Jack goes to the Newman ranch and finds Adam listening to the weather report. He tells him to go read some stucco or something because he isn’t there to see him, he is there to see his sister. Adam tells him she is sleeping right now. Meanwhile upstairs Ashley is laying in bed when she hears Sabrina’s voice calling out to her over and over again. Ashley sits up in her bed and asks if that is Sabrina. She walks out into the hallway and sees Sabrina standing there wearing a veil which Ashley snatches off of her. Sabrina tells her Victor is his and she hatefully tells her to stay away from him. Ashley screams out which sends Jack straight upstairs to check on her.

Jeffery goes home and Gloria tells him she is worried about them not having any money and even more so about their plan to blackmail Victor and living to get away with it. Jeffery tells her he has someone watching Mary Jane already. He bets there is more to her than meets the eye. His guy calls to report to him that Victor just flew out of town on business and that Mary Jane is at the club. Jeffery smiles and tells Gloria. She asks him what are they waiting for then as she starts smiling again.

Sharon spots Mary Jane looking over at her from the other end of the bar so she asks her if there was a problem. Mary Jane tells her there wouldn’t be if she would just back off and leave Jack alone, as she sips on her glass of wine.

Phyllis tells Nick she just wants a simple yes or no. When he can’t give the simple answer she assumes that he wants to be with Sharon. She says Oh my God just as the thunder and lightning from the storm hits. Nick tells her he just doesn’t think what they have is working anymore and they can’t keep pretending. She says she sees and asks if that is all. He tells her not to shut down on him. He tells her to let it out, or throw something or yell, scream, cry or do something.

Mary Jane tells Sharon she hopes that she is proud of herself for the disaster she has made in everyone’s lives. Sharon tells her she doesn’t think they have anything to say to each other. Mary Jane jumps up and grabs Sharon’s arm and tells her she doesn’t appreciate Jack. Sharon tells her to let go of her arm or she will call security and have her thrown out. Sharon pulls her arm away just as Nikki and Paul walk over in Sharon’s defense. Mary Jane rambles on about how the baby Sharon is carrying may not even be Jack’s. Sharon is surprised Mary Jane even knows she is pregnant. She asks her who told her about it. Mary Jane tells her to do the right thing and let Jack go. Nikki looks at Sharon and says, “My God, Sharon, you’re pregnant?”

Nick tells Phyllis that they need to talk about this. She wants to know why, would it stop him from leaving. He tells her he doesn’t want things to turn ugly. He says he isn’t throwing his marriage away. She says yeah right, he is turning it in for the one her had before. He claims he isn’t doing this to be with Sharon. She says then she doesn’t understand. She wants to know if he was lying to her all those times he told her he loved her. When he says no she wants to know then what is it, was it bad sex? He says she is amazing. She tells him to help her understand this them, he is dumping her to go back to Sharon. He tells her that Sharon wants to be with Jack. Phyllis says he wants to leave her so then he will be available and then Sharon won’t have to feel guilty for breaking them up. She tells him that is a great scenario. She tells him they can live happily ever after. Nick tells her she is right, this is all about Sharon.

Jack runs upstairs after Ashley screams out. She tells him she has a nightmare that Sabrina wanted to hurt her. She says she doesn’t understand because this time Sabrina wanted to kill her. He tells her everything is OK. Ashley says Sabrina was wearing that purple dress and a veil and she was furious with her. Adam is back in his room watching on his laptop, smiling.

Nick tells Phyllis that he thought his feelings for Sharon would fade in time but he was wrong. She tells him she guesses he was. She says it is OK, she says she guesses she bought into the fantasy too. She wanted to believe that she had the perfect husband and the perfect life. She dealt with everything because she believed in them but she tells him it’s not a big deal. She says he is off the hook now. He doesn’t expect a free pass. He knows he did wrong and he doesn’t regret ever being with Phyllis, in fact he’d do anything to spare her this pain. He says he is so grateful to her for what they had. He tells her he loves her and that is real. He says even though he loves the crazy adventure they had, Sharon has been a part of his life forever and they grew up together and they had this family together and they have this history together. Phyllis asks him if that is it. She says that sounds incredulous, saying that’s more compelling than their history. She tells him she didn’t ask for this and neither did his daughter. She tells him she isn’t doing this anymore. She wants to know what she is going to tell Summer. He says they will tell her together. She tells him he doesn’t have to do that, she tells him to just get out and go to his sweet Sharon because that is where he is going to end up anyway.

Jeffery is at the bar introducing himself to Mary Jane. Nikki is still in shock that Jack might not be the father of Sharon’s baby. Sharon tells her she appreciates her concern but she has had all the judgment she can take for one day as she walks away. Gloria walks up and plops down by Nikki talking about Ashley. Nikki asks her what she wants with her, a lock of her hair for her voodoo doll. Gloria swears she has let bygones be bygones. She asks Nikki how Ashley and Victor are getting along these days,

Jack tells Ashley that Olivia called him which irritates Ashley. She says damn her for interfering. Jack reminds her that Olivia is her best friend. He says he won’t let Ashley stay in this house one more minute. She tells him she isn’t alone, Adam is there and they have the upstairs maid there too. Jack tells her that no one is saying that she is crazy but he wants her to pack a bag and come home with him. Adam comes in asking is everything is OK. While Jack is packing for Ashley he tells Adam he is taking his sister home with him for a few days. Adam tells him he can’t do that but Jack tells him the hell he can’t.

Nick tells Phyllis he is going to get a room at the club. He says there is still a lot they have to talk about. She tells him he can see his daughter but she doesn’t want his pity, sympathy or his money. She says she doesn’t want anything from him. She tells him he thinks he understands but he has no idea. Nick leaves in the middle of the storm.

Jeffery talks away to Mary Jane who informs him that she doesn’t wish to be mean but he just isn’t her type. He tells her that after a shot or two of the good stuff he is almost anyone’s type and then he jokes around telling her to call him. Mary Jane thanks him for the drink and when Jeffery turns away for a minute she slips away.

Nikki is wondering why Gloria’s ex husband is at the bar making a move on Mary Jane. Gloria turns to look and says she never could keep a leash on that man. Nikki assumes they are looking to get even with Ashley for putting them in the poor house. Gloria swears before God she has no interest in doing that and if she is lying may lightning strike her down on the spot. Just as she says that a bolt of lightning strikes and the lights in the club flicker on and off.

Adam tells Jack he doesn’t think it would be a good idea for a pregnant woman to be driving around in this kind of weather which Ashley agrees on. Jack gets a call that he says he has to go take care of. Adam tells Ashley he will be in his room if she needs him. When Adam starts to go into his room, Jack grabs him and tells him he doesn’t know who the hell he thinks he is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and if Ashley as much as jumps at a shadow he is going to hold him responsible. When Jack is gone Adam tells the maid Bonnie to go home saying he will tell Mr. Newman he authorized her to leave. He tells her to go home to that new husband of hers and cuddle up and listen to the thunder together with him. When he goes back to his room all the lights go out and he is happy saying he couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Mary Jane keeps calling Phyllis only to get her answering machine. Paul knocks at her door and asks her if this is a bad time. She says if he is there to interrogate her then yeah. He says he is just there checking to make sure she is OK after what happened between her and Sharon downstairs. She tells Paul she is so tired of Sharon stringing men along without thinking about how she is hurting them. He says it sounds like she has been burned before. She tells him she is really tired and he says he understands. He says he doesn’t know why but he just felt he should care. She peeks out into the hallway once he leaves and is relieved that he is gone. She doesn’t see Jeffery outside her door watching who saw Paul leaving her room so he automatically assumes something is going on with Mary Jane and Paul now. He says this just gets better and better.

Phyllis was the one that called Jack. When he phone rings she ignores it so she can tell Jack about Nick leaving her and Summer for Sharon. He tells her that it isn’t going to happen because Sharon has already told him that is not going to happen because she is committed to him and raising this baby with him. She tells him that isn’t going to happen though. She tells him Sharon will be on his doorstep the minute she hears that Nick is getting a divorce. She says two seconds after she hears that they will be ripping each other’s clothes off and after that they will be talking about kismet and how they were meant to be together and then get on Nick’s white horse and ride away. She tells Jack it is over and the quicker they accept it the easier it will be for them both.

At the club when Sharon is going to the room she still has there, she runs into Nick. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her it’s over and he left Phyllis and then asks why she is there. She explains she still has her room there and she has too much on her mind to go home to Jack’s right now. He invites Sharon into his room for a minute and she accepts. Mary Jane is watching and she stands there and says poor Jack. Sharon asks Nick how it went with Phyllis. He admits he is still in love with Sharon and even if she does work things out with Jack he’d rather live alone than be in a marriage that he isn’t fully committed to. Sharon tells him it is a mistake for her to be there and she says she has to go. Nick tells her he wants her back and everything they had before. He says he isn’t confused. He says Phyllis needs someone that is completely devoted to only her but he is too devoted to Sharon and won’t apologize for wanting to be with the love of his life. Sharon tells him she can’t start to believe that this is real, that her dreams have finally come true. Nick grabs her and kisses her.

Phyllis opens a bottle of wine and tells Jack they deserve it. Jack tells Phyllis about his proposal to Sharon and how she gave him all the reasons why she couldn’t marry him again. Phyllis tells Jack she bought into the whole fantasy thing herself. They say they should have seen this coming. She tells Jack she isn’t the fairy tale type girl, being one of those women that are destined to be with their one true love. She asks Jack to name one man who actually believed in her, Danny or Michael? When their hands touch when they both reach for the bottle she tells him to forget her if they can’t take a joke. Jack grabs her and kisses her.

Nikki is told that there is no power out at the ranch. She says Victoria is stuck there with the kids and Phyllis isn’t answering her phone so Paul offers to over there to check on Ashley but she offers to just go over there and meet him after.

Gloria and Jeffery are in the dark too in their penthouse and they not only have no electricity but they have no candles either. Gloria tells Jeffery she didn’t get anything useful from Nikki but Jeffery giggles saying he got something though. He laughs as he tells her what he saw and Gloria says that Nikki’s fiancé is sleeping with Victor’s mistress too. Jeffery says it looks that way to him as they both laugh together.

Ashley wakes up and finds the lights are out when she tries putting her lamp on. She hears something and asks who is there. She grabs a flashlight and puts on her robe when she hears Sabrina’s voice calling out her name again. She is in the hallway when she hears the voice again. This time is it telling her death is coming and there is no escape.

Ashley aims her flashlight towards the stairs and sees a veiled figure. Then we see Sharon and Nick hitting the bed making love with Nick still wearing his wedding ring and then we see Phyllis with her wedding ring still on, kissing Jack and not noticing Mary Jane spying on them through the window outside. Then it goes back to Ashley’s she reaches out to pull the veil off the figure she sees. She screams when she sees Sabrina but then she realizes it isn’t Sabrina, it is Adam. He reaches out for her but misses and Ashley slips and falls down the stairs. Then it goes back to Nick and Sharon kissing each other and Phyllis and Jack kissing with Mary Jane continuing to watch in the storm as lightning flashes. Back to Ashley, she is seen at the bottom of the stairs motionless with Adam running down the stairs stooping over her calling out her name, Ashley! Then we see Nikki at the front door knocking calling out asking Ashley if she is in there.

Jan Barrett

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