Victoria is on the phone talking about an art dealer that is coming by with a piece that he thinks she might be interested in. She says she finds it kind of odd that the man is coming out in this storm to show it to her. She says the power is off and she is using candles to see with. She tells the one she is talking to that she will try and stall the guy until they get there. The fake Howard Aucker comes in and introduces himself to Victoria as Thomas Belfour.

Daniel has gone through all the mug shots twice and he says the guy that tricked him just isn’t there. Daniel wants to find out why they wanted a forged copy of the painting. Daniel says he believed the guy until he threatened his friends. Daniel wants to know what’s next. They want him to submit to a polygraph test.

Nikki is out at the ranch knocking on the door and she calls out to Ashley. Meanwhile Adam is inside begging Ashley to wake up. He sees all the blood and asks himself what has he done. He says he is so sorry as he picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Nick and Sharon lie in bed both naked and they both think this feels so right. They say no more hiding or being ashamed, saying they are together again, the way it’s supposed to be. Sharon asks Nick is this really happening or is she dreaming. She kisses Nick.

Phyllis is wrapped in a blanket with Jack putting his clothes back on. She says that was a surprise. She says she has a lot of regrets but this isn’t one of them. She asks does he regret it and he says no way. He says who would have guessed that their lives would blow up like this. Phyllis says she gave it a good try but it just wasn’t enough, she says she wasn’t enough. Her husband left her for another woman. Jack says yea, his woman. Jack says he isn’t going to cry or carry on about this. He still has hopes that it isn’t really over for either of them. He says they don’t know how it will turn out.

Mary Jane takes a photo of her and Phyllis taken at Restless Style and cuts Phyllis out. She thinks back to watching Phyllis and Jack making love. She adds the picture to her scrapbook labeled “My Enemies”. Sharon and Victor’s pictures are already there. She whispers that so Phyllis is after Jack now too, but make no mistake, she has no idea who she is dealing with.

Victoria tells Thomas that she doesn’t usually conduct NE Foundation business at home and especially so late at night. She says but his call has her intrigued. He says he needs some assurances, if she doesn’t buy the painting he is asking her not to mention their meeting. When someone knocks on the door, Victoria tells him she called an associate that is knowledgeable about art and discreet. Jana comes in from the storm and right away she recognizes Howard and the painting. Victoria says she thinks this painting is stolen property. She asks why he would think the Newman Foundation would be interested in buying it.

Daniel agrees to take a lie detector test but he is annoyed that they don’t believe him. He tells them he is not the only one that has seen this alleged art thief. He says Jana and Amber have both seen him too. The real Howard says they are just friends though. Daniel says he gets it, he forges a painting and then he calls to get himself clear when it is stolen and sold, Howard tells him to call his office and set up the polygraph test and then they will talk and then he leaves.

Adam lays Ashley down on her bed. He covers her up and then gets out of the dress of Sabrina’s that he is wearing. He puts the flashlight back and then he quietly leaves just as the phone rings. Nikki says hello and then asks that someone pick up. She says that she is outside the house and she is going to let herself in to check on Ashley.

When she is inside Nikki calls out for Ashley but is surprised to see Adam come down. He tells her he was sleeping until the phone rang and woke him. He tells Nikki that Jack and Ashley went out for dinner so he turned in early. He tells her that he will tell Ashley she came by. When Nikki leaves, Adam notices all the blood at the bottom of the stairs. He says it is so much blood as he wipes it up with towels. He says Ashley didn’t deserve this but Victor did and Ashley’s jerk brother. Suddenly he hears Ashley calling out for somebody to please help her. He runs upstairs to check on her.

Nick tells Sharon he can’t wait to start their new life together. He feels for certain this new baby will be a girl because of what Cassie told him. He says they will get through what they need to. He says all that matters is that they will be together. Sharon can’t help but worry how hard this will be on Phyllis and Summer. Nick says he understands but he can’t keep on pretending saying that would only hurt Phyllis more. Sharon rolls over in the bed saying she can’t help but feel guilty about Jack. Nick says he will always be grateful that Jack was there for Sharon. Sharon feels she owes Jack some honesty though.

Phyllis tells Jack she is glad he was there for her. Jack tells her she is a wonderful woman. When she shows doubts he tells her she really is. He says Nick’s an idiot if he doesn’t see that. He says hopefully he will before all this is over. Phyllis tells him he is incredible. She wonders though, what he is planning to do. He says he is going to fight for Sharon and he advises her to fight for Nick as well. He tells her to call him if she needs him as he hugs her good bye. When he is gone she sits there staring at her wedding ring and she thinks back to Nick saying his vows to her…as long as they both shall live!

Victoria asks Thomas if he thought she wouldn’t recognize this piece. She says she isn’t stupid, she knows it was stolen 10 years ago from a museum outside Pittsburgh. She and Jana agree they need to call the police but Thomas quickly tells her he knew it was stolen. He just wants to see it back in a museum. He says if she calls the police the people won’t be able to enjoy it. He tells her that his client is willing to sell the painting for far less than it is worth. He tells her to think about all the good she could do with it and her foundation would be a hero. Victoria needs to think about this as she picks up the painting. Thomas whispers to Jana not to let on that the painting is a forgery or he will see to it that Daniel is never able to puck up a paintbrush again.

Victoria says she isn’t saying she will buy it but she would like to know what the asking price would be. He says it appraises for over a million but his client is only asking for 10 cents to the dollar which would be $100,000 CASH and the offer is only good for tonight. Jana encourages Victoria to buy it. She says she has been to the museum where it was stolen from and it is sad, there is still the empty frame on the wall almost like they are waiting on it to return. Thomas says he can’t leave the painting to have a curator check it for Victoria. He tells her it has to stay with him. Victoria says fine then, she will make the deal.

Over at the club, Mary Jane was hoping she would run into Jack so she orders a chardonnay for herself and she says what ever the gentleman that is drowning in his sorrows is having. She tells him she is surprised to see him out on a night like this. She mentions that she is thinking of heading home. She asks if he had a rough day and was there anything she could do. She suggests they take their drinks up to her room and he can have her friendly face all to himself. Nikki walks in just as she sees Mary Jane leading Jack upstairs with her.

Ashley calls out for someone to help her. She says she is hurting really bad. She claims she felt like she was falling. Adam tells her she must have had another nightmare. She says no she is losing her baby. Adam tells her she hasn’t moved from her bed so it must have been a dream. He assures her that she is fine. Ashley finally agrees that he must be right but then tells him not to call Olivia. Adam tells her he went to Harvard with a specialist and they can call him in the morning. She says ok she will try and rest. She keeps telling herself it was just a dream.

Daniel goes to see Phyllis and she tells him about Nick leaving her for Sharon when he sees that she had been crying. She says Nick packed his bag and left. He got a room at the Athletic Club. She tells him it is nothing to worry about, it is completely fine. She says her marriage is over even though she doesn’t want it to be over. Daniel hugs her and gives her the advice he knows she would give hi, if Amber left him. He says she would tell him to fight and not give up. She smiles as she agrees and they hug again.

Mary Jane tells Jack, no business talk. She wants to play a game. She rips his tie off and tells him to forget the outside world. Jack plays along asking what the rules are in this game. She tells him to listen carefully as she shoves him on the bed. She uses his tie to blindfold him and then tells him now she is in control. Jack says it sounds like Blind Man’s Bluff. Mary Jane pulls out some scissors from behind the pillow. She tells him to shush as she asks him to trust her as she runs the scissors across his face. He asks her what that was and she says not to talk. She wants him to just experience. She cuts off the tie and tells him she hopes that wasn’t one of his favorites. He asks who one that game. She tells him he did and now it is time for his prize. She rips off her dress and kisses Jack.

Thomas gives Victoria 24 hours to get the cash together. Victoria tells him she is sure he wouldn’t mind if she has an assessor with her when they exchange the money for the painting. He tells her of course not. He wants to meet with her tomorrow night in the alley behind Jimmy’s diner. He warns her not to bring the police or the deal is off. Jana jumps in agreeing with his terms. When he is gone Victoria asks could this guy be more of a con artist. Jana thinks he could be legit but Victoria is already on the phone calling the Feds.

Jack puts his pants back on telling Mary Jane that this time he can’t stay. He says his life is kind of complicated right now so if she is thinking of leaving town, not to change any of her plans on his account. He says sure this was fun but he doesn’t want to keep her from doing anything that is important to her.  She says she is willing to change her plans and this was more than just fun. She asks what his rush is. She says it isn’t that late and offers him another drink. He tells her two is his limit and he gives her a quick kiss and leaves. Mary Jane is really frustrated now.
Adam burns Ashley’s bloody nightgown in the fireplace. Ashley is still insisting that it wasn’t a dream. She remembers falling down the stairs and then she remembers pulling off the veil and seeing Adam. She tells him it was real and he was there. She asks him what he has done to her. She pretends he doesn’t know what she is talking about.

The real Howard Aucker explains all this to Victoria who tells him she wants to help. He gets her to agree to wear a wire when she goes to meet Thomas tomorrow. He assures her that there will be plenty of agents around to protect her.

Jana tells Daniel what is going on. She says Victoria has no idea the painting is a forgery though. They are worried about Victoria calling the Fed in on this. They wonder if they should call the real Howard and fill him in on what the impersonator is up to. Daniel doubts they would believe him though. He says he is getting his painting back. Jana asks him what he is planning. He tells her he is going to show up in the alley before Victoria does and he is going to have it out with this guy.

Sharon and Nick are wearing the white robes compliments of the club while they are sharing milk and cookies with each other, just like they did when she was pregnant with Noah. He says he remembers every detail of when he was her husband which was the best time of his life. She tells him she has never loved anyone the way she loves him. She thanks him for being brave enough to share with her how he feels. He tells her he loves her too and in fact he has never stopped and then he kisses her.

Nikki finds out that Jack didn’t take Ashley out for dinner after all. She tells Jack never mind saying she must have misunderstood when she heard that he did and then she leaves. Phyllis comes in and assumes Jack is there looking for Sharon just like she is there looking for Nick. He tells her now is not the time and he warns her not to go knocking on any doors. He says not now anyway, they need to keep their dignity intact. He tells her she needs to leave it alone tonight. He offers to take her home as he hugs her. They both look upstairs and then they leave the club while Mary Jane watches them leave together.

Nikki calls Adam and leaves a message telling him she knows he lied to her and she wants to know now where Ashley is. Ashley wants the truth from Adam who says if she had fallen down the stairs there would be signs or there would be signs if she was losing the baby. He says he would have heard her and called an ambulance. He says he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He insists that she was dreaming. She tells him he tried to catch her. Adam reminds her that they talked before she went to sleep so that is why she dreamt of him. She says none of this makes any sense to her and she doesn’t understand what is happening. He tells her dreams about falling are common, meaning she is feeling insecure. He says Sabrina lost Victor’s baby so it makes sense that she would be on her mind. He says the dream was so real to her that she actually experienced real pain. She is not so sure now. She says it seemed so real. He tells her he will have the doctor come in the morning to check on her. She agrees to try and go back to sleep now. Adam tells her to get some rest.

Jan Barrett

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