouldn’t do as she passes through. When Gloria is gone, Sharon says so much for them being alone. Jack promises her that he will have Gloria gone by the time Noah comes home.

Gloria goes back to the pool house and tells Alistair about catching Jack and Sharon together. She tells Alistair that this pool house is smaller than her apartment she had in Detroit. He says but it is only a few steps from the beautiful pool. He says he doesn’t have anything to wear to swim in but they could go skinny dipping.

Cane finds Lily at Jabot. She says that Cloe has her scheduled for a fitting at Restless Style. Devon comes in ready to go to dinner. She tells him she sent him a text message. When he reads it he tells her to tell Cloe she has other plans. Cane says she can’t let Cloe run her life for her. Lily asks Devon to go with her and she will buy him dinner after. He says ok as long as she doesn’t invite Cloe to go with them. Cloe walks in just as Devon tells Lily and Cane what he thinks about Cloe. Cloe doesn’t like it that Lily isn’t going to go to New York but she says at the end of the day she is her friend so she understands.

Michael and Lauren are having dinner and they start talking about him looking for his father. He says he isn’t so sure he wants to know anything about his family background. He tells Lauren that the last he saw Gloria she was off to see the man she loves, or should that be the man she loves to hate. Michael says he sure hopes he is nothing like his father As they talk about what little Michael knows about his father Lauren tells him that her mother is no walk in the park either. They agree he really needs to know his family history though. Lauren tells him that the restoration company finished his grandmother’s second journal and it is legible now to read if he is up for it. Michael opens it and starts reading. She writes that she is planning a trip to see Lowell. She says he is a heartache. He blew his scholarship and got expelled from school. He assaulted a police officer and is drinking and is on drugs. She blames that skinny Detroit girl. He has changed since he has been with her so she is cutting him off.

Katherine walks in and asks Jill if she wants to go with her to the theater. Jill tells her she already said she was going with Agnes. Jill tells Katherine she doesn’t want her to suck up to her now. Katherine asks her to go to a movie with her then, being her way of apologizing. She tells Jill she has a letter she wants her to read but Jeffery walks in before she can give it to her so Katherine puts it back into her pocket.

Gloria and Alistair go out to the pool and jump in naked. Sharon hears the screaming and when she goes out to check and see what is going on she sees them in the pool with no clothes on. She screams at them telling them to put some clothes on and then she yells out for Jack. Jack comes out to the pool and Sharon tells him they are in the water naked. Gloria gets out putting her robe on. Jack throws a towel at Alistair telling him to cover himself up. Gloria calls Jack and Sharon a prude. Alistair says all they did was take a dip in the pool.

Adrian is at Restless Style working on his new project and Amber is there with him still working. He tells her he owes her a dinner since she got him this job. Lily, Devon, and Cloe come in for the fitting. Amber tells Lily where the clothes are for her and then suggests some of her designs are there too and if she would like to try some of them to feel free. Cloe tells her that Lily does not wear unknowns but she says maybe when she becomes famous.
When Adrian and Amber are out to dinner, Amber asks him to write an article on her designs. She describes them as “swedgy”. She says that means swank and edgy. She has some sketches of her designs and shows him. He likes them saying it reminds him of some art pieces. She asks him how he and Colleen are. She asks him how she will she know if there is trouble in a long distance relationship. He tells her you never really know what brings people together or what breaks them up.

Devon tells Lily he is starving. They decide to go get some pizza. Cloe tries to get Lily to change her mind about going to New York again but Devon tells her Lily already told her no. Cloe says well she is entitled to change her mind if she wants to. Lily says well she isn’t, and she and Devon leave. As soon as they leave Cloe calls Cane and asks him to stop by Restless Style. She tells him Lily and Devon just left without her. She tells him it would be great if he could stop by and pick her up. Cloe fixes herself all up when she hears the elevator. She expects to see Cane but Devon gets off. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her Cane asked him to pick her up.

Jack and Sharon tell Gloria to go get dressed. Jack says he will make some coffee. Sharon tells him they have got to do something about Gloria tonight. He tells her he knows. He thinks it is about time they set some boundaries for Gloria. Sharon laughs and asks boundaries for Gloria? Jack calls Michael and tells him his mother is hammered and he tells him how she just took a plunge in his pool naked with Alistair. Michael tells him he was trying to spend a quiet evening with his wife. Jack tells him that is what he was trying to do with his wife too. Michael tells him he is on his way.

When Michael and Lauren get to the Abbott mansion Jack tells him they are trying to set some boundaries so he explains how to go around the house to get to the pool house. Jack says he isn’t telling this to be rude. Lauren tells Jack they tried that with Gloria too but it just didn’t work. Michael tells Gloria that drinking and swimming doesn’t mix. Gloria is ranting on when Lauren tells her it isn’t wise to insult her boss and her boss’s husband. Gloria catches on and Lauren tells her if she wants the job she can have it. Gloria tells Michael he is married to the smartest woman in the world. She says she knows Michael loves her too and then she passes out. When they leave Michael agrees to read his grandmothers journal. Lauren tells him she will be by his side through it and he asks, no matter what it says? She says she loves him and he says he loves her too.

Cloe leaves a message for Lily to call her in the morning and warns her not to show up to work with circle under her eyes like she did the last time she spent the night with Cane. Devon accuses her of wanting to be with Cane. Cloe tells him that is crazy. He says not crazy, but observant. He says he has seen how she is so sweet to Lily when Cane is around and then so mean to her when he isn’t there. He says she would throw Lily under a bus. He says he can see right through her and Lily will too. He tells Cloe to stop hitting on Cane. She tells him he doesn’t have a clue and asks him if the other day when they were having breakfast didn’t he feel it. She says she isn’t into Cane she is into him and she kisses him. Devon backs up telling her she knows he has a girlfriend. She tells him well now he has two of them and she tries to kiss him again.

At the club Lily and Cane see Jill having dinner with Jeffery. When they are alone she wonders how long it will be before Cloe and Devon shows up. Cane tells her that Devon will be keeping Cloe busy all night so they can have the night alone. They like the idea and call for the Check please.

Jill and Jeffery finish dinner. He invites her up to his room for a drink but she declines the offer. She gives him a kiss and leaves. Alistair comes in bragging about his time he spent with Gloria. He says he just had a life changing experience with her and now he is exhausted. He tells Jeffery he is sure he can remember this but Gloria sure is a tigress in the bedroom. Jeffery punches Alistair knocking him to the floor.

When Jill gets home Katherine is on the sofa reading. Jill accuses her of waiting up for her. Jill tells her that she just left Jeffery and they had a lovely dinner. She says will be no more Gloria. Katherine hands Jill the letter that Jeffery wrote while in the hospital. Jill thinks he was doped up on medicine but Katherine tells her that she needs to face it that Jeffery is in love with Gloria.

Jan Barrett

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