Victor plans to attend the hearing with Michael and Adam at Jabot to discuss the law suit. He is hoping that once they see the lab report it will teach Nikki a lesson not to ever take on his company or him for that matter.

Nikki has a meeting with Paul and David. When Nikki leaves David tells Paul his wife apparently trusts him a lot. Paul says that he and Nikki go back a long way. Paul says the question is can she trust him. David asks him if he talked to his ex-wife’s daughter. Paul tells him yes he did. David wants to know if she confirmed his story. Paul says that he still has an unanswered question which is what happened to all the money he inherited from his ex-wives. David admits how he has a gambling problem and he gambled it all away but all that is behind him now. He doesn’t do it anymore. Brad walks in and stops the conversation and Paul leaves. Brad asks David what Paul was doing there. Brad says a word of advice. He tells him not to get too close to Paul because he is very good at what he does. He warns David that he doesn’t want Paul to find out about his gambling habits.

Noah is anxious to be going to camp this summer. Jack is going to take him shopping for his gear and Noah is in a hurry. Jack tells him to go get his list and they will go. Jack asks Sharon if she is ok about just him and Noah going alone shopping. She remarks that she will be there all alone with the pool house princess. Jack laughs and says she would love being referred to as royalty.

Gloria calls the Chancellor Estate again and tells Esther she has got to find out about Jeffery. Esther tells her she is not supposed to be talking to her. Jill takes the phone away from Esther and tells Gloria that it is just a nightmare and that Jeffery died last night. Esther asks Jill how she could have told poor Gloria that Jeffery died. Jill tells her not to worry about it. She tells her to go peel a rutabaga or something. Jeffery comes downstairs and says he slept great but he kept hearing a phone ring. Jill says it was Gloria calling over and over. He says he would like to talk to her but Jill discourages him. She tells him he should sue her and have her sons coffee house shut down. Jeffery says Gloria had no idea he was allergic to hot sauce.

Gloria is in shock. She goes to the main house and tells Sharon about what happened. She begs Sharon to call the Chancellor Estate and ask about Jeffery because she just can’t believe that Jill told her the truth. She convinces Sharon to make the call. When Jill tells her Jeffery is fine and right there, Sharon hands Gloria the phone. Jill put Jeffery on thinking he would be talking to Sharon but he is talking to Gloria. He tells Gloria if she is going to apologize the least she can do is to do it in person, and then he hangs up.

Jack has Noah at the coffee house and he can tell something is wrong with Noah. Noah tells him even though Gloria brought Fisher dog biscuits he doesn’t trust her. Noah is worried about his mother being around Gloria and since he can’t have his cell phone at camp he can’t check up on her. Jack promises him to take good care of his mother and Fisher while he is gone. He tells Noah if he didn’t think Gloria was safe to have around he would have never allowed her to move into the pool house. Noah feels better now because he trusts Jack.

Victor arrives at Jabot and Nikki tells him she is surprised to see him there. He tells her when it comes to Newman as a business he is always there to protect it. She tells him that even by Newman’s standards this is a relatively small lawsuit. He tells her that in any business no lawsuit is too small. The judge calls for a recess so she can go over both sides lab reports. When she gets back, the judge urges both sides to come up with a settlement offer soon. She says she doesn’t want to see this in court. Heather looks at this as a plus for their side. She says they are one step away from winning.

David goes to the gym and talks to Walter and asks him if he has the money for him. Walter warns him that he expects to be paid back. David tells him he will get his money and Walter says yeah well he should since he is married to a wealthy woman now. David doesn’t notice Paul there in the gym who is listening to them talk. When David leaves Paul goes to Walter and starts a conversation. When Paul leaves a worker at the gym mentions to Walter that it was Mr. Williams that was talking to him. Walter calls David and tells him he doesn’t want any trouble.

Gloria goes to the Chancellor Estate and asks for Jeffery. Jill tells her he is busy. Gloria tells her she is a mean woman for telling her he died. Jill makes Gloria think that Jeffery told her that this isn’t the first time she tried to kill someone. Gloria denies anything but Jill tells her that Jeffery confessed it to her on his death bed and a death bed confession is always true. Gloria says he didn’t die and he swore to her that he would never tell anyone. Jeffery comes in and Gloria asks him how could he do this to her. She says she gave him all her money and everything she had after he told her they would just go their separate ways and put the past behind him. She looks at him and asks him does he need to destroy her that much. She puts her hand over her mouth and then runs out.

Gloria calls Michael and asks him to come see her. When he gets there she tells him that Jeffery told Jill that she was the one responsible for the face cream incident and now she is going to go to prison. She tells Michael that the cops won’t care that it was an accident. She says she is just going to turn herself into the police because she is worn out and just can’t keep going.

Nikki comes in and tells David she is excited about how things are going with the lawsuit. David closes the door and tells Nikki she needs to listen to him. He tells her that her friend Paul has been investigating him. She asks him why. He says he doesn’t know but she needs to be prepared to hear what Paul is going to tell her. He says Paul is going to tell her that he has been gambling again and that he is a killer.

Jan Barrett

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